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Quinn May 21
Let me know that I made a difference;
That the world is different without me
Even if it's just different
For one person
Quinn May 18
I know its been a long time
I know I should have been nicer to you
But being thirteen changes a person
You learn that maybe the world isn't as innocent as it once was
You realize that you're growing up just a bit too quickly
And just like the world, you aren't innocent anymore either
I know I should have been there, to protect you
From others, from yourself
I wasn't strong enough to take care of you
But I'm here
and I'm stronger now
We're stronger now
Quinn Feb 3
New Life bursts forth
From old shells
Bringing unseen beauty into this world
The sounds of nature quiet
As they sliently gawk
At the newborns
Making they're journey
Towards the ocean
With a bravery unknown to most
Led but an ancient instinct
To slip silently into the waves
Only to return when the time comes
For New Life
To burst forth from old shells
Quinn Apr 2019
Sweet poison
Glazes thy lips, making them bittersweet
Those lips once warm and tender on mine
Now lifeless and cold to the touch
Oh what ill timing, for him to die as I awake
His breaths to shallow as mine deepen
His dagger lays upon the floor
Bloodied from my betrothed
How shall I live without my Romeo
Oh I cannot
Sweet dagger end this pitiful life
So I can be with my Romeo once more.
Had to write poems for my English class so why not post them?
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