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Toast Ghost Feb 11
I missed her constantly like the porkipine stars miss the far away sun and from the first stutterd "hi" my heart turned to clouds and I breathed it to you in my first whisperd "I love you"
I loved you
And when petal-less roses fall to the ground Apache tears drop in that tradgic-like sound
By the way **** this poem
Toast Ghost Feb 11
Painful perfect paintings attack me in the night, sending me in to a deep spiral of if only-s. If only White birds would silently cry in the day, with folded wings that never learned to fly. Shortly in death I think of this moment in time and cry Apache tears on to the glassy sea of painful perfect memories. You had feilds of lemons and crows swimming in a colbat blue pond in your pudding brown eyes and I miss them. I miss the way you would always tell me that I was your one and only snowglobe heart and I understand that if you heard what I'm saying your heart would restart but from the moment I rushed out an " I love you" at the end of our call my poor memories become spotted and dull but I know that yours must be duller, for although you are a broken pencil with no erasor I am a camera that records but dosent save the the promise you broke, when it turned into a joke. I would give hell a name if only things didn't go the way they went, but it's over. If only I listened a bit.
I wrote this at midnight, I'm sorry
Toast Ghost Jan 30
Its quiet here, the only sound is my footsteps tap tap tapping on a narrow silver path, I can look up and see stars falling like tears but look down and see a nothing that goes on for years. I run for miles on the narrow silver path the silver reflects my desperation I need to get out. I'm running and running memories chase me like dogs I can't get away my feet just sound wrong. Silver turns green, I'm in a sad grotto blond hair, blind eyes sit by a gold tree she's silent and screaming I know she sees me. I sit and awake in a wave of dark clouds in a blood red liquid that serves as a ground I walk and walk my feet splashing Scarlet until I see her dancing, a crying blind harlott short black hair streaming to nowhere beautifully tradgic she dances like magic. I close my eyes and i dance aside, waiting hopefully for the moment we die.
Jesus Christ! This poam *****! I just really needed to write something
Toast Ghost Jan 9
I could sell you the sky with rain from the heavens.
I have lights made from lead and a heart made of Cole
Don't trust a pretty liar who pretends to be whole.
I'm so confused, can someone just shoot me?
Toast Ghost Jan 6
So naive, so whole
She smiles as fireworks burst in her eyes soon to sizzle out surely to die, because her smile will then turn to a cry.
Eternally happy
Eternally in love
She's lost in the moment
This poem is stupid but I've got nothing else rn, sorry
Toast Ghost Jan 5
The solar eclipse,
the feel of your lips.
Your long brown hair in the cold Misty air.
The contrast turns dark as we kiss in the park,
but an eclipse surely fades, and your lips cannot stay
So you cut your hair and left me there, in the park dreaming of that short time that you really did care.
I like to scream at the stars at night it makes the sky just seem less bright
Toast Ghost Jan 4
I'd love to be fixed but I've given up hope. "It's messed up" I get that alot from the pope.
I'd love to love to like my family has told me but I'm sick at the thought of a guy trying to hold me.
Am I wrong?
Am I broken?
I'm lonely for sure,
But as a lesbian in Utah I don't get much allure.
Idk weather to laugh or cry at this poem, so I'll just apologize I guess?
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