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Sep 2018 · 299
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
The maggots around your heart make themselves at home
**** the souls of the wicked and the ****** to stay alive
Let the blood run hot down your flimsy backbone held together by lies and deceit
Roll in the garbage of your riches and laugh as all the child scream
Throw them a bare bone and watch them fight as you you **** the witch that holds your power
She will get tired of holding you up
She will will not even be entertained when she throws your body into the flesh eating Bacteria
I will watch you rot, I will stroke your ego as you melt
Sep 2018 · 243
Garden of Eden
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
I wanna know, where I stand
In this garden of Eden
Take it back, it’s just to much
All I wanted was you
Now I’m gone and asking why
Trying to find my way back home
The streets are cold and I’m alone
Wishing on a fallen star that’s never there
I ask myself, why I left
Was it worth it in the end
Broken pieces scattered
To many gone to be bound back together
Now I’m here, asking around
For a ghost that can’t be found
I think it’s time to just let go
let my spirit take the throne
Sep 2018 · 486
The River
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
No I won’t be okay
Don’t cry for me anyway
Just take me down to the river where they’ll bury my soul
Take my wings I was going to grow
Find all the treasures there are to behold
Forget my name, forget my face
Let me lay here in grace
When it’s your time to go
Come down to the river and wash away with me
Sep 2018 · 334
Your guitar
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
Show me the way of the world through your eyes
Play me a song on your guitar
Take me back to when I was young and beautiful
Where there were no cares and we were free
I was on cloud nine, you were my forever
Hold on tight, don’t let me fly away
Sing me the lyrics to a love song
Make sure it ends in the key of B
So we can be happy
Even when we’re sad.
Sep 2018 · 213
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
This is where it ends for me
This is where I’m going
Wings spread high
Watch me fly

Don’t feel too badly
I caused it all myself
I wish I had more to say
Before I went away
Feb 2018 · 3.8k
Hardened cycle
TJ Shadows Feb 2018
The taste of bitter toxicity
The feel of obsidian
The sound of inhalation
The excitement of exhalation

Heart racing and it begins
Butterflies start to dance
Rushing flow of ecstasy
giddiness embracing

Flying higher and higher
Freedom and happiness
awareness with every touch

Heart compressing
Stampede of hysteria
Slow crawl into desolation
Loosing grip

Falling faster and faster
servitude and disorientation
Restlessness with every thought

The taste of bitter toxicity
The feel of obsidian
The sound of inhalation
The excitement of exhalation
Addiction, to whatever you’re Addicted to.
Feb 2018 · 312
TJ Shadows Feb 2018
I wonder how it would be to say goodbye
Say I love you for the last time
I wonder how it would taste on my lips
Would I even feel it if i slit my wrist

How many tears would fall for me
How many memories would flood back
Would you think of all the good times, or all the times that we have failed

Would it be lonely where I go
Would all the pain subside
Can I just see the light one more time
Before I make up my mind

Shadow of myself
The girl I left  behind
Did I sacrifice myself
Or was it done of my own free will

I don’t wanna say goodbye
I also don’t want to stay
I don’t want you to come with me
I don’t wanna lose you forever

I miss myself
I miss the shadow
I wanna go back
I’m stuck here now

I would like to believe it will get better
Later on down the road I’ll find myself
The words I have in my head
I make-believe, help me find her

I think I know where she’s buried
Underneath the willow tree
Where she can look up at the sky
And see all the memories she left behind

— The End —