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Tori Schall Feb 3
Follow the path, that I’ve set out to claim.
So many things, that I could never dream.
Don’t leave me standing, out here in the rain;
Where it spirals down, in cracks and in seams.

Once upon a time, in a far far land;
I read a story, one of make believe.
Where dragons would soar, so noble and grand;
And knights on horses, wore hearts on their sleeve.

The princess would wait, and hope for the day;
Where her dearest, would take her heart and strum.
And when she is free, she would gladly say;
Praise my savior, O’ I knew he would come!

And as this adventure, comes to a close,
She will awaken, and sing out her throes
Tori Schall Feb 1
swings drifting
in the ever cooling air
stars sliding down
and down

The monkey bars are for
climbing up and joining
the sky and the stars
to slide down again

In this playground
no one plays
until the stars come out
and the sky is dark

In this playground
there is no one
who is there to play with you
and you play all alone
Tori Schall Feb 1
Give me the strength
Of a thousand hearts
Beating in a song
Of life and love

Give me the strength
Of the wind on a rainy day
So I can hope to be as strong
As the howling storm

Give me the strength
Of a million lifetimes
Of a million souls dancing
In the sway of song

Give me the strength
To say I love you
And to let you
Into my padlocked heart

Give me the strength
To unlock the part of my brain
That doesnt think
Im a waste of space

Because i need the strength
To make myself able to live
The life I desire, but can never have
Strength cones in all forms, all you havw to do is look for it.
Tori Schall Feb 1
You turn a blind eye to the world around you
As blood and tears rain from silent captives.
Your ignorance astounds me, you subdue
The natural instinct inside that lives.

You push away the plate of all their pain
And refuse to eat the words of truth, fool.
So tell me, what is it you hope to gain
By living your life as a broken tool.

Nothing you could tell me would justify
The arrogance you show by ignoring.
What would it do and would satisfy,
Or would it leave yourself unraveling?

The next time you hear a captive cry out,
Don’t sit in silence with wonder and doubt.
Tori Schall Sep 2018
can anyone tell me how to love?
can anyone show me how to feel?
because from all the things I've learnt
none of it seems to be real

None has told me how to act
non one has taught me how to laugh
All the things I've been doing
were from watching, and hardly learning

memories how to act
memories how to look
don't understand any of it,
but it doesn't matter does it?

If only I was able
to understand and know
just why we act the way we do
I'd be considered normal too

So teach me how to live
my life the way i want
because without all I've never been taught
there is only mockery inside me
Tori Schall Aug 2018
I'm back from the dead
and let me tell you
it wasn't pretty
wandering aimlessly
among souls lost and broken
where the ground is ashen
the sky is grey
with clouds overcast
but yet it never rains
a desert of bleakness
that not even i could stand
and nobody talks
they all just stare
blank faces
blank pages
opportunities gained
and emotions lost
until all that was left
was the fact that I was back
and I never wanted to go there again
but now I'm stuck
and I can't find the right path
Tori Schall May 2018
Light up the darkness
in your eyes.
Make it shine with a million
don't let me rule you,
because you rule yourself.
I don't want to be the reason you drown.

wake us up when it's over
and the sun is overhead.
wake us up when the night sky
is going to bed.
So the thoughts don't creep back in,
and the world is left again
in an ocean of warmth and light.

Don't let us see inside
the fire.
don't let us hear your
screams of torture.
don't let us hear that you
been wishing to yourself
that you were already dead.
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