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I was drowned by the sea.
And crushed by the city.
I was hanged by the trees.
But not the sun... he touched my face with a gentle heat.
Rome has set on the sun,
Spreads the rays of its streets
And the warmth of its torches.
Caesar commands nightfall come,
To make florid incense and wine
And talk as one full of the moon.
 Jan 22 Thomas Wood
Great-great-grand does sound old
but he was younger than you

fifteen years, the toughest
boy in the street

and I used to be the prettiest
the happiest too: a girl

born on my birthday
We were fine

with the money from Dutch John
the sweet boarder, my lover

when tough Louis left leaving
only his name for our little

Francis, your great-grand
dead as well

when your time began
Anna Maria Catharina Doremans, 1876-1904

For Tom Valentijn, Madelief, Florentin and Lotte

Collection "Take a picture, now"
 Jan 21 Thomas Wood
You rise,
in delicate, undeniable beauty
come once,
you never return quite the same
Today like the coloring of a bruise
that was the pain of night
A symbol that all trauma fades
into strength and story
A cutting blade never dulled by use.
Obtuse, but fair he comes for us all.
Fall forward on his scythe,
Wife brother friend, any other
Lover, mortal men know not.

Crucially, sparingly, cruelly, dumb.
Some by ladder fall, aneurism, stroke!
Choking, smoking, cancer growing
Sowing our fragrant folly!
Calmly toast to death himself!

Here here!

His skull and black cloaked hand remind us,
cuss-ing rib trapped hearts chest high,
Why the moments fleeting?
Greeting all we know as life,
The gift that must stop giving.
I'm afraid I'm broken
but in the same way that shattered glass
catches the light

— The End —