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I write words I think, to heal the hurt i feel
I write to let God know I need help with what I deal.
  Feb 11 Meyada Tiea
just how fast one flies away
when they are threatened with
a tether
  Feb 11 Meyada Tiea
I asked "why do you lie"...
He said"i dont"...
"But you tell me you love me when you dont"...
Meyada Tiea Feb 11
As I stare at you now
from across the room
I've realized something I should've a long time ago
I can live with out you
#Love #getout
Meyada Tiea Feb 11
unfold me
not just my legs
but my mind
Meyada Tiea Feb 5
how'd she have half of me when she ain't even half of me?
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