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May 9 · 127
I Hate You
Toast Ghost May 9
Violets have pollen,
Roses have thorns,
I wish that you had never been born,
The fact that your still here really boils my blood,
No one would care if you drowned in a flood.
May 9 · 101
Kate's Poem
Toast Ghost May 9
Roses are red,
violets are blue
I like talking to you,
. . . . .
Uhm. . . shoe
My girlfriend said this to me on a call at midnight, she's adorable and I love her and you can all fight me
Toast Ghost May 8
there is a monster in my closet, she speaks with two mouths and keeps dents on her wrists and feet.
The monster is terrifying, she uses needle teeth to tear through the skin of lovers. Her eyes brim with tears made from glass.
And sometimes The monster gets really really sad......
The monster uses her needles and blades to rip tears of copper into snow white skin and she whispers her sweet nothings into her closet full of sin.
Now my carpet is stained with copper and static, I can't walk in my closet or The monster goes manic.
this is unfineshed but im going to wait to fines it until im ready, feedback is always welcome
May 7 · 28
Humble Pie
Toast Ghost May 7
how to make a humble pie
step one
make the listening to no one but the devil on your shoulder by hand and really kneed that into a lonely pie crust
step two
whisk together some mindlessness and two tons of confidence, (add a little extra for a bitter taste)
add fear of vulnerability and lack of commitment in there
slowly stir in the ungratefulness until its the consistency of a bad person
cook this all in the hypocritical oven until its nice and bad at taking criticism
let it dry for sixteen years until its rotten and moldy and put it into a pride fridge for twenty two minutes. Sprinkle a ton of entitlement on to the top and your done! You've made a humble pie!!
Serve with syrupy sugar milk and sour grapes
Apr 30 · 412
Toast Ghost Apr 30
Sleeping at dusk
An eyeless black husk
As mist swirls around
She drops to the ground
Her head is getting further and further from her skull
But away is the only place she has to go.
The sky's turning white
Her hands feel so warm
She needs to get out
Decisions lie torn
They lie on the ground soeroundong
Her figure. The baiege plauge will cause, Her to pull on the trigger.
Quarantine is kinda terrible, I'm just writing this for poetry club tho
Apr 27 · 491
Flying With Her
Toast Ghost Apr 27
my heart is
you make me see gold when things are black,
when you talk like that I freak O U T because, wow! how do you do that to me?
so I don't care if i have to cross a sea O F vulnerabilities and emotion,
ill do it all for that time you said M Y smile made you happy, when your happy i can fly to the stars an back.
My C H E ST feels all fluttery whenever our eyes meet and jeeze I'm just a frikity frakin mess
update: suprise!!! i have a girlfriend now!! and shes amazing and i just cant even anything shes just so cute! anyway yeah that happened and i dont think ive been this happy for a loooong time! i was kinda freaking out after i asked her to be my girlfriend so i wrote this poem, i know its bad i wrote it in like five minutes whilst re reading our conversations and dying, sorry im so whimsical right now but im just in a really really good mood today because yay
Apr 17 · 115
Earthquakes At Night
Toast Ghost Apr 17
Earth has a broken family,
Mother nature left to drink and play in Vegas.
Father Earth couldn't take the life he was left with. He hung himself with lilac vines.
Earth is all alone, even with the millions of bad people living on her skin she feels like she doesn't really fit in.
Earth smokes with the stars and sleeps with the moon.
What a lonely existence with the rain in the room.
Honestly I just felt like I had to write something
Mar 24 · 714
Toast Ghost Mar 24
Stimulate me.
The serotonin pops like bubbles in my head.
Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr.
I 'M in need of more happy chemicals
To bring me higher than my follow count.
I can't live happy with just one
L O N E L Y like
So please stimulate me. I need more attention in my life.
Okie lil update, so life officially *****. I'm extremely isolated due to quarantine. And don't have the motivation to get out of bed or eat so I think I'm just really depressed? Coronaviris is high key killing my throat rn and I'm really really tired of having no friends, geuss being a terrible person who distances herself from all of her friends every time they get too close to her kinda has its downsides, huh.
Toast Ghost Mar 23
I'm crying in my room at 2 AM.
Don't take frizzy hair and midnight cuddles for granted, they leave when you least expect.
When I'm not thinking I get lost in your sweet cottin candy eyes.
And I know it's not for me, those cottin candy eyes and midnight curls.
Still I'll wish for starry kisses and porkipine nights.
Still I'll miss the Cold soda filled drinking from the hose and laughing till Sunday.
Im not the religion filled lightshow, that you said I was one day. I can't help but wish I could be me how you see me.
You have a strawberry swirl sundae and I'm happy you can keep it.
My mint chocolate chip still breaks my teeth every night I try to lick it off the floor
I'm happy for you and him
For him and you.
So don't look back at my flickering lights just walk away with your strawberry banana sundae, I'll be okay.
This poem is about my best friend with midnight curls and Cotten candy Eyes. I might not see her again for awhile, but it's okay, I'm okay I'm happy for her. I just wish I didn't feel this hurt about it. I really ******* hope it doesn't show, but I'm happy for her and i will be okay without her. Sorry I'm rambling, lol this is dumb. Anyway hope y'all are having an amazing incubation period! Feel free to give me some feedback in comments or pm me if you want I always try to make a point to respond.
Toast Ghost Mar 20
I hate hamburgers. The meat seems purpluent and frankly, the whole entourage is terribly disdaining.
Although I know it's wrong of me to choose my slimey, unhealthy version of the food mixture, I adore it so. The beautiful, white thick and firm yet light and fluffy vanilla waffle bun, with holes that could tear your very soul out (and your drive to lose weight) and lead it to a creamfilled neverland of euphoric bliss.
The raspberries and they're very mucilaginous texture, ever tempting me alike sweet filled ***** tempts up your stomach and out of your mouth because the habit and this strangely erodic hamburger that you can't seem to keep away from yourself.
Under those sticky temptations that humans named raspberries. Lies an evil not to be released unto this innocently skinny world. The gluttonous rice, the red bean paste. And. the. Unholy amount of S U G A R… yes, my fellow small waist golden cricket. For the good of hell and heaven I will warn you of the gluttonous evil called the mochi patty. We've all heard of mochi. That beautiful ice cream filled tragedy. Only my vividly destructive hell that i call an imagination could conjure this terrible fat producer as a patty in this baneful “hamburger” this mochi patty creates an all ailing armageddon in your calorie count. And a suburb genesis for your tastebuds, for the smooth, powdered sweet beauty is the bane of all. The fall of man was brought by mochi, because mochigome is an angelic harm.
The next ingredient in this burger of allure is a safe ingredient. F i n a l l y.
It's but in normal food and it's not too sweet, there must be SOME health benefits of it surely? That small amount of spice in the creamy oasis. Mixes gracefully with the rest of its poisonous peers.
Now back to my torture of pain and of chocolate *****, next is something hard to save you from all this soft. But don't be fooled just yet, this slab of hard is N O T a salvation. For a slab of hershey's milk chocolate is not ideal for hale. The brits can't even handle how much sugar is in this bar of pure D I S A S T E R. your immune system can't take this angelic evil, eat a carrot instead.
Strawberry ice cream is next made with sugar, vanilla, strawberry flavoring, and E V I L.
Filling your large intestine with sin, strawberry ice creams smooth, creamy flavor. With tiny chunks of cheesecake that squish between your teeth and travel down your throat like columbus, come to enslave the naitive americans that is your pride. Be warned strawberry ice cream might smell like the top of a baby's head going in, but going out it smells like artificial strawberry ***** and shame.
Popped like little tuberculosis bubbles in the saten ice cream. Is what people call bursting boba. I call them orbs of joy, the smooth surface in your mouth is always a surprise, it feels like a cyanide pill. Until it goes P O P in your mouth releasing sweet calcium lactate and artificial flavoring into your soul. They never fail to make you happy. But of course, as all happiness seems to do it eventually makes you want to throw your fat self off a cliffside and that bursting boba will be the cause of your head B U R S T I N G. on the sement.
And last but certainly not least you get to taste the savory evil that is the vanilla waffle bun, once again. And O H H this old friend is not very fun to see once again. The thick bun might be expansive on its own, but i promise it will E X P A N D in your poor stomach. And tasting all of this heinous resplendent horror together will probably **** you from an aneurysm or obesity, or diabetes, or disappointment. But all together it's perfect. And a disaster.
A perfect disaster.
Soooo, funny story actually. This was not meant to be a poem, my seminar professor assigned me to write something about the Perfact hamburger using "evocitive words" and I procrastinated untill the day it was due so I wrote this whole thing like an hour before I was sopposed to turn it in and my friend read over it and told me it kinda sounded like poetry, she then proceeded to force me to post it on here. I went a bit overboard on everything so I'm very sorry for that.
Mar 20 · 105
Broken Glass & Honey
Toast Ghost Mar 20
My bones are hollow, others have bones filled with honey and feather. Im afraid of dying. But I'm not afraid of not living. Thinking is harder than being, for a fool can only be but an artist learns to think. These are all things that she said, spilling syrupy honey in my broken glass head.
She broke that glass. That night when the sky looked like painted on wax and she asked me if I was really there. We had alot of alcohol that night and the ***** felt just not quite right. I wish I drank apple juice instead of whiskey. Inhaled incense instead of ****.
Many things would look different when I looked in the mirror only to see those stiches on glass that only cause more to shatter. Not that the stiches ever really matter.
It's like she's trapped in my head. And she'll scream and dream her doubt. But all she has to do is say let me out and she's free. How hard can that be? At least stop filling up my fragile head with memories of things that happened on a beach at midnight in this dark new moon moonlight. That night those pictures flew away into a sea to never see her or me, that night is over so get out of my head, please. I'm begging you, I'll break it open and let blood and hope spill out if you'd just leave me too, please. Stop yelling things that break my feet and fights we had about things I dont eat and just please leave. I need to get out and fly as far as heaven flys then wait until the sun goodbyes and watch the banks and borders by that midnight dark new moonlight sea. With champagne flutes full on honey, no alcohol because after all I asked her to stay sober.
This slam kinda *****, but give me opinions and criticism if you got any. Anyway lil update, I'm really sick (yes, COVID19) and I might have lots of time to write more. So that's fun my life is declining and everything is getting worse but i can't help but smile anymore, I don't know why I'm so happy lately but let's hope I keep this mentality and don't die! Have a great incubation period guys!! Wish me luck on quarantine! (There is a big difference between incubation and quarantine, stop using that word like you understand what it is)
Feb 17 · 93
Poisen & Champagne
Toast Ghost Feb 17
She's champagne.
She's pretty.
And she makes you feel good, but she's just temporary.
It's a temporary high, you can't stay drunk forever, sooner or later you wake up with a hangover and no money on the streets of LA.
What im saying is that she won't last I, however.
Im poisen.
Poisen that tastes like blackberries.
And once you drink my blackberry poison there is no going back, it goes down and takes you with it  The effects are a permanent sleep, a vacation away from your body that you can't come back from. The only hurt you feel when you have me feels like magic champagne is pretty but poisen is beautiful.
Champagne is overrated, wouldn't you prefer to live in a dangerous beauty and die in a dangerous beauty. Champagne will make your mind fuzzy and dull, how do you stay alert with all that achohol? Poison makes your mind shap enough to understand the beauty in everything. But... You look happy with your champagne. For now. But soon the high will end and you will come crawling back to me. Until then... I'll be waiting dear
Feb 15 · 125
Stories In The Cemetery
Toast Ghost Feb 15
A nun rests her head against the broken headstone, wishing to transfer all cracks in this headstone to her own small heaven clad head.
She prays "darling I wish you could belong in this world of glass water and walk among the land that looks of spilled grains, I wish I could have prayed away your pain, but alas your golden lights gone and it's all in pure vain, the gold frames kept me in the stone house as you roamed the glass cave just out of my silver gaze, Now you swim in butter lakes and live among the crimson dolls" The nun pulled out of what was left in her small pocket, an item of love and fear "I had to borrow this, my dear. I apologize" the nun said with a voice made from an ugly green As the nun walked from the broken headstone, tearing up a porclin doll. She kissed goodbye to the no longer beating heart of her colbat blue daughter and never looked back.
My first story poem, high key tho I mentioned like all the colors in this poem lol, sorry abt that
Feb 15 · 116
Time of death, 10:31 pm
Toast Ghost Feb 15
Laying on my gurny and I can't see my hands my tongue tastes like salt and with every heartbeat White Walls scream it's my fault.
I'm sorry,
I'm so so sorry. For the dripping lime Forest I forced down your throat, you can cough it up now and I'll leave you alone.
I love the fact that you say your coming back, ___ and hate the fact that you said you would stay.
Feb 11 · 83
I Don't Like Cars
Toast Ghost Feb 11
I missed her constantly like the porkipine stars miss the far away sun and from the first stutterd "hi" my heart turned to clouds and I breathed it to you in my first whisperd "I love you"
I loved you
And when petal-less roses fall to the ground Apache tears drop in that tradgic-like sound
By the way **** this poem
Feb 11 · 74
If only (slam poetry)
Toast Ghost Feb 11
Painful perfect paintings attack me in the night, sending me in to a deep spiral of if only-s. If only White birds would silently cry in the day, with folded wings that never learned to fly. Shortly in death I think of this moment in time and cry Apache tears on to the glassy sea of painful perfect memories. You had feilds of lemons and crows swimming in a colbat blue pond in your pudding brown eyes and I miss them. I miss the way you would always tell me that I was your one and only snowglobe heart and I understand that if you heard what I'm saying your heart would restart but from the moment I rushed out an " I love you" at the end of our call my poor memories become spotted and dull but I know that yours must be duller, for although you are a broken pencil with no erasor I am a camera that records but dosent save the the promise you broke, when it turned into a joke. I would give hell a name if only things didn't go the way they went, but it's over. If only I listened a bit.
I wrote this at midnight, I'm sorry
Jan 30 · 156
Forever dream
Toast Ghost Jan 30
Its quiet here, the only sound is my footsteps tap tap tapping on a narrow silver path, I can look up and see stars falling like tears but look down and see a nothing that goes on for years. I run for miles on the narrow silver path the silver reflects my desperation I need to get out. I'm running and running memories chase me like dogs I can't get away my feet just sound wrong. Silver turns green, I'm in a sad grotto blond hair, blind eyes sit by a gold tree she's silent and screaming I know she sees me. I sit and awake in a wave of dark clouds in a blood red liquid that serves as a ground I walk and walk my feet splashing Scarlet until I see her dancing, a crying blind harlott short black hair streaming to nowhere beautifully tradgic she dances like magic. I close my eyes and i dance aside, waiting hopefully for the moment we die.
Jesus Christ! This poam *****! I just really needed to write something
Jan 9 · 62
Lovely Actor
Toast Ghost Jan 9
I could sell you the sky with rain from the heavens.
I have lights made from lead and a heart made of Cole
Don't trust a pretty liar who pretends to be whole.
I'm so confused, can someone just shoot me?
Jan 6 · 117
A Ghost Of Pure Heaven
Toast Ghost Jan 6
So naive, so whole
She smiles as fireworks burst in her eyes soon to sizzle out surely to die, because her smile will then turn to a cry.
Eternally happy
Eternally in love
She's lost in the moment
This poem is stupid but I've got nothing else rn, sorry
Toast Ghost Jan 5
The solar eclipse,
the feel of your lips.
Your long brown hair in the cold Misty air.
The contrast turns dark as we kiss in the park,
but an eclipse surely fades, and your lips cannot stay
So you cut your hair and left me there, in the park dreaming of that short time that you really did care.
I like to scream at the stars at night it makes the sky just seem less bright
Toast Ghost Jan 4
I'd love to be fixed but I've given up hope. "It's messed up" I get that alot from the pope.
I'd love to love to like my family has told me but I'm sick at the thought of a guy trying to hold me.
Am I wrong?
Am I broken?
I'm lonely for sure,
But as a lesbian in Utah I don't get much allure.
Idk weather to laugh or cry at this poem, so I'll just apologize I guess?
Jan 2 · 468
A Moment In Time
Toast Ghost Jan 2
Muted colors dancing in the rain
Bring memories
But memories bring pain
Oof I am not a poet person but I can be sad too lol
Jan 2 · 83
Toast Ghost Jan 2
Im back
Eating chocolate cheetos on your couch
I'm here
To invade
Your happy ending like the villan I've always been
But what
Are you gonna do
Cuz I'm never leaving you alone again
I'm here
I'm hurt
Get ready to sin
I'm trying so hard to be confident and cool and blah blah blah but FRIKIN FRIK that hurt
Jan 2 · 162
Toast Ghost Jan 2
Is it wrong?
To be so sad
About something so happy?
Why can't I understand?
That things end
That I'm less and she's more
Welp oof I wish I wasn't such an emotional ***** geuss I'll die than
Nov 2019 · 258
Toast Ghost Nov 2019
A lie,
A look,
That's all it took.
Moved on,
And what did you expect?
The rope
Lost hope
The scars on my neck.
Ouch! that hurts....*still* hurts
Nov 2019 · 59
Wow This Poem Sucks!
Toast Ghost Nov 2019
I didn't ask for stars,
I never wanted the sky.
I got that and more anyway,
You never said why?
You loved me,
I tried
To warn you.
Do do do do do do do do, Elmo's woooorld
Aug 2019 · 529
Toast Ghost Aug 2019
Please stop talking to me your breath smells like death, your creeping me out and without a doubt if you come any closer to my face I swear untill next year you'll be in a brace.
Srsly tho guys, if you don't want to do something or you know your too young, don't do it, because that could mess with your entire life, don't be afraid to hit the dude. That goes for guys too, it's uncommon but I know it happens to everyone, consent is important
Aug 2019 · 201
Toast Ghost Aug 2019
All of you ****, get your own life and stop commenting on mine
I really don't care about poetry at this point thank you very much
Jun 2019 · 273
Toast Ghost Jun 2019
Love = addiction.
There is no such thing as real love. If someone says that they love you, they're lying. Please remember that they would always take you for granted, they'd always sacrifice you for someone or something else in just a second.
No one really loves anyone.
This trap that I'm in is eternal torture.
Please God in heaven, end this suffering!
Free me

                           ­      I

If I could end this all or restart the earth and change just one small action in one small drop of time and death, alter this world that I have been trapped in, maby things wouldn't be like they are now.
Can emotions dissapear?
Can you please stop this fear?
Can heaven hear my tears?
Does love really last for years?
Emotions stay forever.
Even god can't end your fear.
Heaven hates your tears.
Love is fake.
Deal with it.
Welp, I've finally managed to rip my own heart out. If I die this week it's okay, I managed in the same situation, so can you.
Jun 2019 · 55
How To Change A Heartbeat
Toast Ghost Jun 2019
He knows.
He knows that I'm already bleeding I've already fallen,
I can't defend myself when it comes to him. It would be so easy for him just break past my paper walls and tear through the weak, burnt, charred fleash and muscle and bones that had protected me from people like him for so long, he could easily just rip through it and pull out my glass heart and crush it in his fist, the tiny bleeding shards would fall from his hand, scraping it up and drawing drops of metallic blood from his hand, the tiney red sparkleing Cristal shards would fall down, down, down. And as fast as the light would fade out from my eyes as my soul would slowly evaporate, the shards of my broken crystal heart would hit the floor. The remanders of my heart, my life, my love, my being, the beautiful remanders of an ugly girl would shatter like glass on the cold hard stone floor. drops of blood, bolth mine and his, would blossom into tiny pools of beautiful red. The pools would spread, yet never touch. As the dark red stains spread across the cold floor. I would die, watching pooling dots of my own blood and tears, and his, his blood, his tears drip dropping to the floor that I die upon. My last sight would be the sight of ugly love and beutiful death. He would walk away, just like they all did. The toxic, evil of man would be the one to finally gain the victory of ending this wasted life that I have lived. I know he wouldn't even think about it. he would soon forget, about me, about love and about death. That is what love is, it's a slow painful death that you unwillingly bring upon yourself, all of these fools are allowing themselfs to be dragged into this, they're idiots, all calling it "love" I should be happy that he hasn't destroyed me like the rest have yet, but I know he could and he would be The very last.
You wanna peice of me? Let's fight, go on cake my day. Lol
Toast Ghost May 2019
friendship can burn like an old picture on the wall. it tries so hard to stay, just like its always been, nostalgic screaming soon wears thin. it tries so hard to not fall apart, destined to burn from the very start. it tries so hard to pretend that everything´s okay, yet the edges start to fray. it tries and tries and tries and tries. but, the edges are crumbling in on the plummeting colors, that was once me, once you once her, once friends. the flames are licking the back of the paper ripping a beautiful hole between the three of us, my friends. and that´s when it had to come to an end.
camp kallie and hope pools are dead.
May 2019 · 162
The Heart Shaped Charm
Toast Ghost May 2019
dead hearts restart.
your bloods on the floor aka art.
you tear your life apart,
just for a distant broken heart.
?tsrow eht em truh dluow tsrif tsol i taht eno eht wenk ohw ,yteicos pu dessem siht ni evila neeb evi emit eht revo elpoep fo tola tsol evi
May 2019 · 144
Hate VS Love
Toast Ghost May 2019


There both dead.
siht dear t'noD .evol laer dnif reven lliw ohw gnihton ytpme sseltraeh a m'I ?traeh tahW .nekorb traeh ym dah reven I
Apr 2019 · 54
Toast Ghost Apr 2019
there goes your sanity!
Apr 2019 · 70
Toast Ghost Apr 2019
*help me
**** there goes your social life
Apr 2019 · 72
Toast Ghost Apr 2019
coolio, i stopped being able to think a long time ago
Mar 2019 · 114
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
Can you see it?         The blood.
                                 The blood.
                                 The blood.
                                         dripping                through
                                 ­      the                                  white
I'm running through the bleeding ****** blood.
                                           Can I leave?
                                   I don't want to get in the way.
                                                                     the way of you.
                                    living your lifetime                                        
               you don't need me.
               you don't need me to keep living your lifetime.
                                          And live your lifetime.
                                   I'm at the end of my **** lifeline.

Mar 2019 · 113
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
I'm done.
I'm done with lying friends, I'm tired of making amends.
I'm done with every wrong choice, I choose just to have some kind of voice.
I'm done with due dates and roommates and "too late"s and all the useless new hate.
I'm leaving, I'm never coming back.
to a world were, fake smiles are nothing but a useless attack.
so goodbye,
I hope things are better in hell.
Because of this strange new life (that I don't remember signing up for) I cannot seem to  dream dreams anymore.
Mar 2019 · 148
lieing lyers?
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
Angels in celestial light, become nefarious by the sinister dark of night.
Mar 2019 · 211
Singing in 3s
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
Oh blood blood blood blood the beautiful beautiful blood. Blood Blood Blood singing singing singing singing SINGING. song of pain pain. PAIN PAIN oh the plainpainpainpain the plain tortuous pain
**** **** **** crush BLOOD
soothing the last of my head left me insane.
Mar 2019 · 250
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
I can see you.
I can see the heavy way you breathe,
the stumbling way you
I can feel the blood running              running, down your injured head.
I can see the fe
in your eyes. You
yet closer I get.
fear steals across your face as I op
my cracked unused mouth
oh the monster I seem to have become.
Mar 2019 · 123
Error 404
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
today has been canceled.
Mar 2019 · 257
The Terrible Miss Sinister.
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
knock on the door; an ominous visitor. Oh god, it must be terrible miss sinister, the villainous shadowy creepy dark figure. Deceitful girl, you dare not let trigger. the devilishly cunning miss terrible sinister.
Mar 2019 · 252
Star paved
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
Walking down the star paved walkway, still wondering if the stars are just the wrong way.

— The End —