If I had a choice I would end up loving thee And not knowing thyself
She loves enormously
the very last demeanor of desolate sun,

the way stars undergoes the distance
and all the tussle they had with moon,

She faith not in earth,
not those peeps which appears famish right after having regale,

She wail not at funerals now
for *** has whispered truth
and kept her arouse
from seven lethally sleep,

The way she perforated and annihilated his heart,
The way she gave her clangers the name of freedom,
The way she opted the arms of her paramour and made him watch that in the downpour of October,
The way she sheered without any au- revoir and burned him breathing,

he loved anyway,

That night was black
the sky was plenary,
the moon was serene,
under the aged tree,
her hand over his chest, starkers
they were slumbering, commingling two soul,
that was the final night,
that was their final powwow,

After that night ' My mom kept continue the yarn',
there was no her and no he,

Before any toughie comes in my cerebrum she ended it saying ,

"She shot his head
And cut her vein
for they mastered their devotion
they conquered their fate
when they found them under the pines
blood was everything that left "
  Aug 2017 Chidera Abaratu
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who am I?
I couldn't tell you.

I am a shapeshifter.
I have many hues.
My emotions depend
on the feedback of you.

If you love me,
I will shine.
If you play coy,
so will I.

Hurt me,
go ahead and try.
I will turn dark
and blend into the night.

You'll never know
what character I am.
You'll never know
because I don't even know
who I am.
Wow! Thank you, everyone, for the kind words. I've never felt more at home than with Hello Poetry and the people it comes with.
  Aug 2017 Chidera Abaratu
Taye Russ
why do bad things happen to
those who strive
hardest for the
best things.

it is much harder to
earn the good benefits in life
than it is to
receive the
terrible gifts.
i feel so numb....
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
Life is  a stage
Act it
It's a movie
Watch it
It's  a puzzle
Solve it
It's a game
Play  it
It's maze
Find it
It's a jewel
Treasure it
It's life
Live it
To the fullest
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