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  Feb 4 TD
Beautifully Broken
If it's meant to go
Let it
Burn it to ashes
Let the wind
Carry it away

If it's meant for you
Let destiny
Take over
True love
Will always find a way
  Feb 4 TD
Simon Nader
Patient to doctor: "Doctor!!! Can you help me?? I snore so loudly that I wake myself!! What should I do??"
Doctor to patient: "Have you tried sleeping in a different room?"
  Feb 4 TD
Scott F Hemingway
when fair
swings with
Chevrolets so
children rush
there when
some peanuts
are fired
when nights
begun barbs
that Randall's
humor still
in stride
when a
plause would
take center
stage with
gossip y'all
  Feb 4 TD
I fell in love
not with what my eyes could see
but with what my hands and heart felt
and what my mouth could taste.
  Feb 4 TD
Mitch Prax
My mistake was
believing you were
the only star in this
vast but lonely universe.
You were all I had,
all I wanted,
and I forgot that
there's a billion other stars
that could have shined for me.
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