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His Romanian presence just gives you funny flutters
His wavy hair give you the stutters
His deep brown eyes make you want to cry
Any girl would get with him, many daren’t try

With a swish of his hair he’s in your dreams
He stands, Stares and exclaims ‘Fry’s Chocolate Cream’
His voice is devilishly deep.
It almost makes you fall and weep.

No mere god has anything on him
If you doubt this just witness his grin
Some say he’s just a boy from Transylvania
But I see him, as the King of Romania
So my friend tried -and did pretty well- to write a poem about me. I only released this to show the difference between our perspectives, and if you try to ignore the many inside jokes, he portrays me as a happy and cheerful person. I only wish I saw that.  I digress, this poem was written by Daniel Palin and I’m honoured to be seen like this. I changed the name of one of my older pieces -originally called why- to play part one of the view of me.
The days grew long,
I wish I had the truth
Instead of going along
And  buying all of your lies

The nights grew short,
I wish I had my friends
Instead of choosing you
And leaving un-cut ends

My eyes grew dry,
I wish I had someone else
Instead I followed you
And closed my door to others

The cuts grew deep,
I wish I could stop
Instead this my only path
And I will walk it alone.
I wrote this one alone. And this is the first one that I wrote when I felt abandoned.
My emotions are like a waterfall
I always drop from a high to a low
But when I look at it. I see beauty
My emotions are beautiful

My emotions are beautiful
They are an art, a skill to learn
But when I see them, I see complexity
My emotions are complex

My emotions are complex
They are a closed system, self-hurting
I’ve close the door to my mind
My emotions are isolated.

My emotions are beautiful
My emotions are complex
My emotions are isolated
My emotions scare me. Like my knife.
I tried to describe my emotions and I still don’t understand them.
Looking at my mirror.
I take half the of what people see
And I feel alive
For once.

I take my stolen goods to school
I run with it and smile
Why does everyone like me
For once.

I take my bought lie to my friends
I run with it and laugh
Why do my friends find me funny
For once.

I take my scars home
I run with it and talk
Why do my parents finally love me
For once.

Why don’t I feel alive
Why don’t I smile
Why don’t I laugh
Why don’t I talk
Why is my perception wrong.
Why do others know me better than I do?
I wrote this surrounded by friends and none of them noticed it. I need new friends.
Maybe I don’t feel too good
Because when I look at myself
I only see the darkness
So why are other people blinding?

Maybe I don’t feel to well
Because when I question myself
I only find the worst answers
So why does everyone else has a cheat sheet?

Maybe I don’t know anymore
Because I have a knot in my stomach
And it never goes away
So why does everyone feel so good?

Maybe I don’t feel happiness
Because I lost all feeling long ago
And only try to feel pain
So why do you have love?

Maybe I want to die
Because I feel like that I’m not good enough
But that’s just a lie
I just want to leave everyone else.
I think the reason I don’t improve massively is because I write everything first time. Nothing has any planning because emotions only come once.
I walk into my room
Head down, feeling lost
I can’t explain it,
I’m alone in a crowd

I look at the mirror
Eyes lock, searching deep
I can’t explain it,
I find nothing there

I look at my glass
Head up, wobbling arms
I can’t explain it,
I’m lost to the colours

I cry into my pillow
Eyes closed, screaming silent
I can’t explain it,
It’s my last friend

I look at my wrist
Thoughts racing,heart pacing
It’s all bare
But today is not the day.

I can’t explain it.
All it takes is one line to set off a motion of thought.
I feel like I’m held back in my life
I just woke up late, I missed the alarm
And now everyone is living it
While I’m left dust of my achievements.

I feel like my dreams aren’t mine
I just leech of others
And when they remove me from them
I complain that I’m excluded

I feel like my thoughts aren’t true
That my mind keeps lying to me
But I grab them like they’re going out of stock
Even though I know they aren’t true.

I feel like my heart doesn’t beat
It stopped long ago
I’m only held up on a promise
A promise of better

But that’s just another lie.
I like it.
Is it wrong to take inspiration from people?
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