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Tizzop 2h
in times of destruction, you need fierce force
in times of hunger, you need absurd appetite
glowin ******* have been encircling you
try to scream, but your vocal chords rupture

multi-armed street military, covid-19 deniers
9-to-9, 24/7, armies made of plastic angels
everything improvised and effective like:

TIZZOP doesn't always write, swallow dat link
as hate and anger overwhelm, GOD forces me to act
at age 13, they called me "***** Splash", so
i had to install 888 children who now my soldiers

in times of destruction, only family remains
in times of appetite, simply loyalty protects ya
Esteemed Allies,

you learned that we are temporarily in a period of treaty. Every soldier is ordered to relax and listen to this:
3d · 49
Still Here
Tizzop 3d
the vicious cycle of life
gimme one good reason to write
stopped it while i was poppin and
bangin dem fanz inside a benz

was divin' and strivin' and killin'
now you find me inside the green gutter
but i ain't scared: got myself a box cutter
which i'll be stabbin into your throat

once, i was a peaceful poet, a father
i lost it all -- nothing to lose -- and
nobody can come for me, i killed men
watch your family, kiddo (*, *))

multilingual street level for my friendz
call your buddies but they sleepin'
you on the hunt and you the deer
TIZZOP is still here, yayo-white eyez
Check out my people:
Nov 7 · 73
No Breaks
Tizzop Nov 7
tizz is an uncle, bro and dem richez
i was born viciouz, but always had visionz
a young boy used to build bridgez
between black and white, peace and fight

dreamy adolescence, i spit out whole heavenz
wit my divine essence, all dem "lyricis" be jealouz
but dey just "so called", cause dey so old
tizz grew cold, so not any of dem amateurs won't grow old

i'm so cold, i freeze, **** and stay, then i eaze among dem geez
we live in codez like secret service, dealin' wit burnaz
quick learnaz, sick and sane, our skin is thick,
we don't feel pain, black lion's mane, heaven yeah

no expression can illustrate tizzopish aggression
pay attention! watch out for dat other direction
receive my blessin', kneein' between me and the destined
it's battle rappin', it's slappin' againzt all of ya actin'

friendship versuz rush, some peepz start to blush
when you remind them of valuez, like some bad newz
i'm the man whose bad moodz be legendary, like a legionary
dealin' wit whatz necessary, cause i was born predatory

find tizz shinin' in the mornin' glory and rhymin' a story
readin' diz is mandatory, just anotha category,
stolen from the laboratory, ****, am i now swollen,
and all-in like all-night, alright, feed em just a small bite
The Global Family.
Nov 2 · 87
The Family
Tizzop Nov 2
want a new addiction, want to fall victim
explain to me: why do dem females have similar names?
i was blacklisted and then i got promoted

all my poems were burned by me
and i destroyed all my novels, dramas and stories
blog entries, essays and term paperz...

and every time i closed my eyes, i stopped existing
the creature of the night, ******* of da city
fundamental, livin' under mental conditionz
chanukka and christmaz, gimme me three minutez:

imma be, stay and i'll have claimed my spot in it
no matter where ya at, anthony and antwone,
italo-africanz, meet dem boyz, cry, run, but die
no room for da shy, da law of the chosen few

8000 family memberz, nationwide and global
and don't they dare to fukk around -- we alwayz local
We act and we live worldwide. Watch my Swedish brotha Ecco2k:
Oct 25 · 333
Fear Of Love
Tizzop Oct 25
to love a person, is a risk
rejecting this risk, means to
reject love -- what does this mean?

i love a girl called milly
she likes her cousin and
sometimes, i'm scared

imagining her soft skin
these hands, touchin
anotha dude; FUCKK!

but i be good, my friendz
cause i called popz
his old voice calmed me

my popz has become a real
friend by now; he's experienced
listen to dem old ones

you be good, too..
Fo' Life
Oct 20 · 345
Tizzop Oct 20
i trust in you and you love me
forever protected, the umbrella
maybe i'm scared, here and there
i, then, close my eyes and speak to you

you, then, answer me and calm me
we don't need any poetry, God
it's you and me, it's you and me...
YOUR SON, Mikey, Tizzop, Max

protect my mom and my dad,
my brothers and sisters
Elias, Christoph, Katharina, Chris,
Alin and Valerie, Andreas, Dennis

Nicholas, Eden, Beza, Milly, Janet,
Albin, Richard, Robin, Davis, Gisi

i do thank you from the bottom of
my heart and my soul.
forever yours, Mikey, Tizzop, Max
Oct 14 · 155
Tizzop Oct 14
winter holidays and you become snow
between glaciers and silver towers
among apes, wizards and goons
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into what you dread
as you turn into this being
a viking, werewolf, you name it
may the games begin, you may die

beneath the surface of your dreams
beneath red heavens and families
in times of hunger, you stay focussed
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into another, an: other
snow is flooding the news flash
sinners, brothers and sisters
burning sandstorms, playful twisters

elijah's path is covered with thorns
roses **** the innocent and they cry
wild roses turn into winter snow
raise your head, watchin' them grow

clocks, the same time, worldwide
remember the oaths of the old ones
remember them praying in the snow

...and turn into this being
Oct 12 · 168
Inside The Bar II
Tizzop Oct 12
orange smoke fills the air, like mist
goons and traitors occupy all tables
a small bar, downtown, silent quarter
whole ones and racks, bagged, airtight

the zippers of the bottega shine golden
24 k, 24/7, creatures of the night who
are made of struggle, gore and greed
deception and loyalty: the brotherhood

hour of the thieves, year of white marble
350 million a year, a neeeedy enterprise
sick profit, blank sheets floating loosely
shark collar and tattoos, loaded *******

sounds of the past in an air breeze, secretly
old butch is swallowing a paper message
leave no traces, mind dem ears and eyes
wild roses and escalades, the night glows
Oct 8 · 224
Problems & Love
Tizzop Oct 8
no love without problems
no problems without love
our truth sets us free
our truth encourages us

land of shattered memories
listen to the stories of the old ones
accounts of experience and wisdom
after that, we can leave for good

i don't know if you feel me
i hope that you feel me
our journey has just begun
trust is encoded in you and me

digits and letters of warm blood
warm skin, warm tongues
glowin' souls, shinin' eyes
earlier, i was sure of everything

you know, certain of it all, fo' sure
dreams, fear and people taught me:
the very only protection is god, you know?
the lord is our savior in the cold light of day

in the warm light of the night, oh yeah
our bodies become the same, oh yeah
scent of greed, let's take a breath, let's leave
let's go babe, into the warm light of the night
For Milly.
Oct 6 · 250
Green Journey
Tizzop Oct 6
this whole world is like a pit
by your side, i'll find a way

prosperin' in times of sadness
people are loaded with madness
questions in their eyes, a quest
by your side, i'll be blessed

lord, i wanna be good, so good
lord, i wanna die in the hood
baby, take a trip with me, soul dealin'
we were sick, now got feelings of healin'

don't get me wrong, don't tell it everybody
yet i'm not flawless, a human being, a body
lord, i wanna be good, so good
lord, i wanna die in the hood

lead me through the valley of my fear
lead me through the valley of my tears
o lord, holy almighty, you sent me milly
do i deserve her? am i worthy?

ya know me, a friend of forties, a slowie
fan of bowie, jeezy, straight up deezy
i don't respect the "i", but my woman
o lord, holy almighty, you sent me milly

the beginning of a journey, the winning
just the beginning, i'll be fightin' waterfalls
all in all, i'll crush the chinese wall to be
with you girl, not my new girl, but my true girl

funky like a whirlwind, my head is spinning
people waitin: what about him, ain't no sinnin'??
don't have to to do that, cause i am tru dat, so in it
my head is spinnin', lord i wanna be good

i wanna live and die in the hood, maybe in the woods
you sent me milly, this is not to be misunderstood
embers in her eyes, and a nice-hearted smile
lord, do i deserve her? am i worthy?

ya know me, a friend of forties, a blowie
o lord, holy almighty, please bless us...
Sep 28 · 264
For My Girl
Tizzop Sep 28
baby, you make me believe in me
don't you stop being wit me, yeah
shinin' stars are twinkling in your eyes
as your passion, like ember, is seductin' me

so ******', ******' seductive, can't leave you
we were apart for an hour, felt like a day
i am giving you all my strenghth, my warmth
i am giving you all my water, my water

in the moment of the splash, we floatin'
our dreams are on a scale, let's go for em
why are the heavens so orange-purple?
you must be messin' with the tides, babe

a flowful girl, flowerful, powerful, cute
words are without meaning, your eyes are
i will run for miles just to get your taste
alone, i'm no good, wit' you, we'll be prosperin'
For Milly
Tizzop Sep 25
you can't go back to dem buildings
let it be, hashtag smorky, snakes
from the face of the heavens it's
a quiet view, this place feels like home

you can't go back there, tribulations
you know the mentality of cockroaches
you know their game and you know mine
you're standing on your own, decide

who could they possibly ask to fight?
energy, loaded brain, muscle flex
bullet holes, wild roses and benzes  
a quiet view, this place feels like home

who could possibly burn the struggle down?
in the voice of the enemy, you hear yourself
too many will fall, too many will collapse
you're standing on your own, my friend
Sep 25 · 184
So There
Tizzop Sep 25
i met a girl and tried to kiss her
but at nighttime, we standing on our own
we be watching old jack, showing off
heavy necklaces, king of gold bracelets

old jack had approcached us like a wizard
and showed her and me his palm lines
she looked at them and guessed: a butcher
old jack smiled, a smile filled with home
Deeply inspired by:  

Sep 24 · 151
In A Time Lapse
Tizzop Sep 24
the joker hid the river's whispering
under a blanket of girls, imprint faces
in a forgotten manner, joker smiled

a joker can put on a thief's smile
iceblue talk, straight from the dead
in a time lapse, joker dealt the cards

underworld creatures were filling the bar
they bowlering, deeply engaged in themselves
in a time lapse, goons ordered whisky

hollerings of massive gold bracelets
a crow, a rack or a bible, choose
in a forgotten manner, they did business
Sep 24 · 114
The Silver Olive Tree
Tizzop Sep 24
the spaciousness of iceblue daylight
you're praying under a frozen olive tree
doubts overpower you: are you good enough?
proving, you scarify your skin with a shard

bourdeaux-red blood mirrors moon fields
the cold drink was frothing like sea spray
you're licking your lips, the sanatorium
snowwhite building, melting windows

if you should go there after prayer
not a question, you're walking right and left
the cold drinks were frothing, you remember?
you forgot it and you remember everything

the silver olive tree includes words
all whispered sticks to it, like dust
if you listen to that tree, you'll hear
hidden is its place among black rocks
Sep 23 · 192
Tizzop Sep 23
black branches of memories
fill the space of asking, dear
frost is wandering over your face
as you trying to wash away the past

black branches of ruins
the land of destroyed desires
numbers are useless, speed up
as dem shadows are scenting you

black branches of the woods
naked, purple-eyed like zinfandel
clearing the way, get out of here!
wired thorns ripping off your skin

black plumage of the crow
attachments burn fiercely in hell
nobody is to blame for, brother
in deep respect, esteemed sister
Tizzop Sep 22
take me away from this journey
i am trapped in the land of placelessness

blind / hypnotized
route 36 / bolivia
deaf / treated with ultrasound

scarcely knowing what all that means
like a child who isn't listening to anyone

i am feeling the rising of blood
a wave of heat like sandstorms

inevitability: willful / knowing / aware

i am putting myself at risk of dying
long ago i read about the risks and consequences
of my drug abuse
pervaded them intellectually while

my heart remains deafly because
of narcotics
bitter, sear, aflutter and in panic

there is just:

one life
one heart
one body one man

man what are you doing?!?!
i am hollering into my inner
embracing the envelope
obsessed over bitterness
numb love

in the dungeon of plotted heavens
lofty as never before
is where i am running away from:
every day

* * *

the rate of relapsing
drug users is vast
during the night

when the wind is
breezing mildly

when the stones of the cities
are breathing out the heat of the day

while you are
sneaking over the streets

while you are sensing the smell
of bitterness

while you are experiencing

more deeply
more cleanly
and more knowingly
as before
Listen to the audio of this poem:
Sep 21 · 332
Crushing The Milky Way
Tizzop Sep 21
as it was too late, you crushed the milky way
remote from your loved ones, far away...

i took you into my spacy arms, silver-
purple dots were circling us, babe

i came into you and we made love
the silver sound of a white dove
Spacey Loverssssssss...
Sep 21 · 442
Flames Under The Skin
Tizzop Sep 21
under the skin, there are flames
beneath the flames, our faces
neongreen stars and irises
explosions pamperin' the brain

10 million can't be wrong
illusions become friends
spoken from the edges
rocks and langoliers

in times of hunger,
rhymeless fields grow
elephants and angels
trumpets, bridesmaids

mind the allusions
in times of satisfaction,
people stop moving
Flames under the skin.
Sep 17 · 418
Wakin' Up Thoughts
Tizzop Sep 17
the snow is playing with your face
our lifes are fast-paced, so fast-paced
stay with you like always, 'till our last days
waking up with you is sunday, sunny sunday

and when i feel jumpy, ****** up or insane
still on the cocktail, still completely awake
you always calm me, my mighty mermaid
happy birthday, our luck is homemade

we don't need a foreplay for play
come on, let's go to your place
i like to place dem dreamcatchers
for dreams captured, mind the screen

hours of a lifetime, welcome to the life style
datin' at nite time, ipod-white, flymode style
lovers of a lifetime, welcome to my soul mode
we be ridin' roads, only talking in codes

fantasies never seen, inhale the galaxies
let's keep it all-flighty, show me your caller id
our knees in high seas, 16 for the diaries
show me your caller id, and stay all-flighty

nite of the niteties, unite me wit dem sprities
dey come so shiny, whisper of a shiver
circle shadows, shoot at 'em wit rainbows
we hug each other and we watchin' our pain go
Sep 16 · 331
Sad Dancers
Tizzop Sep 16
the way you look at me, the way you make me smile
the way you move, the way you style
i move mountains for you, a thousand miles
wit' you, i'm never doubtin', worship the fountain

the club is open, you can feel the vibe
lights on the dancefloor, lights on the dancefloor
baby, you so handsome, you are the ransom
love you in the air, we got a certain flair

floating over oceans, frozen magic moments
as i hold you tight, so precious, precious
jackpot, jackpot, i will make your back hot
meet you at the hotspot, within the night clouds

put dem lights out, i'm newsy, right to it
let's do it, you moan like "i knew it"
crystals in the water, you stop to breathe
and now be good baby, don't leave the hood baby

sad dancers, what are the chances?
do you have anything to live for?
what are the chances, sad dancers?
what do you live for? you know the answer?

what do i live for? i don't know, fo' sho'
do i have a motto? i don't, i be blotto
operation foxtrot, observate the top, top
dealing in souls, workin' deep holes

sadness is flowin' through me, like yumy
i'm feelin' toony, like betty boo blew me
in times of appetite, you meet the true me
in terms of copyright, you meet the true you

i'm at the building site, lightin' the dynamite
everybody hype hype, don't mind the twilight
girl in the moonlight, down in the snownite
the flakes are blowing, and you are snowwhite

a glow is in your smile, and your eyes are twinkling
i will buy you an island, ice bags and diamonds
all dem words, all dem worlds are shinin'
all you need is me, you just want a lion

sad dancers, what are the chances?
do you have anything to live for?
what are the chances, sad dancers?
what do you live for? you know the answer?
Sep 16 · 173
The Center
Tizzop Sep 16
have to find the center of a long alley
ice cream cones of last year, the craving
our way to the center, people buzzing over
so hard to guess the right thing of the wrong

lights are floating through the room, ghosty
at the center of the alley, we will find salvation
smoothen a path inside the snow of the past
frozen water, ice chunks, shannon, help me

have to find the center of a long alley
get me some ***** and a cake, let's go
eat it on-the-go, the best thing now is to go
your mental breakdown was the finest

for a long time, a long time, long time
Sep 15 · 349
Where's My Mobile?
Tizzop Sep 15
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you

where's my mobile, without you, i'm not global
if i'm not global, i'm not really mobile
good heavens! it's twenty-four to eleven
i have to call shannon but i can't find my mobile

what can i do without my mobile? life is trite
don't know the difference between day and night
without my mobile! i freak out, suffrin' from a black out
i'm prayin' to god, lightin' up a candle, hopin' to find it

where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
Sep 11 · 101
Flakes In The Kitchen
Tizzop Sep 11
flakes in the kitchen, flakes in the kitchen
my fate is holy like religion, old traditions:
live life greedily, follow your ambitions
without the stacks, i got an itching

thousand racks, volume of a bible
the day is black, that is my lifestyle
don't offer me gizmos, i know the skid row
above the earth, you see an airglow

above my head, you watch my hair glow
snow male machiny, breathing airflow
phantom with a whisk, never stop-and-frisk
my birthmark, no risk, twenty yumys in the carpark

when no one sleeps, the crowd dances
i'll be hanging with the focus, grabbin' chances
fountain flavour, the mountain and the savior
brash, blue bunnies burning all my moneys
Sep 10 · 582
Snowfripper II
Tizzop Sep 10
kidz are smoking my songs, drinkin' and sniffin'
welcome to the trip-inn, where magic is grippin'
the tragic city, neon lights, neon lights, demon's nights
i'm all in, never ever falling, swirling frisky, like a frisbee

45 to 88, made myself a shake
beat like an earthquake, first take
crying for a remake, dying for a remake
1000 tons of cheesecake, beafsteakz

yummy yummy, my past was slummy
so, you find tizzop where the ice is
my lifestyle is priceless, priceless
i don't care, nobody is viceless

how could one dare to imitate this flair?
i don't say words, i shout "yeah yeah!"
ipod-white teeth, you stop to breathe
and now be good, baby, get on ya knees
Sep 10 · 167
Snowfripper I
Tizzop Sep 10
got bass-addicted at age 5, waterfalls boliling
holy high, i'm asking god for forgiveness
lost my morals on the way, lord forgive me
a night and a fifty, forever frisky

time is frippinly frozen, so much ice and a watch
i can't say that i'm not chosen, maybe watch and listen
between the shore and the castle, i am trippin'
everybody needs a trademark, i got a lion birthmark

how can you count on people when they are leaving
find me down by the boat, measure my breathing
under the palm trees, we will be leaving
16 souls in the bottega, zippers are shivering

investments full of frippers, you feel me?
the magic of the rubix is really speedy
i am needy like an infant, a snow male, steely
benjamins are flying through the money machiny
Sep 8 · 127
Frippin Freedom
Tizzop Sep 8
when no one sleeps, the crowd dances
shining rubies, decorated with lurid lights
when no one's there for you, death strikes
girlie's heads are spinning and feeling empty

in the times of hunger and destruction
nobody sees it coming, nobody cares
like faith no more, but the other way around
your spirit is trippin' as you are feeling frozen

numb love catches your attention, you're sighing
alarming moments when you are entering the club
techno sounds, jarring like sirens, ultimate daring
your head is spinning and you're feeling golden

glossy-white creatures arise from the underground
lights are cutting the darkness of manhattan's mansion
take some, get some, burn some, baby love me
waterfalls are splashing, the ocean, the dashing
Sep 8 · 511
Sunny Freedom
Tizzop Sep 8
angelique's hair is shining redblack
reflecting the pool water, the white castle
lovely energies, embers and greed in your eyes
closely observating, behind a mirror, you are sneaking

spraypaintings of your fantasies, **** lioness
you are inhaling the air of sunny freedom
Sunny Freedom Flavour
Sep 7 · 507
Tizzop Sep 7
talking 'bout kush, so cali, holy swoosh like nike
doing the right thing: the double truth, spike lee
i am overflowing wisdom and shine out of words
but you'll only see tattoos, my body is a haze

if you're not from me, at the corner of the real ones
i'll be catching whole ones, re-up and ride on
as i put a smile on vivian's face, i live the pace
of something you will never feel, explosionz

wait, i'll be starting the mirror, check out the ring
check out the seal, amber-red, the shining
now, you're acting seemingly dead, eyes winered
after a night with me, you realize your schism

no worries, there comes just a snowstorm, glossywhite flurry
synthies are falling down, bombs are blasting sounds
when i was five, i got bass-addicted, waterfalls splashing
holy swoosh, you are asking for forgiveness

36 souls in a prada bag, the dead, the ashes
morocco and nador, the runner, the hashish
multicultural friendshipz, all the world
16er lifestyle, golden lights, green fog
Sep 5 · 304
Bubble, Bubble
Tizzop Sep 5
i live inside a bubble, fly with me into this bubble
life used to be a hustle, but it ain't anymore
gotta make summin' or gotta take summin'
come fly with me, my cubies are shining whitely

i reside on a planet which is full of whole ones
re'in up for all the phantoms, their fandoms
art nouveau balcony, bluely shimmering rooms,
you enter the hallway like dreams, embers in ya eyes

brother, i am all-night like owls, heavily religious
by the end of the day, i will be ******* the devil
we call that fly night, for everyone staying on it
luridly white marbles, everybody trippin', trippin'

our bubble is like frippin: frippin freely
and i'm skating through the garden, jeezy
today's my birthday: 500 peace of cake
my heart's racing, amg, i'll be waiting in the snow

fly with me, into this bubble, bubble
i wanna be higher than ever, higher
with me, there is no struggle, struggle
i'll take you with me, bubble, bubble, bubble

i'm praying, while i'm driving, and when 'm praying
i am thinking and i talk myself into a coma
raising in a 911, our bubble, bubble
stay with me inside that bubble, bubble

i am trustworthiy, since i been dealing with souls
but sometimes i freak out and jump out of my window
cause i read my palm lines and learned, when i'll die
so i grew myself a plumage, like birds, for our bubble

don't come lookin' for me, i'll be waiting in the snow
or under miami's sunset, nuns will be sinning
dem lyrics are for dogz, dem lyrics are for sinners
i want to come right now, just like a coup d'etat

cubies filled with magic, come into my bubble
the crowd is filling the castle and stars
are raining down, you close your eyes
you close your eyes, escaping into the night

fly with me, into this bubble, bubble
i wanna be higher than ever, higher
with me, there is no struggle, struggle
i'll take you with me, bubble, bubble, bubble
Sep 5 · 96
Unreal Tournament
Tizzop Sep 5
an old, decayed mine, far from civilization
psychotic warriors occupy alleys, resolutely
this here is their last match, the death match
only one survivor remains, bloodbath

walls are covered with intestines and *****
fuckburst killed five, a female voice moaning:
double ****, multi ****, mega ****, ultra ****!
each increase is arousing our speaker

unreal tournament, land of fun and gore
your addiction is called "flag canon",
"rocket launcher" or "monster ****"
i'm all in now, no worries, no regrets

bloodshed covers you in bloodred
but i don't know the truth, barktooth
we are drinking silver-blue fantasies
as bullets spraypaint your apartment

you switched the game off, but the
monsters are attacking you, warrior
vibrating echoes and their dark voices
in rainbows, in rockets, in repetitions

shadows eat up your courage
motionless, swooshing swoosh
you are trapped inside their thoughts
no chance to escape, you get crazy
Sep 4 · 129
Tizzop Sep 4
3600 seconds, golden rich kids among bottle
scavengers, everybody hustlin', revenge?
the lights of society don't shine bright on them
collected bottles for a meal, irrelevant sunsets

the beauty of life decreased, dependency diaries
let lights loosely shine on these teenage giants
memories are opening up like red clouds, floating
in a time lapse, they will remember, in pride

honor and dignity, the one who splits the ocean
creates a shelter for the brothers and sisters
reckoner: burnings sandstorms, playful twisters
the one who smoothens a path to golem land

honey, milk and fruits, get rid of urban metal
come to us, be with us and stay with us
infinite loopholes, adults, kids and groups
the holy swoosh of a curl, your healing, stay

as you are walking through the ocean
as your brothers and sisters are with you
whiteblue words, you catch sentences like air
as you become a part of golem land

of us
Golemland for everybody; for a better way of life.
Sep 3 · 417
Frippin' On A Hilltop
Tizzop Sep 3
today's my birthday, 500 piece of cake
my heart racing, rapid heartbeat, amg baby
don't look for me, i'm waiting in the snow,
or under miami's sunrise, nuns are now sinning

lyrics for dogs, i want to come right now,
more powerful than a coup d'etat
tizzop is like the klitschkos, jebote
talking yugo like boki, but remain german like turbos

all is melting, it is frankfurt am main
my heart racing, riding the amg, baby
you can book me now, gig on the hilltop
you ain't gotta look for the snow, bo

rubix cubies full of magic, sensational gadgets
the crowd is filling the castle and stars
are raining down, you close your eyes
you close your eyes. escaping into the night
Frippin' into the night...
Sep 2 · 217
Frippin' Freely
Tizzop Sep 2
glossily white attitude, princess and rainbow goon
how i'm feeling you, don't have to lie, last night
we were blasting off, flying, watching our city
when i woke up, you were laughing, you are lifestyle

i'm your drug, like beat and melody, djset and rapz
we are totally white like the meetings of escada
24/7 way of life, the pulse of days flashing past
look, my name is tizzop, look, how i'm splashing

this waterfall is soaking you, powerful pressure
jason is stuck to the mirrors, drive-bys and k.o.
100.000, 00 $, spent on a party night
you can start hating me, you better go skating

i am excessively ray ban and i love to fill mouths
enuff talking, let's go, for sure, 3:05 am
mercedes maybach and chauffeur, life is easy
i deal with twelve souls, soon to be trippled

all the kids are trippin', pearly white nights like frippin
i am writing on snowwhite cliffs, ocean full of glowing fishs
i got the magical pillow, you may fall in love with me
always hitting the center, mansions for your longing
Frippin' freely, my frippy friends.
Sep 2 · 174
A Father's Fate
Tizzop Sep 2
when another day is ****** again
red heavens collapse over your head
cause devil is staring at you
while you're rushing to the subway

doomed to catch it, morning strugglez
you and your people are in distress
good friends died and they keep dying
life was, is and remains a battle field

you awoke because of hunger and curiosity
which kind of dream was that? pushing tons
residing in a snowwhite castle, no stains
yachts across, attitude like klitschkos

reality bites: your inner voice is calling you
take a shower! eat! go to work and prosper!
in truth you work for hard-hearted vultures
wearing suits, spreading lies, for sure

you have to sell tv sets via phone
****** payment, no insurance, usa-flava
but you bust your *** for it, still unable
to buy new sneakers for your daughter

all second hand, so at school she is being mobbed
they steal her dignity, beat her up, she's twelve
eight o'clock in the morning, and she is moaning
swollen rips, hair teared out, a broken jawbone

no school mate is helping her, ambulance and sirens
your daughter faints, as you're rushing to the hospital
and when you see her abused, you decide to take vengeance
the night is red, heavens collapse over your head

devil is no more staring, you and him take action
you buy a weapon, 40 cal, bleeding anger, danger
but you won't turn back, never acting like a coward
in the park, near the river, you can find them ******* sitting

loading the gun, slowly moving, avoid any sound
the rest is history, your story, never feeling sorry
Sep 1 · 184
Holy Swoosh
Tizzop Sep 1
since tizzops knows half of the world, there are
blue birds painting his name in the sky, formation
for the throne, lead her up, your queen
uniquely dressed in all-white, all guests fully covered in snow

everybody waited for that day, until tizzop & marissa, being in
a blossom-white garden happily said yes to each other
sparklingly white ravens, everything only this one color
the magical gift, like jeezy's magic city

marissa: come with me now, we're flying over continents

thousands of miles, first and tender kisses
and soldiers are firing into the air, under the
violins we are watching the world like drones
kings and emperors, in order to reward our people

i need me some bread and beans, proteinshakes
bodybuilding, this song fits into the first take
we are fate: tizzops & marissa, like vocals
and basslines, violins and piano

burner beats and our voices, all goes together
baby, come home with me, be at home with me
cause at home is the best and cosiest place
decorate my room, fill it up with blaze

give me your female touch, i am and remain an ox
when i spot you on a snowy path, as you're standing
in front of an ipod-white foal, babe, i stole that for you
like i'll be heisting mars, moon and venus, i become

calm and laid back, turn into what i will be and i am sure
that marissa got my back, and that she loves me
she is good, how i am enjoying this, we're like malibu
firing up waves on the rocks like cocktails

and the shiningly white swoosh of the ocean
is our carpet, and stars bet on our fate now, my babe
Today is a swooshy day.
Aug 31 · 123
Frippin' Nightly
Tizzop Aug 31
teenager dreams, my friend's last sentences
we spraypainted the buildings in our hood
we lived this live, tryin to talk like legends
we didn't see an end anywhere, first we invaded streets

and then we gobbled down the city, if they were comin'
we beat em up, every baba that i construct
creates memories like the dawn of my childhood
fakers, jason warriors, half a kid, investment banker,

tremendous windows, art nouveau, and statues
statutes and club guidelines, rich business men
who bled to death in the rain, in front of their mansions
but i just took pictures, afterwards i chilled

there was no future for me, merely rappin provided a shelter
so i chained up my rage, but now i don't have to hide
i'm a giant-sized male and i endure feminists
as long as they never try to convince me of "values"

i'm a giant-sized male, mostly wicked and rotten
you got the palm in the back, catch 500 rocks, jason
into the py of queshaana, my name be tizzop
i am so true, find my face on dollar bills

and in downtown miami, where i'm shining with the sun
in order to negate a female's approach, just a pun?
i am macho like the rhymes, take you to the cinema
that much fun and a few nachos are enuff

to baste you with s
m, i got a hammer *****
and hammer nails like a banger, kiddo: set sail
everything been done, and we're flying to venice
fortunately, the beard is gone, gonna meet perla

straight into the face, always for the big splash,
they are just basslines, when i'm stressed out and
hand out codeine like jason to strangers
why you stressed out? i am styling myself walking

smoke during the videocall, like a chimney
fly over the curb, one hundred miles
hunting down the traitor, his name be freddy
but i scented that liar, ****** him good like a big daddy
For my frippy friends
Aug 30 · 337
Childhood II
Tizzop Aug 30
I scratched lyrics into the walls of this dump they call joint
finally became a tree with branches, wrote new raps every night
working out like crazy, punched my hands into walls
just like oldboy, then i became steel, endlessly tough

as my lucky number, this eight
tizzops became more popular, but never an other
sticking out my chest, ******* away all stress
albanians against serbs, greeks against turks

everything broken, everything in shards
but then comes Marissa, and she's calming me
i'm getting calm, getting calm, become
the old tizzop again, a ******* and thief

but everybody likes me, I remain --
tizzops, spreading fistfights like the Klitschko's
and I'm the most faithful, when I really feel love
not just talking about females, all my brothers

get nuttin but respect, their souls are wit me
most peeps live rushing lives, in our rushing times
they talk briefly, cause they don't know their inner
i'm not ridiculing them, cause they simply lack the words

they are lost and questions are flowing out of their ears
since they have no brothers or sisters to lean on
lifestyle like a frantic slalom, but I'm not wit 'em
putting stickers on the franchise, just to get by

I dominate every day; like the magic of the night
my raps are mania for me, me, and for me
cause I love and I have *** with my lyrics
forever being a chaser: where is Jason, baby?

without him, I won't make it through the night
life is infinity like eight, I feed you a knuckle sandwich
can you hear my c**k whistling? dem are *******-songz
straight out of my *****, suddenly millions of fanz
See this poem being rapped: tizzops tizzight
Aug 30 · 108
Tizzop Aug 30
memories, when i was eight years old
neighbourhood filled with rich people
except us, parking lots packed with lambos
on tv, they showed rambo, my fatherfigure

cause i ain't never had one, he abandoned
the family early and found himself a new one
never did he show remorse, faith was a strange word
and when i visited my father, i felt strange there

like this strange word, believe me friend, i did fight
banging innerly, bloodpressure 180, kids gangs and spray cans
until i caught a psychosis, without even realizing
songs of my shadows, and i grew myself a plumage, like birds

when i flew out of the window, and didn't notice the danger
third floor, big shock, well ---
but not one broken bone, yeah: tizzop's angel had spoken;
and i fell in love with a girl, summer holiday *** and some ****

soon, i was looking for god, and prayed without hands, in my head,
in my dreams and the soul, i was spraying on walls, didn't know boundaries
so the cuffs were clicking, so my luck had to line up

and i scratched lyrics into the walls of this dump they call joint
finally became a tree with branches, wrote new raps every night
working out like crazy, punched my hands into walls
just like oldboy, then i became steel, endlessly tough

as my lucky number, this eight
tizzops became more popular, but never an other
For My Frippin' Memories
Aug 3 · 218
Tizzop Aug 3
red promises floating above you
voicelees goons in this plane, scary
boobas take the trans am, no doubt
3:05 am and you'll be takin it there

extincting crews strenghten courage
black and white days forge memories
across the destination, our enemies
prepare for death, my friend, die

catchers roam the streets like rats
manhattan everywhere, murderous cats
24/7 keeps people awake for sinning
90 billions a day spent on parties

foggy perception like raves and pills
vibes are killing the innocent and guilty
judgment day for all the heavens exploding
final destination, open faces, heavy hangovers
Today it's all poppin.
Jul 16 · 705
Tizzop Jul 16
a bluely shimmering stone, for you
well stored memories are floating beneath us
find me all the years we spent together

we are not young, we are not old, baby
the time we've shared will never stop
trust me as you trust your inner child

we are entering a new stratosphere
red frost, blue lagoons, tamed sharks
nothing can ever stop us, my lady

clouds made of golden dust, your face
freeze the day, keep it inside a pearl
we are there for each other like siblings
Today is a good day.
Jul 10 · 195
The Uncle
Tizzop Jul 10
ivories that are made of letters
grey skin, blackred hair, word babies
gigantic mirror, blackly glowing
psychedelic nature like 1968

apartment in the projects
hallways full of dust and spiders
uncle is smoking the daylight away
his walls covered with bulletholes

red and tired eyes, no smiling
uncle's wife killed in a car crash
dead goons are torturing him now
the memory of her dead body, stuck

past encounters like smoke in the air
red frost covers uncle's body, glaciers
a button to turn back time, fantasies
melting hours for god's sacrifices
Today is a sad day.
Jun 20 · 164
The Ocean Inside
Tizzop Jun 20
The Ocean Inside


a place made of cosmic dust and water is
inside of me, birthplace of poetry
red voices are echoing through the ocean
in order to create words of vignettes
the lines are floating above the water's surface


how can they escape from the dullness
of my mind? my thoughts are not a poem yet
i have to lure them with music, with adagios
the strings are playing and they are dancing
green layers of feelings transcend me


my hand is not writing on the keyboard
the keyboard is writing on my hands
i can not dictate my muse, she is shy
she only comes out when i rest


the muse wakes me up and overtakes
rivers of oblivion, streams of consciousness
no thinking about the reader or the trophy


a place made of muses and flow is
inside of me, birthplace of poems
pink voices are echoing through the vignette
in order to create words of a special form
the verses are drifting through clear water
Today is a good day.
Jun 19 · 151
States Of A Dream
Tizzop Jun 19
wings of birds were stolen by the gods, centuries ago
an earth's day lasts for 86, 400.002 seconds
children are roaming in the mind of these lines
they are counting, playfully and without feelings

days come and go, they float through our lives
i wrote about the stages of dreams and dreamt of an *******
the ruins of old poems are silver, blue and red
remains of a day's thoughts, decoded and clear, similarly

it is not wise to count seconds while you are breathing
it is not wise to count on people while they are leaving
it is strange to use "wise" in order to refer to cleverness
people of color may feel excluded by our languages

in german, "white" is called "weiß" and that sounds like "wise"
explain to me the origins of such a word, i demand it
before the river will have swallowed me; i demand an answer
poems come, poems go, leave a trace, stain – and a change

fools are flodding the streets in order to have a five o'clock tea
proudly, they are talking about their old heroes, bearded conquerors
these guys nevah really wanted to dig strangaz, dey killed 'em.
they killed unknown people, they stabbed my dreams

they murdered ancestors because they were used to murdering
they invented words without speaking but grinning
power is an invisible instrument that consists of hierarchies
power is what we see and oversee, power is the origin of wars

wars are the origin of despair; and that is nothing new
wars, though, may be invisible and silent, just in the mind
what is a war, does a war need bombs, guns and soldiers?
wars occur everywhere, daily, within 86, 400.002 seconds

the length of a day is measured in numbers; they are just inventions
numbers are man-made, animals orient on the sun and the moon
humans celebrate planets and write poems about them
we all will surive as long as we keep writing and tolerate each other
Today is a good day.
Jun 14 · 779
Your Secret Lover
Tizzop Jun 14
don't tell your boyfriend, baby...

i'm your secret lover, come to me
touch my body and stay forever
Today is a good day.
Jun 14 · 249
Tizzop Jun 14
david was warning me, i didn't listen
instead i kept on running towards you
controlfreak of the netherworld, goon
my life is like a fairy tale, shimmering

invention and glory, similarly
psychopathic word play, baby doll
schizoprenic flow, i have to write
standing ovation for my family

some people have double standards
sweetlove tried to correct me;
hosting a contest about racism
playing grammar police, she was like:

"could you edit this horrible slang?"
no, it's simply the voice of many people
i demasked your entire outfit, kiddo
never ever will you hear back from me

once upon a time, i grew up, now i'm huge
tall, fat, dope, fresh, i'm *******
adjectives for my people to subsist
my life's a motion picture, get it baby

pipi langstrumpf zöpfe, du lächerliche
throw some german into the mix and be real
dinosaurs are chasing me, as long as i'm on it
paranoia guardians, copycat killers, word

livelong sessions, i'm not hiding myself
behind the mask is a good-hearted sicko
a sick, good-hearted person, no doubt
broad-shouldered and i stick my chest out
Today is a good day.
Jun 12 · 194
Verses Of A Nameless
Tizzop Jun 12
discipline keeps the mind focussed
a sick laughing in the background
rivers of knowledge, psychology

i got your back if you got mine
ancestors stole my land, my brain
existence revolves around dollars

you don't know the voices in my head
they are trying to control me, kid
how can they spot my very location?

i was born in a dump, my father a drunk
my momma died during my birth; my fault?
let me blow up all the golden buildings

my mind be the place where i make plans
people told me that "slang" was "horrible"
nobody has to like that, you feel me?

my skin color is black and white, you know?
don't let them get into my head, **** voices
can i walk the streets freely? who trusts me?

golden opportunities all over the place
don't ask a nameless what his name is
he will never tell you but shoot someone

it's simply not wise, we want justice
when your heart is turning ice cold
hour of the *******, hour of the sucker

the bassline trembles, i'm shivering
females are entering my safe house
armed with prejudices and dishonor

i'm already dead, words chocked me
too much poetry, nowhere to go
**** this end, i will come back!
Today is a weird day.
Jun 11 · 218
Steven, The Animal
Tizzop Jun 11
apart from the city, steven is sleeping
his fur is made of sunlight
steven's retinals, archives of memories, are glowing

beneath is a lake that reflects the shining
steven's relaxed glimpse swims on the surface
earlier, his pack was murdered

above his head, an orbital cloud is floating
ghosts of the dead ones
urge to communicate

across the lake, a maze of wishes
drifts through the water
empty faces, eyeless and earless
Today is a good day.
Jun 11 · 194
Inside The Bar
Tizzop Jun 11
it's cold in here
red frost, cowboys are shivering
worn-out guys

smoky faces
dancing on puddles

slippery floor of memories
posters of dead ghosts on the walls
mirrors don't reflect the cowboys

their shadows are transparent
the piano man takes them on a journey
Today is a good day.
Tizzop Jun 9
memories of yesterday, we were kids
an hour would last for days
the taste of a candy meant the world to us

robocop, a father figure
two dollars stood for the eternity of luck
simple things counted

finding a piece of wood in the park
stones, bluely shimmering
an undisguised smile

social condemnation was a strange term
struggle and love grief far away
our friendship, my brother

rest in peace
i will never forget you
we will meet again
Today is a sad day.
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