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24/M/Maryland, USA   
Oliver Philip
76/M/Q ld Australia    The long and the short of why I love poetry is written in my Poetry
Geovanni Alfaro
Rogers, Arkansas    I'm Mexican and I am fat.
Camryn jones bowedbranches
25/F/TN, Usa    Weird words and black holes, here's me stuffing messages into tree holes to reach gold.
Mateuš Conrad
34/M/Essex (England)    as attempted in third person biographical form: will not write in third person, an ongoing auto- and first person - salvo!
Nellie 55
M/Wonderland    I use my writing skills to Express feelings that people don't get or care about. This site is amazing because all the options and stories ...
This is my secret place. To let my thoughts slip through my fingers as I type. Because they so often do not find their way ...
19/M    Thank you to everyone who has read my poetry. I post when I want or need to share never expecting a response but every like ...
Lia Morrison
Soul of a sad, drunk, old man trapped in a 20-something-woman's body.
F/Tallahassee, FL    Introverted Social Butterfly , stepping out her cocoon. Kiss me now you silly Baboon
Aztec Cathrine
15/F/Pottsville, PA    Writing shows the side of you no one has ever seen before. People may judge you by the cover, but it turns out you might ...
14/F/Small town in WA   
kieran dacey boylan
29/M/Sydney    I use formal verse to explore themes of existentialism, horror and the macabre, interspersed with odes to natural beauty. I have works currently published by ...
Your Local Grocery Store
13/a threat    You can call me Evan. Or call me son, one more time.
Arizona    I am a young writer trying to become more in life. I like my poems to have some stories in them and some special meaning. ...
29/M/Ontario    D. A. Juneau
23/F/earth probably Donate. Sign Petitions. Be a Part of Change. Follow me on twitter @nowitstimefor_T if you feel inclined
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