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1.4k · Sep 2017
The Favoured Maiden
Chidera Abaratu Sep 2017
It was meant for her
she felt it but yet
to her she couldn't get it

It was in her linage
but yet she thought
she couldn't get there
***' she was a commoner
and of a forbidden race,a Jew

It was true her family was
wiped out by the Amalekites
leaving her and her cousin orphaned
still destiny had great plans for them

It was true that in the whole
of Persia she was among the most
beautiful maiden but yet her cousin
now her father prevented her from
leaving the house and coming in contact with the king

As she grew into a lady
she became more beautiful and
this actually made her the most
beautiful lady in the whole of Persia

As she was being promised
by her late mother her cousin
now her father gave her the Tresured Medallion
the Star of David when she
became a full blown woman

Since out of love and care
she ran not in disguise of a boy
but her self to the palace to save Jesse
her friend who they captured to make
a palace official but unfortunately for her
she was immediately siezed to be among the Queens to be
something she always wished for but
because of wht they did to her
the palace was her most feared place

At the palace in the harem
she found favour in the eyes of the royal enouch Hegai
and everyone in the palace
making her the most loved person in the palace
Hegai kept the secret of her being a Jew

As time went on she waited
for the night with the king
that single night that would change
everything for her and her family
and truely that night came and
she found favour in the king's eyes
and through this she became the
Queen of Great Persia

We all would be wondering
who this lucky girl is and what her name is
well this is just a little story of  Jewish girl
who was greatly favoured by God
whose name was changed from Hadassah
to Star of Pussa to Queen Esther
This is the longest poem i've ever written.
1.4k · Aug 2017
One Sided Friendship
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
They called them selves friends
not just friends but very good friends
but truely they were disconnected
and this was very impossible
to on lookers because they
saw them as friends who
were so close and connected

But they knew as friends
that they were far apart from
each other just like parallel lines
tht would never meet

In a friendship where both
were meant to be active
and supportive so that
their friendship would grow
and blossom for all to see
and for all to admire

It was only one person
that was doing the work
it was only one person that
was being active and
supporting the friendship

Ony one person felt hurt
only one person had to apologize
even though he did nothing wrong
making her seem good and
making him seem bad to on lookers

With time the friendship
stopped growing as it used to  
because it was only one person
who felt the need for the friendhip
while the other felt that the frienship
was useless so there was no need trying
and this made the friendship turn out
into being a one sided and an unappreciated friendship
929 · Oct 2018
Chidera Abaratu Oct 2018
Thinking about it all
We come to realize that it was all nonsense
The 'love' promised by him   was just deceit and fake
He just lied to lure young and naive girls into his deadly trap
Deceiving them through fake love, lies and deception of words that don't come from the depths of his heart
But words that has already being rehearsed over and over again in his confined places, to his
He goes to some  ladies with these rehearsed words and make them fall for their tricks in order to reduce and use the ladies to nothing but their *** slave
But for ladies who know the tricks of men so well are considered as "The Wise Ones"  because they've understood the tricks of men so well that they themselves can never be tricked again by any man on earth
550 · Jul 2018
Chidera Abaratu Jul 2018
I have a BESTIE
Who was once a STRANGER
But now  my OTHER HALF
I love my BESTIE so much
470 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
It felt so unreal
but it was real
the feeling was fictional

To them it was just a feeling
that linges but really
it stays to guide, hunt
and direct them in their doings

But really do feelings die
do they fade away
or get forgotten

Of course the answer
is NO ***' as long
as you live you keep feeling
something both good or bad

But really what was
this feeling that kept
hunting them through out
their lifes as humans

Was it their conscience
their heart or their mind
that made them feel this way?
a lot of people asked them
and they had no reply
***' they claimed
not to knw the feeling

But really they
all knew the feeling
and felt it too
***' it was not far from them
and the feeling was no other
than the guilt they felt
and this is what hunted and guided
them through out their lifes
even to their death bed
378 · Jun 2017
Chidera Abaratu Jun 2017
We all felt it
but yet it was unbelivable
all we ever wantedfor was here
all we ever wished for was here

But really what was that
we wished for
what was it that
we couldn't wait for

Of course the answer
was every where
written in the sky
blowing in the wind
written on the floor
written in books around us
but yet we ******* see

It was glaring
but we were not sure
until the D-day
it became clear to us all to see
what it was we were all waited for

It was freedom
we anxiously waited for
like the lion anxiously
waiting for its prey
to pounce on it

We were finally free
finally we were all free
because Freedom was here
371 · Jan 10
Now it's dawn
and everything is coming out
even the flowers are looking
so beautiful for all to admire

Now the sun is out
yet everything looks so perfect
even the clouds look perfect
as they form images for all to beautify

Now the sun is setting
yet everything looks so good
even the plants and trees are dancing
to the rhythm of the wind

Now the moon is out
and the stars are twinkling and shinning
making the sky look so beautiful and bright
for all to sit and admire
370 · Jun 2017
Mutual Connection
Chidera Abaratu Jun 2017
The connection was mutual
everything ever felt was real
is true that it was never said
is true that it was never shown
but it was real

No one said nothing about their love
they never showed that they loved each other
but yet they never wanted to lose each other

They protected each other secretly
not minding the fact that their
love was not shown for all to see
yet they cherished and cared for each other

Their love was now being noticed
by people and this caused confusion
every where but yet they didn't stop
loving eacg other because no matter
the odds they faced their love didn't fade away
insted their love became stronger
369 · Mar 2018
Chidera Abaratu Mar 2018
Memories are running back
but this time not in slow motion any more
*** they are running back in full force

These memories are heart breaking
and painful experiences we've all
gone through in life

And now remembering these memories
causes most people to go into depression
and even commit sucide just bcos of these memories

But truely what causes these memories?
Well the answer is not far from you ***'
you are the one who make each other go through such pains

You harm people intentionally
in order to make jest of them
you destroy people's lifes in order
too laugh at their failure/ mistakes

Its because of you that
these painful memories hunt
people down to their graves

Its because of you that
each time people remember you
they remember the sad memories
that come along with your name

And now we all can see that
you're a wolf in sheep clothing
a green snake in a green grass

And its now clear to
us all that you're a devil in disguise and that you're nothing but a chamelion
340 · Jul 2018
Chidera Abaratu Jul 2018
infront of her door daily
and his love roses which he places
through his manipulation
to him
to lure her back
and because of these
she's his other half
he knows that
but deep down
on her
while inflicting pain
her cry
because he loves to see
as love
which he presents to her
his deadly trap
make her fall into
finding a way to
but yet he keeps
makes him unstable
her absence
because she knows
from him
by keeping away
she injures herself
by him
put around her
from the chains of love
Trying to break free
The poem is read from down to up
329 · Oct 2017
Chidera Abaratu Oct 2017
Her emotions spill all over
on paper just like bottles
of milk being spilt on the floor

Her real self is in the mirror
while she is a miniature of
the true her being hidden
in the mirror hanging on her wall

Her tears roll down silently
like the rivers which flows
freely to every direction daily

Her oppressors oppress her daily
and she can't do anything about it
because the fear and weakness in her
won't let her face them

Now Her clock is ticking and her
real self can't stand all the
shame and disgrace these people make
her go through so because of these
her real self gets out of the mirror hanging
on her wall and gets into HER
307 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
Life is  a stage
Act it
It's a movie
Watch it
It's  a puzzle
Solve it
It's a game
Play  it
It's maze
Find it
It's a jewel
Treasure it
It's life
Live it
To the fullest
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
As a child she always wished to be a princess
because to her fairy tales were the best fantasies
to live in and also dream of
so because of her imagination she lived in a dream land

To her love could not hurt
because she believed it had a happy ending
like fairy tales do
to her  purity and innocence could not
be taken away from her by any one

She believed that a kiss could rescue her
from a very long sleep and she believed
that her prince would come in  twinkle of an eye

But as she grew into a lady
she started to know that fantasies were
just stories that brain wash and deceive little girls
and this made her feel blue and sad

Her love was hurting her
and she felt sad about this and this
made her hurt her self daily and this was
because depression was eating deep into her daily

He told her that he loved her
he promised both heaven and earth
but in real sense he turned her into his *** slave
277 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
It is getting to an end
very soon the whole enjoyment
merriment and jollyment will soon be over

But anyway it was fun
being around everyone
and the happiness is without bound

I'm so sad and at the same time
happy that things are coming to an end
and i love the ending ***'
its a happy one and i wish
it would not come to an end at all
266 · Dec 2017
Chidera Abaratu Dec 2017
Christmas has always been a day
of joy,happiness and peace
it has always been a day to
share gifts,show love and enjoy
with families and friends

In reality Christmas should be
a day to commune with angels and saints
because on this day our savior Jesus Christ
was born and consequently we all are sure
of our redemption

On Christmas,love should be
shown to everyone both friends and
enemies ,the old and the young because
on this day God showed us true love
by coming down in human form to come
and suffer for the sins of mankind and on
this note I'm wishing everyone a very
260 · Jun 2017
Broken Promise
Chidera Abaratu Jun 2017
The promise has being broken
now everything seems blurry to us
we try to make a head way but yet
we are still not getting what we want

We feel left out
to us every situation mellows us
because we feel we have no say at all
we tell different stories that are both the world with our tales
making it seem true but they are all lies

We go about living a double life
forgeting our background
compromising our lifes with lies
244 · Nov 2017
WISDOM:We Seek Her Daily
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
We seek her in all our endearvours
because it's only through her that
we can make sensible decisions
In  the world we live in

We search for her as we
Walk pass every corner of the
Streets,estates and at every
Corner of our gates but yet
we don't find her because we
Feel she is something that
can be found on the surface

We go plac s to hear the words
Of other people in order to get her
but y t she's nowhere to be found
because we've not searched for
Her in our inner most self

We go outside the box
seeking for her but yet she's within
us and will forever keep finding a way
to get us to make rational decision
that will be of help to us

And because of these she will forever
Keep calling us and all those who are not
sensible and rational in their dealing until
we harken to her voice and she is no other person than "WISDOM "
243 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
They felt but  couldn't confess it
he loved her with everything in him
and she also loved him with everything in her
but they pretended they didn't feel or care about each other
because of the kind of enviroment and society they lived in
But could the society really stop their love
and care for each other ?
well the answer is NO *** no matter where
they were they always showed their love and care indiectly
***'the love they felt for each other was so strong
that it couldn't be stopped by anyone not even the society
pls someone should give me a title for this
242 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
Sitting down  thinking of life one Sunday morning
I realised how bad and i needed someone by my side
but yet there was nobody there
to run to
nobody to comfort me when i cried
nobody to tell me how much they loved me
nobody to make me smile when life threw sadness at me
nobody at all to bring life back to me

Then i found someone who loved me for
who i was
but yet we couldn't see each other always
because we lived far away from each other
he lived in the East
while i lived in the West
making it difficult for us to see
each other always
***' no matter how much we chat
and no matter how much i believed
that he was near
we were still from each other
but close at heart to each other
and this feeling made
me feel happy
i was crying while writing this
and i wrote it just now in a rush
225 · Aug 2017
Inner Peace
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
The inner peace has been found
no more internal battle
no more crying every night as usual
no more feeling low about ones self

God has bestowed the inner peace o
on all those who ask for it
making us forgive ourselves
and making us understand that
in life we learn from our mistakes

It's true that some people's life
is all about internal battle
but yet the inner peace is still
given to them by God through prayers
making them feel happy and satisfied
with them selves no matter the crime they commit
213 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
It was good  
And the presence was felt
By everyone around
To some it easy strange
To some it was unbelievable
To some it was so wonderful
To be forgotten
But what was really this feeling
That people loved
And adored like this
What was this feeling
That was adored by everyone
That feeling  was no other than the
Peace given to us by God
Our Father in Heaven
Peace is a wonderful and awesome feeling when felt
204 · Nov 2017
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
She feels his presence everywhere
but yet he is not there
she thinks of him all the time
and the thought of him makes her smile
because of the moments and memories
they've had and shared together and
she knows the no matter how she tries
to push him off her mind he still finds
his way back and this makes her realize
that he is un forgettable

She loves to hear his laughter
and his smile is what makes her
face glow like the stars but yet
he is not nearby and because of this
she can neither hear his laughter or see his smiles
and this saddens her

She loves to hear him crack jokes
because to her his voice is like a
melodious tune to her ears
but yet he is faraway and this breaks her

She loves his ever warm arms
because they provide comfort and she loves
how his arms feel around her when ever
he cuddles and wraps her with it
but yet she can't enjoy and feel the
comfort of his lovely arms because
he is so faraway from her making
her feel low and sad around other people

She loves to read his comforting and cute chats
because even though they seem senseless
they still make sense to her

She loves to hear the lovely songs
he sings to her whenever they are together
but now no one to sing to her because
he is faraway from her and this brings
heavy tears to her eyes because she knows
deep down that no matter how she tries
to hide her emotions she still loves
and cares so much about him
200 · Aug 2017
Love for True Beauty
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
When he first saw her
she was glowing and
to him she was so beautiful
to the eye of the be holder

He saw her as pure beauty
and because of this he
loved her the more because
to him she was the
most beautiful lady that
he had ever set his
eyes upon on the
surface of the earth

It was not only because
of beauty he loved her
he also loved her
because  of her silky hair
and all other physical feautures
that she possessed

It was not only because
of her physical feautures and
beauty that he loved her
he also love her
beacause of her flaws
to him she had perfect flaws
and her imperfection was her perfection

Truely what drew him to her
was her physical beauty and character
to him her beauty was intoxicating
just like alchohol is to the body
when taken in excess quantity
and with that he loved and cherished
her the more and promised to
love her till eternity
194 · Aug 2017
Pre eminence
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
It happend so fast for them all
to them they owned the society
but to the society they were imposters

Rebels made their tenure as rulers
hard and difficult for them to handle
making them **** more rebels than before

And this caused the Pre eminence
to imprint their death day on everyone
belonging to that society including
his cousins who were his order

This singular act made the society
stronger than before and this made
the rebels their main target
and as time went
184 · Aug 2017
Birthday Wish
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
On a very special day
an angel was born
into this world and
that angel was you
You brought with you light
and happiness to the world
and that's why you were
loved so much and you
are still loved till today
You are like a shinning star
to the world and  everybody loves
and cherishes you
You are very special and gifted
and as a friend and a sister
I'm wishing you a very
To everyone  whose birthday is today and the the rest of the remaining months
181 · Jun 2018
Growing up to be big
Chidera Abaratu Jun 2018
when i grow up i want to be a farmer
my child, you will till the soil and produce fruits
then what if i become an engineer
you will build and construct bridges my dear
but mother what of if I become a poet
If u become such my dear
You will write for the whole world to admire
and see how good/talented how good you are
178 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
Their love was no more
but yet they kept their cool
the burning fire was
but yet they never showed it

The sparks in her eyes were no more
their kisses were no more as hot as it was before
butterflies no more hovered in her stomach as it
used to when he touched her
what she felt for him was nothing but pure hatred

With time he understood her
and started fighting for her love
the love he knew that no longer existed between them

But yet he fought so hard
to the extent that he risked
his life to show how much he loved her
but yet she never showed that she cared
and this brought pain to him
yet he never stopped fighting to gain back her love

As time passed by
she felt little sparks when ever he held her
and also felt pain seeing him in pain
yet she acted as if she didn't care
because the guy she claimed to hate the most
was the one she was falling deeply in love with

As they grew older
they started to rekindle their love
but this time she loved him more than ever
never letting him feel such pain again
this time she felt his pain and he felt hers

Their love became like burning fire
and the little things she had against him dissolved easily
because of the love she had for him
unlike before their love became stonger
and brighter for all to see and admie
their love was like fireproof
truely it was fire proof
175 · Jul 2018
Chidera Abaratu Jul 2018
Now it's dawn
and everything is coming out
even the flowers are looking
so beautiful for all to admire

Now the sun is out
yet everything looks so perfect
even the clouds look perfect
as they form images for all to beautify

Now the sun is setting
yet everything looks so good
even the plants and trees are dancing
to the rhythm of the wind

Now the moon is out
and the stars are twinkling and shinning
making the sky look so beautiful and bright
for all to sit and admire
166 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
It was just her thoughts
But it became her action
When it did she thought
It was normal cuz
To her acting on impulse was normal
As time went on her actions became
A habit
And every day she acted on
Impulse not even thinking
If what she did was right or wrong
As time went on
Regret  became her best friend
Tears every night on the bad habit she had grew up with
Right  now it was difficult for her to change cuz it was already too late to change her life style
156 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
Now we all feel numb about
what goes on arund us
we don't feel pain, happiness or sadness
we've numbed our feelings not
minding the situation at hand

We've created an invisible wall
for ourselves
shielding every feeling that comes
by both good and bad

Through experience in life
we've learnt how to shield
useful emotins, hide them
discard them and even render them
useless because to us they make no sense
141 · Nov 2018
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2018
Sounds are getting louder
but yet they are not loud
enough to be heard by anyone

Now the sounds can be heard
by people but yet it can't be said
by anyone because it is difficult
to translate such sounds

Now those sounds can be translated
but no voice to say it because
its unbearable and difficult to
think of translating such sounds
because they are sounds of the shadows
which belong to those 6ft below
141 · Nov 2017
The Little Child's Fate
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
The little child sits on
the streets always looking
for help from passer by but
to no avail because to them
she's of no importance to the  society

With no one to fend for her
she fends daily for her self
by hawking on the streets and
accepting all the hardship of life
but yet her hard work is of no use to the society

She is seen at every corner
of the streets begging for food
and a place she can call a home
but yet she's being neglected by those
who can lend a helping hand to her

Tears are her daily companion
and the is nothing she can do
about it because no matter how
much she tries she knows that
Poverty and Racism will always be
her companion till the end of time
133 · Nov 2017
Their Inner Most Self
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
Their worst enemy sits at
the opposite side of the table
waving and smiling at them
as she always does
whenever they show their stupidity

Although she does not seem harmful
she's their greatest fear and enemy beause
she has the ability to do what
they can't do and that's to be
on the inside and at the same time
on the outside

She knows she's their most feared enemy
and she loves it because she knows
what they haven't discovered and has
what they  can never possess in this life

She knows who they truly are
she knows their inner most secrets
she feels their pains,happiness,love
Joy, sadness,numbness and satisfaction
and she's no other person than
130 · Mar 2018
Chidera Abaratu Mar 2018
I wish I can put you in my heart
I wish I can wrap you in my self
How glad I will be
And now memories of the past
Comes running down to me
126 · Aug 2017
Mystery of life
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
When she was born into this world
she cried out of fear because she sensed
how evil and dangerous the world was

Growing up she lived in different enviroment
Her mum and dad potrayed good characters
strangers that lived with her potrayed both
good and bad characters
leavig her to herself to sieve out what was right

As she kept growing she mixed up
with different people
both thise who didn't know what was right
and those who knew what was right

At a particular point in life she was left alone
to choose for herself what was right or wrong
as stupid as she was she chose what was wrong
forgeting all the good thing she was ever taught
letting the evil of the world dwell in her

Thinking of her life one saturday night
she felt iritated and angry with her self for
forgeting all she has been taught from
her parents, school and stangers

Trying to improve on her life
she remembers her cretornand her actions
brings tears to her eyes and this made her
more irritated than before

It's true that prayer brings inner peace
but still that guilt still lingers deep down within her
that feeling of being a failure is still being felt within
her even thoughnshe tries to ignore ir push it aside

Still trying to get back to her  senses
she goes to different people for advice but
yet she's misled and just like the prodigal son
she re thinks and this time she dosn't to a stranger
but goes to the people who brought her into this world
for advice and to beg for forgiveness

Just like our creator in heaven who pardons us
she is being pardoned by them
and that's the reason she loves her parents
because no matter the crime
123 · Nov 2017
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
He feels her presence
yet he can't reach her
because to him she is a far away
and yet her love is being felt by him

He sees her every where he goes
yet she's truly not there
its just his imaginations
that form images of her everywhere

He smells her lavender perfumes
all over his house especially his room
because he is so fund of sharing his room
most especially his bed and clothes with her
but she's not really in that room
its just her smell that linger round

He hears her laughter everywhere
but yet he can't see her and this makes
hi miss every moment he spent with her
and this feeling makes him sad because
he longs for her but yet he can't get
a glimpse of her because
she is so far away from him
120 · Aug 2017
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
It was something
that felt so good to feel
because of its nice presence

To some it was un believeable
to some it was a fantansy
some just loved the way
the wind blew on them
while some just loved the *** feeling
because it felt wonderful

But what was this
feeling that felt so good
and awesome that it
couldn't be forgotten

Of course the feeling
was felt everywhere
and the presence was
in the enviroment
and that feeling was
no other than Happiness
118 · Aug 2017
Life is like a stage
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
In life we all need to know that every ones important
both big or small ,rich or poor
we all have a role to play on the surface of this earth
because life is a stage where every one shows their
true character both good or bad

As we move in life we all should understand that life
is a stage where  we need a lot of people to fit into
and act ***'life show cases the way we are both inside and outside

Living life needs alot of people to make it intresting
it needs both good and bad people
strong and weak people,rich and poor people
big and small people to make it more realistic
***' if life is like a stage characters of different kinds
and types needs to act on it to show that truely
it's a true stage and its also reality *** the roles we
play depict the society as a whole
118 · Nov 2017
Night Time
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
Its night time and everywhere
is silent because the whole world
is asleep or getting ready to sleep
making the earth peaceful

Its at tis time that
all the stars came to show
in the sky by dancing and twinkling
in order to provide light for
the serene environment
Its at this time that the
night calls out to all the creatures of the night by using the moon
as a means of communication to them all
and it even calls out our guardian angels

Its at this time that the
stars and moons start their
own form of work by giving
a path for the sun so that
when morning comes it can come through
in its full glory and armor
first of all I would like to say a big thank you to Omakanim  Jordana Isibor and Anigbo claudia
117 · Nov 2017
New Life
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
They can't feel anything again
even their heart has stopped beating
and their breath has ceased
making them look lifeless
but deep down they feel something
that they can't even explain the new feeling
that is arousing in them like
Pack of Lions arousing from their den
and this feeling is no other than the
feeling of death parting way for a new life
to be reborn into the world
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
As Time flies away
He shouts out to those
who lazy around cause they
feel there is enough of time
saying "Dudes I'm flying away
and I'm not going to wait for any of you
because presently you're wasting me"

And then love came around
shouting out to call all those broken hearted
people looking for true love saying
"Hey people stop searching everywhere
for me cause with time I'll come if not now
you'll feel my presence sooner or later
before Death comes knocking at your door"

And then Happiness came along
shouting out to all those sad people
looking for humor everywhere they went to
saying ..."Hey guys I'm always here so please stop
searching for me outside the box
because I'm forever with you guys
calling out your names to see me"

And then Death came along
and in a silent voice said to all those
depressed people "I know that you
do not value your life that's why
you want me to come around but don't
worry when every good thing on this earth
is gone I'll come around to take you with me".
It was not easy typing this you know ... all the time it took me to compose this poem in the spirit ..but above all.. I give thanks to God for making it possible for me to finish it ...cele lommo momo lemomo la fek la fete..x2 ...oya neighbor kosubo magnet ..cele lommo le lommo la fek la fete
107 · Jan 10
We all have something
we aim on winning
in life after all these comes
to a final decision or end

Some have goals to score
at a football field
score at a basketball field

Some have a novel to publish
some also have a poem
Magazine to publish

Some have a bus
A train
Or a flight to catch
Some have a visa interview
to attend or
Going to pick up their visa

In all we all have something important or serious to aim at
Or achieve in our daily experiences of life
99 · Jul 2018
Growing up to be big
Chidera Abaratu Jul 2018
when i grow up i want to be a farmer
my child, you will till the soil and produce fruits
then what if i become an engineer
you will build and construct bridges my dear
but mother what of if I become a poet
If u become such my dear
You will write for the whole world to admire
and see how good/talented you are
98 · Nov 2017
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
Now different things are
coming to an end
different memories to
be remembered
different memories to
enjoy because they are
difficult to forget

New friends that are
difficult to forget
cause they've impacted
a lot in our lives

A lot to learn from
places that we go to
a lot of memories to keep
cause we can't forget such memories

Now we've had a lot of fun
and its time to go
cause we can't stay in a place forever
but yet the memories both good or bad
ae to stay forever
89 · Nov 2017
His Poem, His Poetry
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
It came so fast
at first he didn't know
when and how it came about
but yet he couldn't resist it

Thinking of the idea
that came so fast to him
he sat down to clear his mind
of all other thoughts
and do a draft of his work

Still working on how best
to put down his imaginations
he came to a conclusion
that he would let his imaginations run wild
in order to come out

Just in a flash all his imaginations
came into being
and through this he wrote
the most wonderful thing
that was being recognized
by the world and that thing
that imagination
was no other
than a very beautiful poem
about life and everything
on the earth's surface
87 · Jun 2018
Chidera Abaratu Jun 2018
Allow the morning to warm
your heart when you are still young
and let the soft winds of noon
cool your passion
but beware of the night
for death lurks there
waiting, waiting and waiting
Chidera Abaratu Feb 2018
She's forever calling out to us
to be wise in our dealings
she's foreve seeking for us
at every corner of our gates,
streets and estates but yet we
do not harken to her voice
because we feel that she is not
important or she's of no use
to the society but yet we are the
ones who use her daily, we are the
ones who search for her when we feel she's needed
but yet are the ones who say to her "You are of no use to the society"
and because of this she keeps calling us "fools of this generation "
because we act without sense and behave like
people who are not born of a woman
But yet there are still people among us who she praises
daily because they act with sense and behave like people
who were born of a woman and she's no other person
than the one and only mother of all virtues
who is called"WISDOM " by those who know
and recognize Her
80 · Nov 2017
Edward Derevenel
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
To his siblings he is
seen as a good and perfect elder brother
to his mum he is seen as a perfect, lovely
charming and easy going son who
loves having fun with his siblings

To his cousins  he is seen as a person
who can never make mistakes and
who uses his charms...his good looks
to get whatever and whoever he wants

To his business partners he is seen
as a good looking and easy going guy
who can be extremely ruthless
when he has to be and at the same time
normal when he has to be

To his female lovers or well put
to concubines he is seen as a very young guy
who loves and cherishes older women
and they also see him as tall and
extraordinarily handsome and is
good in bed with women older than him

To his wife he is seen as someone
who loves and cherishes  her and at
the same time is having an affair with someone
outside and this fueled her anger

To his children he is seen as a
very lovely, caring and playful
father who loves them and they love him to

As for him self as a good looking, playful, loving, tall and
charming young man who women
can not resist and he is no other person than
This was inspired from a book called Ravenscar Dynasty.
A very good friend of mine called Lauren helped me to type it
When I wake up in the morning
I think of you
When I see your face every morning a
I see an angel
And that brings me joy
I love your imperfection
You are my life
You are always with me during the bad and good time
I am sorry for those times I did not listen to you.  Which I will try to do more often  all the time
I remind myself everyday you are the best thing that the world will ever have
I will forever appreciate your existence
Who is this person you may ask?
It's me, I love myself
I hope I do not sound selfish
But I do not see any crime in loving myself
This poem wasn't written by me.  It was by a friend Praise
65 · Nov 2017
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
Now everything is coming
to an end and presently
his walls are coming down
just like a building being demolished

His imaginary walls are
being broken down gradually
yet new walls are being built
because as he tries to be open
people keep pushing him away

And now new walls are being built
but this time  stronger walls than even
the great walls of Egypt because
he is building an imaginary walls
made of Gold , Silver and Bricks
in order to shield him from everyone
so that he can stay in peace in his
imaginary world and palace
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