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we don't see it
but we're actually acting on behalf of the entire universe

and it's precisely because we don't see it
that we act in such sick ways
 Dec 2020 Tina RSH
Kafka Joint
I was in a prison, and they smuggled a nice book to me,
So I read it with a huge liberating feeling,
But as I lived in a totalitarian state,
Where nothing is left to the fate,
My sentence was immediately doubled,
For my daring attempt to escape.
I giggled at the bees,
and whispered to the flowers,
Nature always gave me the heebie-jeebies.
 Apr 2020 Tina RSH
Kafka Joint
Fearless and brainless,
Ee are running under the sun,
Hoping that the sun will never come down.
 Apr 2020 Tina RSH
Kafka Joint
There is no context left,
There is just a language desert
With occasional ruins of ancient contexts.
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