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A foreign flutter, their distant mutter.
They speak of you, what to do,
My mind dances, I blow my chances.
She slips out of view, my view
So I stared to talk to this new girl and so far I really like her, I just feel like I’m being obsessive and annoying, even when she says I’m not. Ugh it’s hard.
My thoughts of you, they torment me.
It’s true.
I dance with their lies, wither in ignorance.
Happiness cries.
This pain I do, I won’t stop,
Not for you.
This is like a Crush 2, and I hope you can see the same criticism I made of my crush to this girl that I made in my first one, they’re just more obvious in this one.
Time’s arrow slowly marches on,
Never stopping, nor turning for no one.
As Yesterday’s regrets cry dry Tears,
Tomorrow’s woes slowly appears.
The clock continues to Tick,
And the candle runs out of Wick
I haven’t had the mood to write so I kinda forced this one, and I think it’s obvious.
Richard Graydon Dec 2020
I have so much to say,
But when I look your way,
My thoughts put on a play,
And I die a little today.
Obviously continuing on from my last poem Crush, I’ve realised that my attraction hasn’t went away I’m just able to ignore it better. This one is about that relatable scenario when you go to talk with your crush and the words just disappear from your mind.
Richard Graydon Nov 2020
You are kind without reason,
Picture perfect person.
With you, is like a spring season.
I slowly worsen.
Idk. This was written about my current crush at like 2am. It shows probably the only real reason i like her, my delusion of her and how I can’t see past my frame of mind, and how my rather awkward and probably short lived “obsession” effects me. I rather like it.
Richard Graydon Oct 2020
I’m drunk and emotional, what about you?
I just can’t stop, how do you?
The point is beautiful, why are you?
Through all my stuff, there stands you.
My light that holds, the one that knows me.
I only wish you were true.
So this low quality poem was written after I downed most of the out of date alcohol in my house, and crying for 10 minutes. Uhh it’s not the best, but I think that’s characteristic of me by now, so imma say that’s my style.
Richard Graydon Oct 2020
My life is just the worst,
All my pains, I feel like I’ll burst!
I’m not the genius I once was,
And I’ve learned many flaws!
Doesn’t that sound awful.
It’s like I’ve ripped out my heart and offal!
Her, my crush doesn’t recognise my love.
The bread I had was taken by a dove!
Mom and Dad don’t love me,
And I’m not who I thought I’d be!

But in the end,
oh well,
C’est la vie!
This is my attempt at writing something satirical, and in particular it’s satire on my view of the world. I tend to see the most minor of inconveniences as huge problems and they tend to bring down the importance of other problems in my life, but then at the same time I brush them off by saying “C’est la vie”, “that’s life for ya”. So ultimately I don’t know what the poem is meant to be about.
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