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March 23 2019

Have you ever stared into their eyes
The eyes of a dragon. Wise
Beautiful shimmering scales
And dude. It flies

In my dreams. My kids
Demons. Monsters. Dragons
Scary to others
Me. Thats bliss

The fastest one
Black shimmering scales
Zooming by. Wisp crisp

And her. Aurelia-phinia
Warm underbelly
And she shapeshifts
Tan and purple. I wish

So many dragons. So we dream
Theres gotta be something
Out there. Please

A warm breath of fire
That doesnt burn. It weeps
Flowing over our soul
It embraces us. As we sleep

A roar of anger. But wisdom
An intelligence. But happiness
They soar around us
Watching. Thinking. Enduring

A world that changes
But they. Stay themselves
Its wonderful to be yourself
Wings of liberty.
Carry us further away.

Please just stay live and play
Maybe this world will be different
And we can meet eachother
For once. One day
Humanitys fears is pregidous
May we meet 4000 years from now
On Amacrystia. That'd be friggin sweet

An enemy is an enemy
But. Violence is a never ending cycle
War doesnt change
And life just recycles
March 23 2019

Iam hungry
You are to
We are hungry
So what can we do

This. Our slice of life
Whats good for me
Is nice

Whats your flavor
Your recipe
Is it made with rice
Simple. Or complex. Neat. Entice

Can you make your own style
And mix it in. With your life
Will you share it for awhile
That'd be all swell. Cool. Nice

Everyone gets hungry
Its a part of life
Energy is moving
We need more. All the time. Tight

Empower me BOYuh. Yes
Teach me your ways. Indeed
If we share a plate of eternity
Will we be satisfied.
Just one more day
Fulfill my needs

Variety. Diversity. In everything
The spice of life
This is a message calling me
Everybody needs help. But food
Thats alright. And quite honestly
That'll suffice
So many cultures on earth
Religions and ways of life
Each with their own dishes
Its just awesome. Cuisine is epic right
March 23 2019

The monster may look different
But he is himself on the outside
The human may look simple
But his mind is complex. Inside

The angel may look.. Perfect
But their pride will forgo them
In time
The demon may be Souless
But always searching.
For something. But why

A universe pieced together
All of it here
Strings strands melancholy music
The frequencies of life. Lets tune in

Everything in music
Boundless noise and sounds
Do you hear them singing
The voices in the music
Hidden in the background

A song for every soul
What if you cant let a single one go
What if you love too much.
Too many
And yet find your muse.
An epiphany. So so

One song. One singer to another
Two singers. Infinite songs
Together they make more and more

More monsters. Humans
New angels. Demons
Creation in love. Hate. Anger. Calm
Destruction in faith. Confusion. Doubt
Which one is wrong

Its all in your perception
Every soul. Life. A new viewpoint
Whatever may be similar
Know that. We are all a symphony
Boundlesly un-winding. Wow
Whats the point?
Demons are not soulless
But evil and good. They fight
The neutral is like calm
Still looking for a side

People want to be angels
I want to look like a demon
Itd be nice you know
Blue scales. Red flaming eyes. Three
Black claws. Flame tail. Dark mist
Tomplexthis. Dragons are cool dude
Sometimes i guess
Dragons vs Demons.

Dont take this stuff to seriously
MUH po Em...
Ill take my monsters over my poetry
I deleted like 500 or so. Po ems...
Meh. I liked a ton
But 214. Jesus is a ****. Blood on the cross
Yeah. But he wasnt alone
Everyone talks about dude
Not the other thousands
He stopped that. Yes. :|
March 23 2019

Will you remember
When you're old and gray
Better memories
And better days

Will you remember
Your favorite faze
Your favorite pizza
And favorite place

Will you remember
Who you used to be
As life changes us
What parts do we get to keep

Will you remember
That hand you hold
The two of us being
Ever so close

Inside outside in
Holding your hearts hand
Your lifes darkness and light
Your virtues. Hate love and sin

All your demons
All your angels
All your moments
And every angle

Every cascading wave of choices
Endless noises. Happy little voices
All these questions go unaswered
But will you Remember. The dancer

Resting swiftly in the flames
I loved to play. So many games
The fireheart. Its passion
How long does it burn
Or yearn for just a small reaction
The dancer in the flames
I loved to watch her
Will you remember me
Will you remember yourself?
March 23 2019

I couldn't do anything
To save my soul
Where did you go Jade
Nobody knows. Its burns

My entire life was a lie
One that i created
One i believed in
Two lies. One lost life

Time catches up to you
It destroys your spirit
Time has no friends
Time has no emotions

I hate being alive. And empty
Hollowed out and forgotten
Against an endless army
No friends. No family. To save me

We are all just sinners
Waiting for our execution
If only we could be ourselves
Till our time is called

Everyday. Little by little
We lose another piece
Of our picture that God gave us
Until its all faded. All shambled

A soul is so valuable. But i was weak
Gullible. Kind. Trusting. Caring
Against demons. It makes you easy
Never trust in anyone. But yourself

I lived my life in the lie of Jade
Waiting for her. Everyday
But nobody came. Not a single soul
She only existed in my dreams

Now iam too old. My soul destroyed
If only i loved me. And believed
That belief. Is all that carried me
But my wings of heartfelt thoughts
My imagination. Its burning in ****
And there is no God. Who will hear me
No Jade. To hold me
And bring me back
Its too late
We just age. Until we are dust. And die
Nobody is there
Nobody cries
They all only believe in their lie.
Jade was my life goal
But i guess its imposdible
I wish i was 14 again
So i could make my life
Better than this
March 23 2019

Taco is my blessing
And my blessing is my taco
Whatchu talkin bout boy
You know thats very waco

Taco is queen my dream my sicko
Taco is my thing my bling my fickle
Come on listen now to the words
Not the sounds around that pound
And confound
So crown the flounder thats tossed
Away now
No fish taco.

Have you seen my taco joy oh boy boy
Its a taco ploy oh hoy hoy oh hoy
I love me my taco yo
Flood it with lettuce and let it go

Taco cheese taco beef taco greens
Whats left but to please
My taco is my taco
Please just come feed me.
O - o
Tacos rule
March 22 2019

We live for what
We ask. But why
We question our life
But still. Short is our time

We fight. No reason
But pain. Every season
We think. What now
We know. Nothing but how

To what end does it come
Everything used to be for fun
Time comes too quickly
In memory. We view it all
Oh so painfully swiftly

I want to dance and sing
Run fast. Be. And just see
All that this world has to offer
But alas. I have only an empty

We only get what we are given
What is life. But livin
We only try to achieve our goals
Inside our heart.
That only God knows

Do we live. To create art
Or do we live. For our heart
Our lifes dreams goals amd wishes
Just blank empty impossible dishes

I guess you could say God is money
But that isnt very funny
Or that God hates us
But thats only a crutch. Shucks

Are we us. These our hands
Are we now. Can we understand
That Gods God is God
And we created only an image
And strike down NONBELIEVERS
With an evil rod. Garbage.

Obsession. Its all we get
Our passion. Never forget
Live how you want
But keep bold logic. Within it

-A song-
"Your life is your own
Just get up off your phone
And learn to roam around
Go see. And wander about town"
My poetry *****
xD but i like writing though
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