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13.0k · Aug 2015
Poetria Aug 2015
Sweet cherry blossom skies
And Amber eyes;
opposing early sunrise
9.0k · Jul 2015
Stains and champagne.
Poetria Jul 2015
Her eyes so bright;
Do you ever wonder where the sun goes at night?

The rain, dancing on the pavement
in no specific arrangement.

Luminous flames eat away at sharp skewers,
Her eyes silver-grey, clashing with the tables of steel.

Barbecue roasting, impaled through the middle
The pain paled in comparison to watching you smile.

A toast to me, myself and I, a glass of sweet solitude.
I watch tall wine glasses clang drunkenly together, alone.

A pin drops in the distance; no silence to accompany it.
Unnoticed it goes, by the arrogant lords and goddesses.

Pick a flower, compliment her hair; devil may care.
She's walking away, I tell her 'Ma'am, have a nice day'

Left alone to stumble back home,
sipping champagne royally; Mockery.

Spilling champagne and it swirls down the drain
I tilt my head back, laughing carelessly all the way.
8.0k · Jun 2015
Poetria Jun 2015
She had waves of hair           
cascading down her back
And waves of thought
running through her brain
Waves of sweet melody     
dripping from her tongue
The waves were strong         
and couldn't be tamed
The aqueous flame                 
in her heart was the same
                      Her waves were of                             a fiery essence
And left them in need          
of her shallow and deep

For when they, the people, were in her presence
She was the only source of life they could see

Human beings are constantly in need of water
And she was water of the best purity

So how could they deny themselves
A taste of the natural salty sea?

A sea that was blissful, wild and free.
5.2k · Jun 2016
The music
Poetria Jun 2016
They say
The music
is bad for me;
They don't see that
The music
helps me breathe.

They say
Excessive texting
is unhealthy;
They don't see
What they've taken
away from me.

They say
It leaves my
mind empty;
They don't see
These lines
of poetry.
Pull me out of this sinking town;
I'm dying to live.
4.2k · Aug 2015
Poetria Aug 2015
Buzzing with energy
All around me
Bees, butterflies
Birds as they fly by,
The arrogant sea
Pushing its way
Into the sands
Territory.  "buzzing" This is all I could get in 60 seconds, unedited.
4.2k · Oct 2015
Blackened ink
Poetria Oct 2015
I try to write you back,
but were you ever mine to write?
edit: I deleted almost all of it haha
4.2k · Feb 2016
Lovesick idiot
Poetria Feb 2016
Maybe I'm just an idiot who's sick of love, and falling fast. Because love is one I don't understand, and feelings never last.
I've said goodbye to my days of sanity & peace.
4.1k · Jan 2018
Poetria Jan 2018
the fog is slowly clearing up
and spring is colouring the hills
I'm not chaining daisies anymore
I'm kissing yellow daffodils
inspired by troye sivan
3.1k · Feb 2018
Daisy chains or routine
Poetria Feb 2018
The only love I want to feel anymore
is the love of the Sea, of the trees, of mountains and rainbows and beautiful buildings, flowers and strangers and poetry, animals and books and art and everything alive,
everything I can only catch glimpses of, everything I need, which I don't have.

I need the love of the Earth, not it's people.
I'll start writing more seriously after my exams in May, but here's something for now
2.8k · Jun 2016
Microwave popcorn
Poetria Jun 2016
What if** your brain
was just a small packet of popcorn
that desperately needed
a microwave.

What if it refuses
to operate
until you show it some love-
Let it open itself up.

What if all it wanted was
to feel a little more lightweight-
'pop' away the pressure of being
confined to a head-cage.

What if our brains
Were just raw popcorn pieces
That needed some heating
To melt away the pain.
Popcorn before heating looks so suffocating- it's no wonder that when energy is provided they just blast open into pretty little flowers.
2.6k · May 2015
Day // Night
Poetria May 2015
During the day,
My brain is in chains,
At night it breaks out of its cage.

During the night,
My dreams, they take flight;
And I wish they would give me a fright.
Edited on July 25th, 2015
Edited again.
2.5k · Feb 2016
Poetria Feb 2016
I'll give you tomorrow.

will give you my grave.

My death
will bring you glad tidings,
and my body shall exclaim, singing

*'yesterday was a colourful day'
Experimenting with time.
2.2k · Jul 2015
Summer heat.
Poetria Jul 2015
Lazy breeze
Flirting with palm
Trees Swaying
From Side to side
The Suns music  
Mute, vibrating
Through them.
Thirsty grains of
Soil Lusting for
Water dripping
Off the leaves.
Butterflies and
Bees delicately
Explore flowers
In full bloom
******* sweet
Nectar from
The most
Flying off with a
Lingering touch
Dripping wet
And sticky all
Over the soil
2.2k · Oct 2015
Poetria Oct 2015
The gypsy life,
never in one place twice.
Always on the go,
metaphorically so.

The gypsy mind,
it's one of a kind.
Always changing,

The gypsy type,
they never think twice.
So easy to lose,
*They're too fast for you.
2.1k · Jul 2015
Merciful tides.
Poetria Jul 2015
I felt the sand
Slip out of my hands
And blew the grains away.

I thought of you
And all I knew was
I'm glad you never stayed.

I'm glad I never fell
For all the tell-tale smiles
You threw my way.

I watched in fascination
As the tide rushed into motion
And did our love away.
I have a little obsession with water...
2.0k · Oct 2017
grey-green (catastrophe)
Poetria Oct 2017
big smile for the crowd,
yes, you smile for them now,
those eyes aren't allowed,
green eyes, they're so loud,
bitterly sweet, green,
laughing at me,
I'm spiralling now,
yes, I'm spiralling down
a staircase with ends
that could never meet,
and she's pretty, so pretty,
it seems meant to be,
it seems you could never
be meant for me, green.
I know, it's nothing profound.
1.9k · Jul 2015
Wings // Imagination
Poetria Jul 2015
We all write wistful poetry
About wings to help us fly
When all we really need
Is to simply close our eyes.
Out of lifelessness or bliss,
We would still be
**Sky high.
3:00 A.M thoughts.
1.7k · Jul 2015
Poetria Jul 2015
Your compassion for art
Led me to think I loved it too,
But it wasn't art I grew to love
**It was the memory of you.
I wonder when I'll see you again...
1.7k · Mar 2017
Narcissicm and art
Poetria Mar 2017
She poses
as a poet
to get noticed,
to be heard-

but really,
she writes novels,
forces poetry-

Oh, she wants to be
so many people,
she wants
to take their souls-

and if you look
a little closer
there is jealousy
in her bones-

yes, she writes
and yes, she dreams,
but she struggles
to compete-

and only when she
is the better one
does she feel
accomplished, free-

and she tries
to act innocent,
but is that
an act of innocence?

She is only
her capabilities,
and she sets standards
nobody can meet-

she's taken lives
and ran free
but she is always where
she wants to be.
edit: wrote this about my sister but this sounds much more like me at the time of writing this
1.6k · Nov 2017
Poetria Nov 2017
the composer, the symphony
the poet, the poetry
the artist, the masterpiece

the poet
is no poetry.
the artist
is no masterpiece.

the instrument,
until played,
carries no melody.

these conflicting qualities
could never meet.

I'm a poet, so I could never be the poem.
1.6k · Aug 2015
Our fault // not theirs
Poetria Aug 2015
Plastic smiles
Bony bodice
Skinny thighs
All her flaws
Stick thin
Skin -
cold as ice
*Why criticise
The ghostly child?
I think the poem speaks for itself.
After all, we are the society we talk about.
Or atleast, a part of it.
Poetria Aug 2015
Because of how you left me
Then came back as soon as I
was starting to get over you.
But the strange thing is, I love that about you.

I love how cruel you can be
although I haven't witnessed it
To the full extent (yet) completely.

I love how you completely understand
What triggers the pain, And with that,
Choose to drop me by the hand.

For truly,
It drives me crazy
when you acknowledge my existence, baby.

3 A.M I text you,
Knowing your online too.
It's adorable how you make me wait five minutes before replying.

The way you ***** with me,
Got me like ****, I could get used to this.
You're a beautiful kind of broken;
A pretty disaster with millions of thoughts unspoken.

Honey, (and that is the perfect word to describe you)
Sweet but with so many layers, so much volume;
so much more than what meets the eye.
The most natural sort of goodness,
but you can turn bitter so easily due to the sweetness itself...
Honey has always seemed sarcastic to me
And sarcasm is your unearthly charm.

I could brag about you all day
I f   s h e   d i d n ' t.
And here's where it gets complicated-
But we were built on complication
So no way am I ever letting this
(whatever it is) out of my grip.
// A love-hate relationship//
1.5k · Apr 2017
you're the sun
Poetria Apr 2017
So paint your sunsets
across concave canvas eyelids
and I'll fall in love all over again
with the fearless flames of your soul.
Road trips and sunsets.
1.5k · Aug 2015
Poetria Aug 2015
Oh how you crumbled my defences.

Oh how my walls fell in defeat.

The damage was displayed

in the rubble at my feet.
// They were bound to fall someday;
they've been standing way too long,
just rotting away. //
1.4k · Jun 2015
Words //
Poetria Jun 2015
Don't ever really let you say
What you want them to
1.4k · Nov 2017
but I'm not you
Poetria Nov 2017
I am bruises on your leg
I'm the backhand to your face
leaving marks, opening scars
showcasing your mistakes


light up this sky
let your fire burn this blackness,
set them off, stinging
and leave my heart ringing
with the silence surrounding
this gaping, empty space


(i push you away and i forget
but some days i look you in the eye;
it's coming back to me now)

it's back to *laughing as tears fall

it's back to shaking with fear
it's back to getting slammed into being
the smallest particle I could be

*I'm back to 9 on my birthday
or was it 8, I don't remember, 7

your fire flows
inside my blood now
something darker,
purely sinful

There is no more pain.

I have become everything you hate.
I've always loved winter.
Poetria Aug 2015
A full stop means an ending*
What's the use in pretending
You won't just start writing
Again in the morning?
Or a half-way stop. It's never a full stop.
Poetria Apr 2016
Judgment comes in the form of a boomerang; It'll swing right back and hit you with a loud smack.

You need to stop reading the wrinkles lining your face; Those wrinkles won't ever go away.

The flawless are a cult. Their motto is 'perfection'. Where's the fun in that?

You're either braindead or broke if you cut as a joke; Buy yourself some real bracelets, they come pretty cheap.
Sort yourselves out, people.
1.4k · Mar 2017
Man oh man, I've got it bad
Poetria Mar 2017
Guess I'll put down a word or two
for some beautiful people
I could see through.
The way he said
he doesn't smile,
but his smile
lit up the whole **** bus.

Guess you should know
how her eyes shone with youth
and a hidden wisdom.
She would blame it on the contacts,
but God, is she gorgeous.

Guess my friend
couldn't wrap her head around
the treasureworth moments
and she was glowing onstage that day
because she knew
she wouldn't be performing again
anytime soon.

Guess I thought about you
and the trees were singing your name,
and the road was long enough
to let you climb back into my mind.

Guess I was at a significant high,
until 14:10 when I walked away and
I broke apart, saw your text right there and
contemplated dying.

And I would've been fine by now
if you didn't just decide to stay minutes
after being gone for so ******* long,
and maybe you had a bad moment there
but I've been having them too.

Guess I'm burning
and the trees are on fire
and you're just a heartbreaker
with your heart on your sleeve.

But do me a favour?
Either stay, or please just leave.
Yet here I am worrying this might hurt you.
1.3k · Sep 2016
Parasitic satellite
Poetria Sep 2016
Echoes reverbate inside
this blue satellite,
signals of sadness and
ashen butterflies.

It's the little things
that bring nature to life,
smaller still are
the things that **** light.
1.3k · Nov 2017
Phases of the moon
Poetria Nov 2017
quiet, stolen brightness
oh, it doesn't belong to me
but this sky is your black ceiling,
I'm just trying to be seen
and I see you-
I see you-
I see you shying away, yes
every few days, there's less,
every month the same cycle,
over and over again
and you don't know
how much is too much
and you don't know
when you'll be enough
and you're stuck
cutting those pieces
and you struggle
to bring them back
back to largeness,
back to circular-
phases of the moon,

and the Sun does smirk
in the morning blue.
write this whole thing solely for the last two lines? does that make sense?
1.3k · Oct 2016
Fuzzy grey
Poetria Oct 2016
Through insomniac nights
a fuzzy grey mouse and I
coexist under lamplight.

My sleeping routine,
it's far from a dream
but my buddy and me,
we feel free.

He stays in the shadows
Collecting little bites
of leftover dinner to eat.

He comes out at night
and scuttles in this light;
he's put his trust in me.

I honour my promises,
and mice have their rights
so I vow to tell nobody.

So when I can't sleep-
in secret we meet,
my fuzzy grey friend
and me.
P.S When I wrote this, HE SQUEAKED!
1.2k · Jun 2015
Of bodies and souls
Poetria Jun 2015
You'll never see souls
Spray painted with pink
You'll never know stereotypes
Or make judgments, too quick
You'll watch how each soul floats
With a grace of their own
And the presence of everyone
Will always be known
Because if we were all just souls
Floating around, all alone
With no bodies to define
The beauty that's shown.
Everyone would be beautiful
In their own magnificent way
And tomorrow would always
Be a beautiful day.
Beauty lies within.
1.2k · Aug 2015
Oceans & Poets
Poetria Aug 2015
Falling for a poet
is like swimming in an ocean
of warm, blue water,
with currents that never cease
and waves with a constant flow.

Natural, the water is,
though some would call it
*****, unfiltered* & dangerous-
and dangerous it is, absolutely!
Swim in too deep and
you'd probably drown in its volume!

Oceans cannot be tamed,
Oceans cannot be blamed,
Oceans can be changed.

But if you do get out of the ocean alive,
if you do manage to conditionally survive,
you would be leaving the water
*****, poisoned & polluted.  

Hence, the poet shall write.
1.2k · Aug 2015
We're all pillars of
Poetria Aug 2015
*It's a miracle that we haven't fallen down
1.1k · Feb 2017
Poetria Feb 2017
My favourite version of reality
is the one inside my head.

I know I'm only talking crazy,
we all have those days; pretend.

Pretend your brain is just a stage,
and you have something to prove.

Pretend there are all these people living
inside this world you always choose.

Pretend the life outside yourself
is just the place you go to sleep.

Pretend that when your eyes are closed,
that's the life you want to keep.

Pretend nobody out here is real,
and live like a silent mystery.

Pretend the Earth is your asylum
and keep trying to run free.

This pretending thing is great,
you will soon begin to see.

Live life a little brighter,
*just pretend along with me.
1.1k · Jan 2018
Blurring the lines
Poetria Jan 2018
to traffic lights
but I know how they're
supposed to look

I walk along
a thinning kerb
frequently falling
stumbling along

nothing stops me
I stay on the edge
this line between safety
and imminent death
what punctuation? ;P
1.1k · Jan 2016
Irresistible fear
Poetria Jan 2016
You're screaming at me
and I don't understand
but all I can see
is the blood on my hands
Regrets splattered colourfully,
an array of guilt
A constant reminder
of the walls that I've built.
I needed somebody
to show me the way home
Now that you're not around
I feel dangerously alone
Dear future memories,
welcome to my danger zone.
It's irresistible,
now my nightmares have grown.
My life is starting to **** altogether. It's actually pretty funny.
1.1k · Aug 2015
Poetria Aug 2015
I'm an embarrasment
I'm a disgrace
I'm just human...
// Because every flaw leads to being human. //
1.0k · Jun 2016
Oven for a brain
Poetria Jun 2016
Got two poems up for plating
Lines in layers, piled in waiting
Even if they've been outdated-
That never stopped me baking.

A chocolate-centered senryu
A haiku pastry, maybe two
I'll throw in a little freestyle verse
To feed some hungry youth.
Sitting in a posh cafè;
sipping on a white hot chocolate;
Fudge cake in my stomach: I got inspired.
1.0k · Jul 2015
My heart beats for you.
Poetria Jul 2015
Like an eagle as it pushes the wind
Down with each flap of its wings.

And disturbs the peace
and quiet around
With its mighty caw,
it's predatory sound.
But it never really
touches the ground.

It's feeling so mighty,
just like it's got all it needs.
Just like me.

Because I've
got you trapped
With my strong
feathers wrapped
Around your 'cage.
Your heart is
In this bird trap -

I'm a different breed
I told you to stay away
From me, ma chère...

You gave me this superiority complex, lovely
// Because I feel so much better than everyone, when I'm with you. //
1.0k · Aug 2015
Thoughts about her
Poetria Aug 2015
I wonder about that brain of hers
What makes all those little cogs whirr
She's got me searching like a wanderer
**I'd walk the surface of the world for her.
Just a thought.
1.0k · Oct 2017
Hey moon, don't you go down.
Poetria Oct 2017
You followed me home, winking,
grinning with your yellow teeth.

I know you like your loneliness
but don't leave me here alone;
I'm in love with your melancholy,
your crevices, my home
(I stole the title from a band lyric)
1.0k · Mar 2016
Poetria Mar 2016
Adj; Not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion*.

It could mean larger than time.
It could mean out of time.
It could mean in no time whatsoever.
It could mean less time.
It could mean a place where time doesn't exist or
A feeling where time isn't concerned or
A person who doesn't obey the laws of time with how they live their life.
Metaphorically, something timeless is something that remains unchanged with time; time doesn't concern it; time means nothing regarding that 'thing'.
Logically, something timeless is something that doesn't take time. It's impossible but the word still exists (?).
Emotionally, you could say an emotion felt strongly is timeless.
All I know is that this word ****** me off.
Maybe I'm a little too logical.
Face it, people.
Her smile isn't timeless, time has destroyed her innocence.
His poetry isn't timeless, it'll be forgotten one day, just not today. It'll become outdated.
Their love isn't timeless, because when they end, it will too. And everyone feels moments of absolutely nothing, right? (Maybe just the insane)
However I believe
There is one timeless thing in this time-controlled world;
I hope you're silently cursing this.
1.0k · Jun 2015
Love, danger and fate.
Poetria Jun 2015
Your eyes
Your hair
Your captivating stare
Our similarities
Our differences
Our moments we share
The thought of you
The thought of me
The thought of what is meant to be
My universe
My time
My energy
All stand before me
The fireworks  in your eyes
In my stomach are butterflies
What we have is explosive
Dangerous yet breathtaking
Our hearts entwined
In this fragile web.
The spider is fate
And it brought us together
*To destroy us forever.
"To love is to destroy."
989 · Aug 2015
Poets (12w)
Poetria Aug 2015
Society left us all alone.

So we built ourselves a word throne.
// We are the leftovers
society doesn't know how to use. //
960 · Aug 2015
Why can't I forget you?
Poetria Aug 2015
If only memories were like the ink of a pen.

They'd start to change
From jet black to grey
Until they'd completely
Fade away...
// I wouldn't mind that change.
I wouldn't mind at all! //
947 · May 2015
Poetria May 2015
We have all the time in the world, we say
But how much time is that anyway?

A world of bloodshed and poverty,
governmental discrimination, and anarchy.

People avoiding this harsh reality,
Our hearts ignoring their silent pleas

No, life is far from being a dream
Our world is tearing at the seams

*Is humanity a miracle
Or disease?
Poetria Oct 2015
Prodigious minds

Burning inside

Chasing their lives

Drowning in tides

The mind of a genius


The madness has died

It's unjustified

Because 'they' never learn
That it's not all about grades,
In fact sometimes it never has been.

But if you were to invent
Some ingenious contraption
You would become famous, you see.

So many bright minds
But most of the light died
On the way to adulthood, from their teens.

I've never felt pride
When my A's, they shine
Because it hasn't a link to me.*

Side note:

Just a little poem to rant about how unfair life can be, when your brains are only thought to be clever due to your grades. Think about the ones who basically created the subjects, added those complicated formulas they thought up. They were thought of as idiots, some of them. Until they made mind-blowing discoveries. I
recently watched this video called 'don't stay in school' by boyinaband on YouTube, and despite its name, it's actually a pretty intelligent argument. I fully agree with its statement. (The guy explains in another video that he didn't literally mean don't stay in school, it was to strengthen his point and catch the attention of anyone interested.) The video argues about how some things we learn in this education system are completely pointless, and useless if we compare them to other things which will actually help us prosper and understand this for our future.
-I'm not calling myself a genius or prodigy,
but others seem to think of me in that way, which I hate.

I'm horrible with titles...
Poetria Dec 2018
are you the pieces put finely together,
or are you a togetherness, pulling apart?

and what lies in the in-between,
the borderlines, the crevices?

those things that bled
from your mind into hidden places

what did you lose in the battle of wits,
what did the darkness hide?
wrote this a while ago and it's just been collecting dust
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