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Toast Ghost May 9
Violets have pollen,
Roses have thorns,
I wish that you had never been born,
The fact that your still here really boils my blood,
No one would care if you drowned in a flood.
Toast Ghost May 9
Roses are red,
violets are blue
I like talking to you,
. . . . .
Uhm. . . shoe
My girlfriend said this to me on a call at midnight, she's adorable and I love her and you can all fight me
Toast Ghost May 8
there is a monster in my closet, she speaks with two mouths and keeps dents on her wrists and feet.
The monster is terrifying, she uses needle teeth to tear through the skin of lovers. Her eyes brim with tears made from glass.
And sometimes The monster gets really really sad......
The monster uses her needles and blades to rip tears of copper into snow white skin and she whispers her sweet nothings into her closet full of sin.
Now my carpet is stained with copper and static, I can't walk in my closet or The monster goes manic.
this is unfineshed but im going to wait to fines it until im ready, feedback is always welcome
Toast Ghost May 7
how to make a humble pie
step one
make the listening to no one but the devil on your shoulder by hand and really kneed that into a lonely pie crust
step two
whisk together some mindlessness and two tons of confidence, (add a little extra for a bitter taste)
add fear of vulnerability and lack of commitment in there
slowly stir in the ungratefulness until its the consistency of a bad person
cook this all in the hypocritical oven until its nice and bad at taking criticism
let it dry for sixteen years until its rotten and moldy and put it into a pride fridge for twenty two minutes. Sprinkle a ton of entitlement on to the top and your done! You've made a humble pie!!
Serve with syrupy sugar milk and sour grapes
Toast Ghost Apr 30
Sleeping at dusk
An eyeless black husk
As mist swirls around
She drops to the ground
Her head is getting further and further from her skull
But away is the only place she has to go.
The sky's turning white
Her hands feel so warm
She needs to get out
Decisions lie torn
They lie on the ground soeroundong
Her figure. The baiege plauge will cause, Her to pull on the trigger.
Quarantine is kinda terrible, I'm just writing this for poetry club tho
Toast Ghost Apr 27
my heart is
you make me see gold when things are black,
when you talk like that I freak O U T because, wow! how do you do that to me?
so I don't care if i have to cross a sea O F vulnerabilities and emotion,
ill do it all for that time you said M Y smile made you happy, when your happy i can fly to the stars an back.
My C H E ST feels all fluttery whenever our eyes meet and jeeze I'm just a frikity frakin mess
update: suprise!!! i have a girlfriend now!! and shes amazing and i just cant even anything shes just so cute! anyway yeah that happened and i dont think ive been this happy for a loooong time! i was kinda freaking out after i asked her to be my girlfriend so i wrote this poem, i know its bad i wrote it in like five minutes whilst re reading our conversations and dying, sorry im so whimsical right now but im just in a really really good mood today because yay
Toast Ghost Apr 17
Earth has a broken family,
Mother nature left to drink and play in Vegas.
Father Earth couldn't take the life he was left with. He hung himself with lilac vines.
Earth is all alone, even with the millions of bad people living on her skin she feels like she doesn't really fit in.
Earth smokes with the stars and sleeps with the moon.
What a lonely existence with the rain in the room.
Honestly I just felt like I had to write something
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