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Tiger Ayres Dec 2020
Only the silence of myself
Is what I do not hear
The noise of the sea
Lays at home in my head

I do not speak
For my thoughts would turn to words
And my words would be silent
For my mind is drowning

I wish for a comfort other than my own
And I hate to see it leave
The feeling of being held
Of holding someone
Is an intoxication of someone else's doing

So when I'm found
Hold me
Not too tight
And neither too soft
As I may burst
Or sink
Like the hull of my boat
Tiger Ayres Dec 2020
As I lay sleeping soundly
The noise of you singing
It makes my dreams just dance away

I hear you whisper softly
Words I don't hear too often
You only take my breathe away

The burning moonlight pierces
Your veil of burning promises
Slowly takes your life away

And so your everlasting
Ever singing spinning
The moon takes it all away
Tiger Ayres Jul 2020
An ocean resides,
Its depth immeasurable.
The green blue gleam
of the ocean I see before me.
What's down there?
I couldn't say.
An endless darkness?
A monster?
A God?
An unanswerable question,
We can never know.
Unless, the reason the ocean belongs
And the reason it stays
Is to allow me travel,
Be it by boat
Or even to swim.
So maybe one day,
I can be in your arms.
Your Arms
Tiger Ayres Jul 2020
I pace the shadows in this sleeping Jungle
Towers soaring high into an endless sky
They block off my view of the stars
and the moon only lingers faintly
Off away in the dark
a spotlight is seen
A desolate beacon to guide me the way
through these vines that hang
Holding me tight, a tug on my back
On my legs and arms
Passing light by light
until my one enters view
I unlock my tomb
the chambers I reside
and rest
I am home.
Tiger Ayres Jun 2020
What's out the window?

Is it stars in the night?
The rain in the black?
Thudding through the night

What's out this window?

Is it sun in the day?
The clouds in the blue?
Drifting away

What's out my window?

Is it storms in the sea?
The lightning in the grey?
Blinding me

I know what's out my window

It's a field of green
Where the sun rises high
And the poppies sing

Where the only me is me
And there's no-one here but you
Where the life of anyone is real and true
Tiger Ayres Jun 2020
I want a room in the dark
Foreboding all who enter
But it's only like that to keep empty of stranger

I want a sofa in the dark
Warm like a friend
I like it like that to make loneliness end

I want a window in the dark
A window to the sea
So I can make sure no-one can look in on me

I want a fire in the dark
One with a glow
So the dark can't take me like long ago

I want a door in the dark
So they can't see
When I finally leave on my own and take my life with me
In the dark
Tiger Ayres May 2020
My school's doors closed not so long ago
On that last day
We treat it like it was our last
Which it was
But it didn't feel right
It was all too soon
All so wrong
All so fake
But I'm Happy

I wasn't allowed out of my house
Not for a while they said
Things are too dangerous right now
It's not safe for us all
If I stay home
Everyone will be safe
You gotta play your part
Or the world comes
Crumbling down
But I'm still Happy

I've been here for too long
My body grows impatient
My mind grows tired
My fingers go numb
My arms go limp
My chest feels heavy
My lungs feel tight
I can't breath
I can't think
I can't do
But I'm happy still

They said it'd end soon
That it wouldn't last too long
They said we'd be able to
Go out
See our friends
See our family
Feel a sense of freedom
The breeze of salvation
They didn't lie
They just didn't know
A false truth to keep us

I'm trapped
Am I happy?
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