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Poetria Jun 19
is sick in sweetness,
a cannibal and a chewed up girl

there is no place for us except these stairs
you are a meadow and i am the sea;
a hidden space, the outcast place

did i tell you that i love to go where they cannot find me?
did i tell you i have a habit of running, without my feet?
did i tell you about the holy events in my recurring dream?
that i am invisible, and you're looking at me?

a pirate of less wicked ways,
a sunrise for the dark, not day
and if we should die, here we will lay
for with me, in purgatory

you might choose to stay
now these butterflies are feasting
Poetria Jun 17
moon eclipses,
oceans are black
and then, the sun

run away, run toward,
marathon breathing
and another year gone

things looked better from afar;
you looked better from afar

now these butterflies are feasting
(read it like 4 thoughts that come together to tell a story)
Poetria Jun 17
what a pity it is

there are no stars in our sky

but we're city kids, we're the big one eight

we make do with the faraway lights
it's less of Shakespeare and more of an I'll have what he's having
Poetria Jun 17
the cars are dancing.

I said, maybe they're going to a wedding.

he said, no, they're going to the park.

I said, okay, still a valid reason to dance.

Dance anywhere, anytime.

I said, okay, what about at a funeral.

He said, depends on whose funeral it is.

She said, he would dance at mine.

She laughed. He laughed.
It wasn't funny.
Poetria Jun 1
you walk in, you're talking but there's something darker lurking
you talk and i say hey, me too, but you're smirking, you're not searching
you bare your fangs and bite my neck like i'm only here for eating
you're finished fast, you throw me back, it doesn't stop the bleeding

i don't want to smile for you, your hungry eyes are blazing
i don't want to smile as you stare at my mouth in waiting
i don't want to smile, i want to punch your teeth out, break them

i'll glare at your fangs until they rot,
i'll brush my teeth until they gleam
i'll pull them out, i'll twist and tug
i'll stitch my gums up, paint a frown

do i want to be like you,
or the opposite of your being?
do i want to get along,
or insist on disagreeing?
it is exhausting feeling this way towards someone you'll have to know for life
Poetria May 31
secrecy, is it crime?
i keep mine, they stay untried
is it wrong, is it okay?
spun of spider silk, delicate

still, a whisper of what can be
but whispering is hard to hear
short; percussive string strain
sweet like sugar on your tongue,
not molasses from a cane

where is the drowning now?
i wouldn't know what to do with molasses anyway
Poetria May 21
sunday chocolate, lion flowers
kisses on cheeks, kisses on cheeks
gentle tears that hug a face
largely incomplete. this isn't the whole poem, not the whole picture either, this is a piece of a piece of something huge, and i surprised myself by crying as i wrote it. the rest of the poem will exist when it's ready to. i'll come back to this. i have to. but for now, this thing needs to exist as it is. this is just the beginning.
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