When i said
“Stay with me”
Or “don’t leave”
I didn’t necessarily mean physically
Im Stuck between trying to remember
And trying to forget
You taught me not to live with regret
And sometimes i wish we never met
Dont mind my words
But thats just my mind speaking
You know my heart is true
And my hands do the talking
“Are you in a hurry?”
Cuz i can take my time
I guess a quick shot at love
Is better than wasted time with lust
Understand where im coming from
Now youre far away
My eyes dont see you anymore
Only when i close them
When i think of you
When I dream of you
And i don’t deserve it
I wish i could reverse it
You said “man, we live in such a weird world”
But i didnt care
Because we were never normal
“The universe is cruel”
I said
“But we learn to enjoy the torture”
What if God or who ever
Gave the chance for us to meet
Did what they did because
What if we both needed someone
Something better than before
Perhaps we separated to figure ourselves out
Or perhaps the other way around
We are not around anymore
Im not running around anymore
I have found the one
The one for me
I will put you before me
And ill always look after you
Because missing you hurts
But i think loving you hurt more
I bet you can relate
As of late I wish I could take it all back
Paint it all black
Leave it all behind
But in the back of my mind
My dreams remind me that at the end of my day
When I close my eyes and
It all goes black
Im yours and you are mine
They say Time heals everything
And that time is money
So If wealth can bring happiness
Then my love
You are my pot of gold
Rainbows compliment your soul
More than the sky
Im on cloud 9
When i think of the times
You sat on top of me
Let me hold you close
Before you let go of the door you are so readily waiting to close
It's cold outside
You said
Its okay
I said
I already feel numb
Some say love is bullshit
But its the only bullshit i like to deal with
I never got to play in the snow with you
I guess I deserve it all
I made it hell for you
And put you through it all
Im sorry for the times i came home high
Im sorry for the times i didnt say bye
Before I met you i was so low
And you brought me up with
a simple hi
A simple hello
Now im on the other side
Where time seems more real than ever
Im losing interest in all my endeavors
Im choosing money or me
It breaks me apart
Even though im heartless
I still got a big heart
This heart that beats for you
It skips a beat when ever i long for you
It hasnt been a week
And it feels like ive waited long for you
It has me feeling weak
I know i should be strong
I love you so much
Ill express it in a song
Ill express it in a poem
Ill express it in a book
Ill rip a page out
Like its my heart
And place it on your palm
Your touch
Its not much
But its enough
Hold me
Love me
I am not the old me
I felt like a kid
Clothed by your embrace
You are a Goddess
And I fell from your grace
Mind and body strong
You amaze
I got lost in your heart
It’s a maze
That I cant get out of
Your face is a sight
That I cant get enough of
I can’t take my eyes off of you
Love is all I got to offer you
I never meant to offend you
Sorry if I failed to defend you
I just wanted to obey you

I wanted someone lovely
To love me
To hate me
To hold me
To scold me
To leave me
To keep me
To push me
To hug me
To shush me
To bug me

I wanted someone to share closely
  To bathe me
To clothe me
To fight me
To fuck me
To hear me
To bore me
To lick me
To bite me

I wanted someone to believe in
To sleep with
To wake with
To laugh with
To cry with
To live with
To die with

That someone is gone
They say time flies
I guess that's why people buy Rolex
It's a fashion statement, looking fly
Why lie
I stare at the clock
Thought after thought
It's tic-toc
Letting time pass
I don't know why
It's past midnight
I need a fresh start
Swallow a pill
Like a Tic Tac
Dive in a pool
Thats not shallow
Die in a pool
Cuz it's a deep end
I guess it depends
To live and die
Well isn't that what
Days and nights are?
You sleep and you wake
Like a funeral
Brain dead now its neural
It was the year 2121. There was only four of us who actually remained together. It was me, Hotbox, which is a name I picked up due to my father. He was a boxer who then became a firefighter in his later years. I was half human and half metal. I worked at a place where we customized engines for flying cars before it went out of business. Crisis on oil similar to that of the past decades was still prevalent in future times. One of the engine parts we received from the Colony in Outer Space had a defect and it exploded upon arrival. It left me feeling like I was Johhny from Johnny Got His Gun. I nearly lost my hearing, sight, speech, a chunk of my heart and many of my bones and limbs disintegrated. During the time I was hospitalized, many special doctors took care of me. Many of them supers themselves spoke to me telepathically. I was given a new body armor made of Tantalum, a metal that often replaces platinum and is very efficient for implants and coatings in the medical field. But enough about me. There’s FrostFyre, a girl I met at a superhero convention. I had a super crush on her. She was born in an artificial planet called Brone that no longer exists due to an unexpected shutdown. She was able to absorb the energy from the explosion which allowed her to be stronger than the citizens of her planet. The disaster caused her family to relocate to one of the Colonies in planet Earth. Fyre could change the temperature of the flames that she fired and could potentially freeze-burn her opponents. Her fire was hotter than the center of the sun. We had two best friends who also happen to be fraternal twins, they're names are Sloe and Slic. Sloe had the ability to fly, teleport, and slow time down which consisted of making everything appear to be paralyzed. Slic on the other hand had super speed and would one day travel faster than light. After the Third World War in 2095, several hydrogen bombs were dropped all over the world, almost everything had vanished. There were no more skyscrapers, no more Mount Everest, no more Niagara falls, no more pyramids in what’s left of Egypt, and no more overly saturated Earth full of humans. The human population was at about 11.2 billion at the end of the century according to the United Nations. After the nuclear warfare episodes, the known population dropped to 3 billion. It became the duty of the Heroes of the Colony to take hold of the Earth. With the rise of enemies of the colony, the world was now in the hands of evil.

“It’s time to light up and take flight!”, shouted Fyre. It was easy for her to say. She was born with the ability to produce fire by herself. After my accident I was struggling with feeling like I wasn’t even human anymore.

“How hot is Lava?” Slic said.

We were standing at the rim of the largest human-made volcano to ever exist. Lava was a villain that was threatening to erupt the volcano in where she dwelled in. Sloe was using her powers to slow the process down, but Lava used her powers to speed up the eruption.

“Lava can reach temperatures of 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit to up to 2,000.” Sloe replied.

“No smartypants, I mean is she good looking?” Slic replied.

“We have to go in the lava and attack her from where she is standing,” Fyre said in a very calm voice. She and I knew that my armor material had a melting point up almost 2,500 degrees so we couldn't risk it. The lava's temperature was increasing at an alarming rate as the seconds passed. If any of the lava seeped through the pores of my armor, my body could instantly be vaporized.

“What if you go in instead?” I said.

If Fyre went in to swim in the lava she would be more safe than me. Her body was made from a material found in the distant home-planet she comes from. Lava's body in the other hand was still human-like. She was not susceptible to the lava she produced or lived in but perhaps a nuclear explosion could vaporize her for good. The vaporization would occur so quickly that Lava would simply cease to exist. The nervous system that sends pain signals to the brain would be gone quicker than the speed in which signals reach the brain.

This was a moment of chaos. There was enough happening in what was left of the world. The people that lived under the fear and control of Lava would die due to being exposed to the lava even if several feet away. The magma of the volcano was very vicious at this point and sloe could not do much about it. Fyre was getting ready to detonate as she stood at the center of the rim. She does this by going into a fetal position as she floats in midair.

There was a sudden flash in the sky. A voice said, “Prepare for flight!”

It was the Navigator. He was here to teleport us to May 31st, 2095. It was a Tuesday afternoon and we were at a diner in a floating city. There was a lot of commotion around us and it felt as if  the Flight of the Bumblebee was playing in the background.

“Sorry, wrong date.”

We quickly teleported to the day before, a Monday and I hated Mondays but we were still at the diner and I was having a chocolate milkshake so it wasn't so bad. There were so many people looking at the sky as they cried, helpless and hopeless. The bombs were being dropped. The navigator asked Sloe to slow everything down. In the moment of panic there was peace. We enjoyed milkshakes and talked about how to save the world as we were the only ones talking in real time. Slic ran back home to get his video camera and he started recording as the first bomb reached grounds. A few seconds later everything was white.
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