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  6d TD
Carlo C Gomez
Set the fig leaves on delicate
Make sure to add softener
Before the spin cycle
Then hang them to dry
While waiting
Might as well find
A Good Book to read
  Jun 1 TD
as torrents outgrow

their own hands,


stones go at their

turning, to compel

the force of the rush.

as a mending man

made yogi, joins his

hands together.
  Jun 1 TD
sometimes i think
of the million lives
i could have led

before the heat, lust
and sweet nectar
came shimmering
out of my head

i swam through caves
of black salt and ether
i explored dreaming valleys
and cavernous skies

i melted with the prophets
ruled with the pharaohs
drifted with the angels
all in a lavender-lust fever
  Jun 1 TD
Salmabanu Hatim
with open petals
sunflower awaits sunrise
nodding  and smiling.
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