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Feb 13 · 54
Prayer in Poetry
Meyada Tiea Feb 13
I write words I think, to heal the hurt i feel
I write to let God know I need help with what I deal.
Feb 11 · 24
I Can
Meyada Tiea Feb 11
As I stare at you now
from across the room
I've realized something I should've a long time ago
I can live with out you
#Love #getout
Feb 11 · 29
Meyada Tiea Feb 11
unfold me
not just my legs
but my mind
Feb 5 · 18
My Other half
Meyada Tiea Feb 5
how'd she have half of me when she ain't even half of me?
Dec 2018 · 124
Meyada Tiea Dec 2018
I want my body to be as beautiful as the ones you scroll past on Instagram.
The ones that crowd up your feed waiting for your hands to touch their hearts.
The ones you stare at for a glimpse too long as you tell me I’m beautiful..

— The End —