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 Nov 2018 TJ Shadows
cracked lips,
tired eyes,
staring deep into starry skies
I've been dreaming about you again.
The outline of your lips telling me your thoughts in unspoken words.
Funny how they’ve never touched.
Yet I wake and feel the remnants of your kiss.
Love me long, for you, I eagerly long.
Love me strong, love me life long.
Love me, before  peels the last gong.
Among millions, it's only you, for whom I long.
Darling, for you I sing, come before the end of my song.
Come and tell me, you love me, before I am gone.

Armin Dutia Motashaw
You Can’t Hold Me.

I would melt as chocolate,
running under the covers, leaving
an umber stain on your sheets. I’m a
marshmallow. I expand with heat. You could

lick me off, as frosting on a spoon. I’d be
a mouthful of mocha and orange too. You could
peel me as a banana, get to the fleshly part,
discarding my stringy covering, seeing

how easily I bruise. You could drink me,
after you pop my cork, get inebriated on the
licorice and fall into a coma that you might
not come out of. Poor you
 Nov 2018 TJ Shadows
Right now, I feel like admitting,
From the knowledge I feel distant,
Is it cause my brains reached its limit,
Or cause my skins a different pigment,
Either way, since I was a little baby infant,
I've seen relationships aren't always sufficient,
But I didn't know this whole time I was spitting,
That other people can be so malignant,
Had a friend tell me another friend was amazing,
This another friend was in the middle of dating,
And for some reason he was getting all the praising,
Because he said, "A relationship ain't worth breaking.",
See now, they all know that a man like this is rare,
But apparently, I was not aware,
That it's not normal to be loyal,
It's normal to put a heart in an oven and broil,
It till' there's nothing left to love,
Think wisely when push comes to shove,
That's what they told me,
Your heart will break, but there's a lot of fish in the sea,
Most of the fish are sharks and poisonous,
And some of them leave their marks on us,
Whether these marks are good or bad,
Or if they leave us happy or sad,
Or if they stick with us,
And don't put up a fuss,
But I guess it doesn't usually turn out that way,
Cause most of these hoes been led astray,
The men, the women, the straight, the gay,
They will all steal your love and just play,
Like it's a game of musical chairs,
Slowly running out of love till' no one cares,
The broken are hard to heal, yeah, some pretty tough repairs,
So just keep working, seal up all the cracks and the tears,
Juice Wrld said that all girls are the same,
And I was blaming myself, man I feel insane,
I guess I know now that commitment is rare,
But people like us will continue to play fair,
And we will never stop continuing to care,
Cause we know that there should only be a pair,
Of lovely humans that don't stop the love,
And continue to raise each other above,
The mountains, the clouds, the moon, the stars,
But I'll be alone in my own twisted bars,
You're all on earth, but I'm out on mars,
You easily get yours, but we can't get ours,
Cause ours is a form of love that's the rarest,
It includes things like promise and marriage,
Honestly the things that I truly cherish,
But if you're just going to be careless,
Then get the hell out and perish,
I'm a libra so of course I want fairness,
Now I'm going back to my emo rap,
So, you all better cut the crap,
Cause you're all about to get slapped,
If you think love is something that can be scrapped.
 Nov 2018 TJ Shadows
 Nov 2018 TJ Shadows
with touch
of nostalgic
candles' scent
each and every
candle wick
he and she

knowing what he
it pains her
though it mustn't

knowing what she
it never gave him
of what she feels
and of what's real.

how surreal
could she
and he be?

how long
should they
as obscure partners,
unlabeled, unknown,
friends' zone?

how deep
could their
love be,
just to cope with
her confusions
and his fluctuations?

how will she say
what truly she had
after he let go
of those hands
without even
holding them
before she
 Sep 2018 TJ Shadows
A rather melancholic scent
Enters its way
Into my nostrils
Loads of them
Straight from the printer
The ruffling
The shuffling
They studying
 Sep 2018 TJ Shadows
 Sep 2018 TJ Shadows
Why does the sun always come on wrong days?
Why did he have to eat the last cookie?
Why couldn't life be cupcakes and Rainbows?
Why do people **** others?
Why does darkness always end up here?
Why doesn't god help those in need?
Why are we sent to hell?
Why do we feel pain?

Why do we have to die?

Honestly these questions run through my head at least once a week..
I just dont understand why
Even if these are never answered, I will forever wonder.
 Sep 2018 TJ Shadows
Gale L Mccoy
i am aware
-the decisions i make
-the things i consider
-the time i spend
i am aware of it all
-of the consequences
-of the change
-of the things it'll bring

and i still
walk the line
avoiding the worst
through dumb luck
or just a really
tired guardian spirit

or perhaps others just know
not to let me drag myself
down there with them

i don't think
even for how much
i try to be stupid
that i'm anything less than
when it just doesn't work out
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