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Thurston Apr 14
Awakened. In-between a dream
and the cool, blue breeze;
A breeze that rushes through these pleats;
Enlivening the senses.
Truly alive through the blues
of every shade and hue;
No matter how wild these waves become.

The great pleasure of movement;
All life supported by Ocean.
Delighting the senses of the mind.
Rushing from dark depths to sparkled skies;
Engulfing, enormous mouthfuls
of seawater, the taste like a humans tear.

Across thousands of miles, she glides
with the certainty of distance
and satisfaction of her sounds.
A beauty far from a concept
yet a reality born by the stars.
It is in everyone of us,
everyone who dares to dream.

The embodiment of character
and her spiritual nature
lies above all features and traits.
Like every man, woman and child,
freedom is all and everything.
Unique, yet not solitary,
for she has a calf in tow

Man may never infiltrate
the unfathomable soul of a whale.
Given to her, the greatest gift
that nature bestowed on any mammal.
This truth is unknown except
by a divine revelation.
Nature and spirituality
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