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Thurston 17h
As I see the focus of the crowds;
I am white, there is no doubt.

I sense the fear;
I feel their pain,
The injustice.
I feel the same.

Empathy is a tired vow;
Standing by the TV to shout;

I say "we are one;"
From my gated halls,
Equality for all."

Im not victimised by race;
Or asked to explain why- as in the States.

Beyond controversy;
Or protest;
With Freedom of Speech
I too, wish to request


A complete deconstruction of what is wrong,
A Democratic rethink and a creative rebuild!
Thurston May 23
Today,  time can stop;
the talk and the clock.
Some place still where I have to be.
A sunburnt plenum,
O' darkened room.
The vision is clear to see.

Known, bore unknown,
Once again known,
Echos evoke and distill.
Amid precious joy-
Time chased as a boy
Life's within me at will.

To haul at lifeline,
A lot closer to this,
Makes the valves of my heart start to weep.
Shadows of love,
Arise to remiss,
Cast within combers at Sea.

Maroon silhouette set
soft against red,
Whilst falling fevers invade.
The brighter they burn,
The closer I get,
Never will, these flames ever fade.

Nor hard to find,
the span of my spine,
The scarring of spirit is harsh.
High pleasure and pain,
Coerce through my veins.
All for what penetrates a heart.

Twice-over sublime,
Salvation does chime,
The colour, the warmth and the Love
Before the rewind,
blinks back in my mind.
Today, and for all I dream of.
The collections of memories throughout Life and it's value.
Thurston May 22
I have spent my time,
crawling through its dirt;
creeping in gutters;
a tough skin beneath
sequins of colours.

You all know me;
close to the ground;
so rarely seen;
since time began;

Under rocks,
Or shuffling
busy feet;

the sky.


through sand.

Shedding skin;
Staying the
same within.

On grounds when stirred;
Venonous strike!
One last squeezed wish.
Cold blood delight.

unclean, yet I feel
all - everything but
how I wish for the
Soul of the Eagle.
Different Souls, Different Goals.
Thurston May 21
I see you spinning around and around
Again, your nimble feet now they twirl.
Cotton socks step over and pad under,
Untrained- how you begin to swirl.

Da-dum, da-dum,  da, da, da, di, da, dum.
Da-dum, da-dum,  da, da, da, di, da, dum.

Come over here from the fireside;
Laid on your back with time to stare;
This Gecko can crawl to the ceiling lamp;
Turn on his front and kick his heels in the air.

Da-dum, da-dum,  da, da, da, di, da, dum.
Da-dum, da-dum,  da, da, da, di, da, dum.

Well you know that I've tried to talk to you;
Skidding, sliding right into place.
I just sit here, as this moment becomes clear,
This star will burst to outer-space.

"Go Back!  as these wings are on fire"
"No- We're going to crash , high five arghhh"

These times have made me forget myself;
Ever since the first day of our lives;
I forget we have told so many tales;
What wonder is looking through your blue eyes.

Da-dum, da-dum,  da, da, da, di, da, dum
Da-dum, da-dum,  da, da, da, di, da, dum.

I follow your steps along the mountains edge
Each trouper placed again, again, again.
They stand a-round and ask one another,
How exactly was all the time spent

January, February,March, April
and May, June and July, August OK
Thurston May 17
Each dawn, I reach for the Sun,
And feel it's round, amber glow.
With hope each meadow flower will turn
To sing splendour of this blazon show.

Praise all hues that wrestle shade.
The glistening shards that paddle ashore.
Dry each print, where our steps have played
And shatter sky till I see no more.

Leaves once trembled and shone for love,    
The sap of Fall has flutters few,
Life's verve is what we will become;   
Not nestled glum, in misty view.

We run to embers from frosty field,
A warmth from boundless borders.
Come dance amidst the darkest night,
As Life's Eve is drawing closer.

If glory shone in evening's light.
Bowed Holy on a raven sea, or
Gaze slumbered upon a softer sight.
Stay late and sleep the night with me
Everyday, the Sun shines.
Thurston May 16
The phone spilt through each room ,
I have no mind in Summer.
Fumbling through drapes
As I answer the call.
'Hello!  Hello'

Silence, warm silence;
Then a warmer - sharper tone;
Long, slim and gone.
Gripping a plastic phone,
Left here, alone.

It was around six again;
Electro sounds cutting the
morning's first verse;
Laying its tracks through my mind;
The bullet train came.

I bowed at the floor
Silence, still silence
Asking- 'Is any one there?'
I cut the call..

Only someone that I would know,
Listening to every word and tone;
Checking I'm live.
Passing a memory in time;
Or guilt still owed?

I see you shelling seeds,
Sat on a green plastic stool.
Could it be you?
In that lonely, falling sun.
I feel you too.

I see you again;
A different face. Not so zen-
but lost, colder.
Reflection in your shadows;
Say times have passed.

I run downstairs to grab the phone;
There's no ring, there's no tone.....
Thurston May 15
Spring carried its call on that May morning;
From churning the fields, to felling the pine;
Each homage attested was carded in prime
And they marched into War without warning;
Singing deep from within to their strides of rhyme;
'The light in our hearts is the source of our souls;
Love warmed all and every one of our bodies'.

Now, nailed beneath this rat hole to skyline;
Paced, black splintered stumps, shot-blown and laid low.
From that charcoal far line, a shadowed halo;
A speed throbbing sound started coming.
The outbreak of fire rapped dark clay on hard souls;
Scorching and tearing the raw nerve of the fierce;
Within drifting clouds - the same vista appears.

Shells scattered the prey, some froze there like stone;
Bodies laid pardoned, no senses to mind;
On a thrashing gun, each man left was descried,
Til furnaced heat burrows straight through the bone;
Yet on, piercing white to shatter inside;
For courage's glow, cools soft with the breeze,
As this time known now- is just memory.

'Oh star of night will you guide me to thee;
I never paid mind of your shine until now;
Lucid you are, in that black, river crowned;
Far from frozen Earth that now drains me.
May we be gone!  Radiant'- on muttered prayers;
'In Life- far from time, Oh when will it be !
When all Man's love lights this world for us to see?'
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