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Soul Scribe Nov 2019
Thumbs interlaced through strands of soft hair.
Scratching scalp and brushing down depths of despair.
Fragments of my soul escaped fingertips hear these prayers….
I pray that you stay until I'm beyond repair,
I pray every day that you don't get ensnared,
I'll say every way you need to be aware,
My love is poison there's no way to prepare.

I'll hook line and sinker into your veins
Like a ****** needle for a bobber.
Your blood pooling your heart in chains.
Red ink stained the life I bought her.

Shooting up at the street corner,
This black tar love just feels warmer
Than this life she’s been livin for her
Significant other and now thrown in the gutter
Is the needle that's seen her deepest secrets.
And secretes the love into a chipped teacup.
You can’t **** it back up once I disrupt and turn you corrupt.

If you cure the disease that is me
You'll break free but your skin will stain.
I'll forever leave my mark like
The black spot that brings a Kraken
My love, now just imagine
Yourself begging for help
While the sky begins to blacken.
My needle dug too deep into your soul.
You now live with a piece of me.
And I'm no longer whole.
The effects of love are that you give a piece of yourself to them and vice versa, you live with a price of them and you're no longer whole.
Soul Scribe Sep 2019
Small fights with words for pillows,
Then up to your lips so others can't hear.
Long nights where smoke does billow,
I will love you forever and always my dear.

Inescapable questions about our future
Over and under like cords to cut hair.
Digging deep then pulling tight the suture,
I will love you forever and always my dear.

New terrain with you next to me,
But I'm grasping tightly to the hand of fear.
Walking past bear traps that only you see,
I will love you forever and always my dear.

No matter the struggle the pain or the strife,
I'll always be there to wipe the tear.
Whatever the baggage you carry through life,
I will love you forever and always my dear.
Soul Scribe Jan 2019
Left sock right sock
Shirt then pants.
I throw them on the ground
Then I leap towards my bed
With one great bound
I flick my foot to switch off the
Lights because I'm scared of the monsters,
Or at least, scared of what I cannot see.
I don't know what's in my closet
Which is why I went to particular lengths
To close it so they couldn't unlock it.
As I'm flying through the air
I'm frozen,
There is nothing there, and I know this
But I'm scared of what I cannot see.
1 thing I cannot see is
2 years from now
I'll be faced with 3 stages of life
4 years of high school
5 years of college
And 60 years with the knowledge
That those aren't monsters in that closet.
But there are fears and there are problems
About my future and what is blind to me
So maybe I need to face my fears in order to solve em so I can live happily.
The monsters in my closet represent my fear of the unknown. The most unknown aspect of my life would be my future. 60 years of the unknown, hence, 60 monsters in my closet.
Soul Scribe Dec 2018
The angel of the Lord came down to the young girl to tell her the good news.
"Greetings, oh favored one, the Lord is with you!"
But before he could continue she interrupted him saying,
"One sec I have to get this on my Snapchat story."
"No you don't understand, replied the angel, you will bear a child and his name shall be Emanuel.
And Mary looked at the angel, phone in hand, and said
"Could you repeat that I wasn't recording just yet?"

If God came down today what would he think?
If He hung out with your friends what would he say?
If God came down today do you think He'd blink?
If He hung out with your friends do you think He'd stay?

I'm in doubt because of how we act, a society packed with people not exact-ly intact.
Attached to our phone like it's our baby.
But babies are babies they don't deserve rights!
Unlike ladies, who aren't actually ladies and you can't gender a baby but you can tear HIM limb from limb and yes I said Him...
While you throw Him in the bin I'll call it as I see.
A Godless world never to be free.
This is not meant to offend anyone. I think the mother who goes through with an abortion is hurt as well as the child. The solution isn't to shame these people, but instead to bring awareness and help expecting mothers in the most trying time of their entire life.  But right now our society does not value the unborn child. This greatly upsets me.
Soul Scribe Oct 2018
I dive into her eyes like the ocean.
Compulsion, not designed, shows emotion.
I notice, the sunrise, it feels molten.
I'm woven, into waves, and now frozen.

As I lay at the bottom of the sea.
Turning back towards *****’s salty me.
I realize the problem that could be.
In loving such a wondrous spirit free.

You are mine and I do not want to share.
The horror that I just might not compare.
As I gaze into your heart’s eternal stare.
Forever my eyes rest on you I swear.

Your heart warms me up so I don't drown.
I don't swim to the surface, I dive down.
Soul Scribe Sep 2018
Our hands
fit together like puzzle pieces.
Like a little kid playing in the grass.
In the moment it is pure bliss,
But when it's over, your hand
Starts to tingle as it misses
The excitement, and is left
With a subtle, but noticeable
We long for our loved one like a child longs to play in the field
Soul Scribe Sep 2018
Some people wake up with perfect vision,
Some men wake up with perfect women.
Some people wake up confused and blind,
Some men wake up hoping to die.

Hey lemme try your glasses
Wow! You really are blind!
Hey! Lemme try your meds
Wow! You're really sad inside!
You never know what people are going through. Make an effort to be there for your friends and family. This comparison also makes an effort to explain the chemical unbalance that can sometime make depression something people are born with. Life is confusing and sometimes hurts. Be there for somebody today!
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