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Puck Oct 2
I am in love with strangers and the unknown
Puck Aug 26
I'm haunted by a life
Of what if's and could have beens
Puck Aug 26
I grew up in safety
But sadly I can't shake of a fear
A wishing to be
Anywhere else but here
Puck Aug 26
It's a long way down from paradise
But when I look into your eyes
It feels just right
Puck Aug 25
I want to tell you how I feel
About what you mean to me
But they told me love can tear you apart
And I’m not brave enough for that
Puck Jul 25
And if your heart is a house on fire
A fireman I'll be
Puck Jul 4
Maybe it was because you were so ethereal
That I couldn't picture a reality of you with such a simple soul as me
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