Tia Mar 5
To my future someone
Touch me
Caress my cheeks
I'll lean to it
Assure you I'm liking it

To my future someone
Embrace me
Lock me up in your arms
I'll tell you
I like how your arms wrapped around in me

To my future someone
Kiss me
Put your lips in my forehead
I'll smile
With contentment and happiness

To my future someone
Cuddle me
Put my head against your chest
I'll hold on tight
Draw patterns against your skin

To my future someone
Tell me you love me
Every night before we go to sleep
I'll say it back
With all the love I have for you
  Jan 26 Tia
Jillian McLean
The brunettes want to be blonde ,
and the blondes want to be brunette.
The tall want to be short,
and the short want to be tall
the petite want to be curvy
and the curvy want to be petite,
she wants to be her
and her wants to be she
he wants to him
and him wants to be he
we want to be someone else
but someone else wants to be we
  Jan 26 Tia
If you cracked me open, would you watch me bleed?
When you cut through my disguise, what do you see?
Will you leave me alone, to wilt and wither away,
Or will you save the bloom to last another day?
Tia Jan 26
I watched as they kissed
Like people in love
They understand ones movement

I cry as they cry
Pouring out emotions
While one hugging the other

I got lost as they do
In their little world
Where nothing matters just them two

I smile as they smile
Seeing that tug on the corner of their lips
Wide up to their ears

I threw a fit as they argue
On the littlest things
To the biggest matters

But I love it when they make up
Fixing things like the adults
And act like teenagers over again

I saw it all
Their growing love
Pouring like a waterfall

I felt it too
The feeling of love
Radiating from them

Sick in love
But will never get sick
To be with one another

They come back to the arms each other
And knew they'll say I do sooner or later
To promise a love that will last forever
Tia Jan 14
Facts are my basis
Life isn't full of roses and daisies
You are your own racist
You belittle yourself's abilities

Throw away the pain
Open your door, dance in the rain
Your abilities are the strength you gain
You just need to put that in your brain

Appreciate yourself you have beauty
Trust yourself, you can get through seas that was stormy
Wave your flag after you crossed the unstable bridge
Then get back on the ground, kneel to thank God

Sing that song say 'I will survive! "
Believe in yourself you'll make it out alive
Repeat this cycle of life while holding yourself tight
Then next thing you knew you won already with all your might
For 2018
Tia Dec 2017
Tik tok, tik tok, clock is ticking like a rewind
Eyes going from left to right I wanna do what's on my mind
I am busy playing the blade on my hand
But yet I still need strength which I cannot find

Red drops, black dots
I only have stupid thoughts
I know things will only end in one way
Either I reach my end or I end this mind game

Oooops, the shiny metal slipped
It fell, fell out of my grip
Like how my mind fell out of sanity
But nope, I'm not going to be forever crazy

Tada mama! You see I'm smiling like the old times?
It was hard to create this but I manage to put this mask
Isn't it beautiful?
I put too much effort to make it wonderful, make it colorful

Now no one is gonna discover
That deep inside I wanna cut and go for a lifetime slumber
That I almost tried to end it the other way
That I almost gave in to lose my own game
Tia Dec 2017
I am not going to fall even if things crumble
I'll make my way up and tower them all
I will not stumble, crawl or roll
I'm gonna show you, I'm the queen of this hall

I know you like the back of my hand
And I'll track you until you're out of my mind
I'll show you I can handle and drive my life
Without you squeezing my neck with a knife

I'll give you a big and loud slow clap
For trying to ruin me with your crap
But no, no, no you little wittle, you fell on my trap
And right now it's not me but you on my grasp

How does it feel?
To question yourself when would you heal?
To feel like you're forever living in fear
To think that you're better off in a coffin
This is for those who have Anxiety and Depression. Show it to that imaginary person who keeps on controlling you to hate yourself that you can do better.
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