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Alex Jun 29
Dear L
I’m not gonna lie I miss you
I realize you were never mine to miss
But you taught me things
Things about myself that no one else could
In another life I’d tell you how much I loved you
How much I still love you
But you were always hers
I hope you will always be hers
Because I know how your face lights up when it’s her on your phone
And I hope that you will never loose that love.
That true bliss.
And if that means that you will never know that you’re the one who makes my face light up like that
So be it
Alex Jun 25
We stumbled upon a view that wast tailor made for two
It was just you and I under a pale blue sky
I turned to see your smile and stopped to stare a while
Because even then I knew you were more beautiful than the view
You turned to go when the sun drooped low
And I heard your laugh down the golden path
As night consumed light the moon bloomed bright
And the stars blossomed too you know how they do
Lighting this lovely night with and the mood just right
I whispered in your ear “Oh how I love you dear”
Just you and I under a star lit sky
Stumbled upon a scene peaceful and serene
Alex Jun 19
I hide behind my glasses
Because I believe if you can’t see my eyes
You’ll never see the pain inside
But that comes with a price
Because that pain makes me who I am
So until I let the world see
No one will know the real me.
They say the eyes are windows to the soul so would that make glasses blinds?
Alex Jun 19
I had a dream last night that I finally did it
I died
And let me tell you that it sure felt peaceful
I’m okay I promise
Alex Jun 19
I believe in Magic.
Not the dream come true kind but the gathering
I know it’s just some stupid card game
But when you don’t know how to make friends
Maybe a little magic will help.
Plus Magic is all I have left of you
  Jun 19 Alex
Paige Error
They say that love is
and Wide
But for me love is
and Painful
And when my tear stained face finds a gentle hand to wipe away my sorrows
I fall in love
Or perhaps I fall in line
I’m not sure there’s a difference anymore
Alex Jun 19
I look at the people who made me me
Not the person that I want to be
But this empty shell that walks alone
And can’t find a place to call home
I look at who I am inside
How most of me I want to hide
Like the scars that cover my midsection
And how people tell me they’re a sin
I hate that sadness that comes from pain
And I miss dancing in the rain
But now everything just feels the same
And I’m left wondering why I came
I hate the girl that I’ve become
And I know I’m not the only one
Because when I look at the people who made me me
It definitely isn’t love that I see
Why can’t you love the me you made me?
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