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Jun 28 · 154
Tierramxrie Jun 28
My mind needs to be worshipped just as much as my body.
May 10 · 205
Tierramxrie May 10
I wish my heart can just give up on you because I am tired of feeling these feelings knowing you feel nothing.
I wish they can go away.
May 6 · 156
Such a waste
Tierramxrie May 6
You have a good woman
Who did any and everything
For you.
It’s such a waste of her time.
It’s such a waste of her effort.
I couldn’t see before but I understand
Why you don’t deserve her.
Apr 24 · 505
Self love ❤️
Tierramxrie Apr 24
Lately I’ve been really thinking. How can we love someone unconditionally but can never apply that unconditional love for ourselves? We need that love too. I wanna love me to the moon and back. I wanna be comfortable with loving myself to the fullest.
Apr 15 · 389
Tierramxrie Apr 15
I have this love you crave for and it’s embedded on my lips, come taste it.
Apr 15 · 235
Tierramxrie Apr 15
Time is a precious thing. So while we are here now while we still have time. I’m getting on my knees begging for you to be mine.
Apr 10 · 120
Questions, Thoughts
Tierramxrie Apr 10
Let me ask you something
Do you have the capacity
To love me?
Do you have the will to
Love me the way I need
To be loved?
If I give you all of me
Will you take it and hold on
To it as if it was the last
Thing you needed on earth?
When I feel like the world is
Against me and life gets
Way too hard and I feel
Like I’m on the verge of
Giving up will you still
Love me? Will you still choose
Me? Are you able to love me
Ruthlessly? Are you able to
Love me unconditionally?
If you see me deeply reaching
Out for you will you reach back?
Feel like my love may be too deep
For you I can love without hesitation
I’m thinking these questions because
I’m Looking at you and I can see the hesitation
And I can slowly see you leaving
Apr 10 · 159
Untitled 2
Tierramxrie Apr 10
Take good care of my heart
Protect it
Nurture it
Love it
Apr 8 · 231
Tierramxrie Apr 8
Understand that silence is actually loud.
A woman’s silence is very deafening.
Apr 1 · 161
Tierramxrie Apr 1
Can you tell?
That I’m going
A mile and
You aren’t even
Budging an inch.
Can you tell?
That I’m trying
For the sake
Of us.
Can you tell?
I’m putting in
Effort to keep
Us alive.
Can you tell?
I’m slowly giving
Up cause it
Isn’t the same
Can you tell?
Sometimes you just have to let go..
Mar 31 · 206
Am I?
Tierramxrie Mar 31
To feel like you aren’t enough for that one specific person. It hurts.
What can I do? Am I enough?
Mar 29 · 213
Tierramxrie Mar 29
Caress my mind, heart, and soul
Touch there... and there
Mar 27 · 101
Tierramxrie Mar 27
When our lips touch it didn’t quite feel the same maybe because somehow I knew someone else took away the taste I was hoping for.
Tierramxrie Mar 13
You deserve everything there is to give.

You deserve to be called beautiful every single day whether you believe it or not.

You deserve waking up to breakfast in the morning.

You deserve your feet rubbed after a long day at work.

You deserve a love that matches your own.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve parts of me I’m too afraid to share.
Mar 7 · 173
I’m sorry
Tierramxrie Mar 7
I’m sorry they hurt you.
I’m sorry they couldn’t understand your love.
I’m sorry they broke you.
I’m sorry that they didn’t see you try.
I’m sorry if you ever felt like you weren’t enough.
I’m sorry if you ever felt like what you said never mattered cause it did.
I’m sorry that you had to cry yourself to sleep.
I’m sorry they didn’t acknowledge your pain.
I’m sorry they didn’t try as hard as you did.
I’m sorry if they made you feel like you didn’t amount to anything.
I’m sorry you went through this you shouldn’t have to go through this.

I know saying sorry wouldn’t do much because you probably heard it so much to the point it’s meaningless but I’m sorry you went through that they don’t deserve you whatsoever.
You deserve better. You’ll find better.
Feb 17 · 613
Tierramxrie Feb 17
I know how things are
I’m just trying to breathe
I’m not trying to hurt you baby
I’m just trying to see
If you truly love me
You’ll get down on your knees
And please me the way that I like to be please
The way you gripping me I can’t even think
I get wet easily just by you touching me
And the way you holding me
I still can’t even think
I can’t even speak
Your touch is engraved in every part of me
From my head to my feet
I really love what you doing to me
So I’ll get down on my knees
And please you the way you please me
Let it out and just breathe
Feb 2018 · 392
Tierramxrie Feb 2018
You savored your solitude because it’s much healthier and better then giving someone your entire all just for them to not reciprocate and by doing this doesn’t make you antisocial your protecting your heart after all you know your heart better than anyone why allow your heart to be torn and ripped into shreds when in all you could have just enjoyed your peace of knowing that know one deserves a love from a woman who has giving her all to a man/ or woman and all they’ve done was taken her love and heart for granted
It’s nothing wrong with being alone and finding peace within yourself.
Feb 2018 · 848
My Type of Love
Tierramxrie Feb 2018
My type of love Is the type of love that's rare.
My type of love Is the type of love that's unexplainable.
My type of love Is the type of love that'll leave you breathless.
My type of love Is the type of love thinking of me thinking of you type love.
My type of love is the type of love that will have you wondering if I'm dreaming about us being in love type love.
My type of love is the type of love that'll make you feel good inside only difference is this type love is so much real.
My type of love is the type of love that when you close your eyes and imagine this type love it makes your toes curl.
My type of love Is the type of love were you'll never forget how much I love you type love.
My type of love Is the type of love where we spend hours on the phone not saying anything but enjoying the sound of each other's breathing.
My type of love Is the type of love where even though you be playing 2k not paying me no mind I'll be your personal cheerleader cheering you on type love.
My type of love Is the type of love that will seem to good to be true.
My type of love Is the type of love that'll make me serve you breakfast in bed.
My type of love Is the type of love that will caress your body gently and make love to you.
My type of love Is the type of love that will motivate you to succeed no matter what obstacles come your way because you got this.
My type of love Is the type of love where you'll pick me up and put me on the kitchen table and show me how much you want me type love.
A love like no other. Inspiration came from shihan “This type of love” Def jam

— The End —