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TJ Shadows Sep 2018
The maggots around your heart make themselves at home
**** the souls of the wicked and the ****** to stay alive
Let the blood run hot down your flimsy backbone held together by lies and deceit
Roll in the garbage of your riches and laugh as all the child scream
Throw them a bare bone and watch them fight as you you **** the witch that holds your power
She will get tired of holding you up
She will will not even be entertained when she throws your body into the flesh eating Bacteria
I will watch you rot, I will stroke your ego as you melt
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
I wanna know, where I stand
In this garden of Eden
Take it back, it’s just to much
All I wanted was you
Now I’m gone and asking why
Trying to find my way back home
The streets are cold and I’m alone
Wishing on a fallen star that’s never there
I ask myself, why I left
Was it worth it in the end
Broken pieces scattered
To many gone to be bound back together
Now I’m here, asking around
For a ghost that can’t be found
I think it’s time to just let go
let my spirit take the throne
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
No I won’t be okay
Don’t cry for me anyway
Just take me down to the river where they’ll bury my soul
Take my wings I was going to grow
Find all the treasures there are to behold
Forget my name, forget my face
Let me lay here in grace
When it’s your time to go
Come down to the river and wash away with me
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
Show me the way of the world through your eyes
Play me a song on your guitar
Take me back to when I was young and beautiful
Where there were no cares and we were free
I was on cloud nine, you were my forever
Hold on tight, don’t let me fly away
Sing me the lyrics to a love song
Make sure it ends in the key of B
So we can be happy
Even when we’re sad.
TJ Shadows Sep 2018
This is where it ends for me
This is where I’m going
Wings spread high
Watch me fly

Don’t feel too badly
I caused it all myself
I wish I had more to say
Before I went away
  Mar 2018 TJ Shadows
Hold my hand and persuade the way
tell me all you want to say
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear
Kiss my lips and touch my skin
bring out passions deep within
Draw me close and hold me near
eradicate my pain and fear
In the darkness of the night,
shine your beacon, be my light
In the luster of the sun,
demonstrate you are the one
Offer me wings so I can fly
and I will soar when you're nearby
Infilrate my heart, break the wall,
it's time for me to let it fall
I've been a prisoner, extensively
Break my chains and set me free
Strip me of my armor tight
this time I won't put up a fight
Release my soul held deep within
For you’re in my heart where love begins

  Mar 2018 TJ Shadows
Jack Piatt
You’d do well to keep in mind
The lines falling short inside
And all the people standing outside
Looking in
Feeling the sin
Sink down their arms
Into their shoes
And out of brain range
This is it
The reckoning
Of sorts anyway
The lost keys found
The square peg round
The light at the end of the tunnel
On an extra long chord
Finally being pulled
Nighty night
Let all that ails you tuck you down tight
Bring back the child of let’s say 10
That version of you
And start explaining
As you have much to do
He might look up and say
“Who are you?”
And that’s a valid ******* question you know
Valid ******* question
Cause he won’t know
And neither will you
The disconnect is growing moss
Off the side of Highway 2
And memories are like old VHS tapes
That nobody watches anymore
Don’t have time for that
Too much going on
With all the nothing to move and stack
Sifting for change
Like it’s in your pocket
And you’re at the soda machine
After walking back into town mid-June
Cause your car breaks down
In the middle of the Middle(est) West
And you are thirsty
But the machine is all out
And the clock is broken
Along with your need for concern
It just doesn’t matter now
And you are more than well aware
You are ****** scope
From 300 yards up and away aware
There’s no move (even the slightest) getting past you
You guard that tower
Like an insecure guy guards his bestest (crush) girl –friend
You know the one that takes him shopping
And tells him secrets
That should be dropped in a volcano
– but regardless
He will never see the color of her *******
Unless she has him do her laundry
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