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  1h TD
she took me by the hand
and lead me through the crowded club
from where the air was stagnant
with uncertainty
into reality
  1h TD
sheila sharpe
All that there is
of goodness
and of love
and of warmth
and of light
can be seen in the smiles
that you give to me
every hour
of every day
of every night
love; caring
  1h TD
I want to
love you.
really really
do. rather you
pushing            me                a w a y.
  1h TD
every time i think someone might actually care...
  1h TD
it’s everything about you
i can’t get you out of my head
the way the left side of your lips
smile slightly higher than the right

i can’t get you out of my thoughts
the way you bounce
when we walk with our hands together

i can’t get you out of my heart
the way you say i love you
it gets me every time
i love you
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