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Aug 2020 · 150
His eyes are getting old
Hunter Green Aug 2020
Why is it so hard to love you?
It’s not that I don’t want to,
Or even that you don’t deserve it.
I just get stuck between the unknown and the desired.
You could be the greatest, the sweetest,
But you aren’t the song I’ve gotten used to singing.
Jul 2020 · 124
It’s always been there.
Hunter Green Jul 2020
I feel like I made a life altering mistake.
Normally I believe everything happens like it’s supposed to,
But this just feels wrong,
I’ve never not felt a pull between us,
Maybe somehow someday it will all be rectified,
But I just can’t get our story out of my head.
I’m scared of you, I’m scared of being near you but near you nonetheless is where I wanna be.
What did I do, what did I do, what did I do?
Did I not listen?
Did I not care?
Did I jump in too fast?
Where were you?
Where was I?
Did I say yes to her too fast?
I didn’t even look for her love but I had  always had my mind on yours.
This was the worst case of bad timing,
I’m afraid I ran away,
Even in college,
Maybe I was ashamed,
Maybe I was too immature,
Maybe this is all in my head,
All I know is I’ll know someday.
Even if I have ruined it all.
Jun 2020 · 72
Giving SSRIs a try
Hunter Green Jun 2020
Somedays I think it will make me feel better.
Other days I wake with- other days I stay awake until the sun hurts my eyes, and it no longer feels warm, just hot.
My heart feels missing.
My mind feels messy. *****.
Everything is too loud and I go again to drown it out.
But I scare easily, so I run away by going nowhere.
I hide until I see nothing.
And when I see nothing, I’m too afraid to see anything.
How can I find a door when the whole house is burning.
Maybe this new bottle will help me find the door.
Mar 2020 · 130
Hunter Green Mar 2020
I can’t stand Kenmore.
Everything I’ve lost,
Not to be dramatic,
But more than a relationship or two was left there.
A place of romanticism,
A place where everything was nice and new.
I left a piece of me, I think a few of us did,
That same McDonald’s on the corner,
A memory burned deep no matter the relevance.
Those camo vests we wore,
The inflatable house we hid out inside,
Countless rounds of ping pong,
A circle of friendship that hasn’t seen the light of day in half a decade.
Driving to Kenmore in the dark and rain,
It feels like life rubbing a sad scene in my face...
Just let me turn my face and fall asleep,
Cause I don’t want to feel false regret or pain no more.
Jan 2020 · 126
The Island Taquile
Hunter Green Jan 2020
The warmth of our voyage slowly dims with every passing storm.
The darkness grows in waves as the compass floats its own way.
The screens cover windows, filtering life with past and subtle dust.
Nothing said or heard is lost with the wind, and this cramped cabin only gains wit with its each and every passing lightless day.
Jan 2020 · 151
Stories Like Your Eyes
Hunter Green Jan 2020
With what eyes did you call me over that night?
You wanted something from me or of me,
I don’t understand.
I wish I weren’t so moved by,
Spiritual stories and my sentimental high.
You see, emily called me before you did.
I saw you and wanted the mystery I made for myself.
You just happened to fall into my fantasy.
At least until you changed your mind...

Started stories,
Piling up,
Getting too heavy for my backpack.
This is why I write so much,
This is why I “cry” so much,
This is why photos will never lose my touch.
There is always more to write,
There are always more pages of white.

One day I will start a story I can finish.
One will illustrate the novels and write the sequels.
Best sellers are all I see ahead.
Dec 2019 · 108
Undercover Undercovers
Hunter Green Dec 2019
Something’s not right,
I can taste metal.
But that’s why I came here,
To inspect the darkness.
Because even in fear,
I’ll search for meaning.
The danger doesn’t bother me,
As long as I find my story.
Try to **** me,
Try to hurt me,
I’ll take it as a badge to wear.
Look at my intrigue,
I have something you don’t...
It’s all just character that’ll make me more unique.
Dec 2019 · 159
Falling Behind
Hunter Green Dec 2019
My mind’s like rock but lava,
Ice but calving,
A mountain in avalanche,
Dreaming of insomnia,
A lion being hunted,
A man in the news.
Quickly removed from vital values,
No longer known for strongest qualities.
Easily swayed by a metaphorical gust of wind.
Reduced but mistaken by foundational niceties.
Dec 2019 · 121
A good thing at a bad time.
Hunter Green Dec 2019
I wish we had met later in life.
We were such good friends back then,
But nothing seemed to line up quite right.
We never got what a couple should have.
None of my dreams ever came true.
I wish we had met later in life.
I wish we were still good friends today.
At this point I can’t even compare myself to then.
Our minds have gone in such different directions.
I followed you so far and shaped my mind to be like yours.
Does that make me loving, or clueless and clumsy?
I wish we had met later in life.
You’re such a fun friend, but you are too close to my past.
I can’t be around and love with giving hands.
Did I ruin a perfect place, or was I just slaughtered by unfortunate circumstances?
I’m too scared to face undying memories,
So I choose to hide, despite the lack of cover.
I wish we had met later in life.
Hunter Green Dec 2019
Am I ready to restart?
Really ready to leave it all behind?
Just the people, or the places too?
If the memories hurt this bad,
Would reviving the pieces pain me even more?
I don’t know if I could stand,
Another rejection to send me sulking in reflection.
I hurt myself too much on my own.
Even after you apologized,
I was still lost on how to act alone.
You taught me to love creating past myself,
Now is there anyway to find that once again?
I feel bad for leaving what made me.
But then again, I hate who I am.
Life takes turns down roads that aren’t on the gps, and every single one is a one way street...
Nov 2019 · 211
Cottage Lake
Hunter Green Nov 2019
Under the water,
Watching as the silver surface moves.
Quickly calm, as the darkness pours into ears.
The mind at rest,
Apart from the world the silence is best.
The pressure pushing into softest of spaces.

The lake is thick,
Swimming between fingers as if to hold its hand.
Keep on falling,
In a world lacking gravity,
Reaching for something to hold whilst knowing there’s nowhere to stand.
Nov 2019 · 192
Dog Days Yesterday
Hunter Green Nov 2019
Hands Cold.
Finally feel hard enough,
To protect my filtered soul.
Sins Told.
Surrounded by a little trust,
Enough to keep me sold.

The heatwaves pressed me down, sweating out my moral code.
The others watched or listened,
Breathing heavy but their judgement never showed.
Held on tight to warmth, let the thoughts pass as I rode.
Gripped so tight it burned,
Remembering the feeling and depth through the blankets I fold.
It was like pain of heat became enjoyment. Like, pain is normally bad, shouldn’t happen, so when my mind flipped that switch for sin, the pain didn’t matter either, and it felt just as good to enjoy a dog day...
Nov 2019 · 156
A Tragic Duality
Hunter Green Nov 2019
Twisting of beauty should not deform the idea, the beauty itself.
Why oh why do clouds of black, rain down on the subject of shame and pain?
Why can’t the weapon be materialized?
Why can’t the lies be realized?

Beauty is the best source of pain.
Take a thing high in glory,
Pure and pleasing,
Disturb the foundation,
And watch it fall.
The height lets it into the darkest hole.

Why is this so?
Why must what is made most magnificent,
Suffer from a subtle switch of substratum,
To break and bend hearts so badly beaten,
Until it becomes easier to drown in poison then,
To take a breath of oxygen?
Nov 2019 · 134
Beauty May Be Twisted
Hunter Green Nov 2019
This medium of art is a vice in my heart,
The softness of the canvas, paints a potent addiction.
Emotions flow even below the eyes,
Somehow the smallest brushstrokes pull me in and wrap themselves around me.
Can I separate the profession from my own creation?
Or will this easel I approach, trap me wear I stand?
Nov 2019 · 156
How to Feel
Hunter Green Nov 2019
It’s running and fighting.
Fighting the running to grasp some humility,
but fearing the loss of value in my true location,
my true state of being.
Do I fight just so I don’t become a disturbance,
My own mind dying, just so I don’t receive more rejection?
It is either protection or pride.
While still chasing that perfect child,
I listen to the lies that keep me from something that might actual help.
Nov 2019 · 99
Who will make me, me?
Hunter Green Nov 2019
I can let go of what you did,
I can forgive pretty quickly.
The problem is,
You changed the way I look at myself.
Now I have to forgive myself for being the way I am.
And that,
That, I am not so quick at doing.
Hunter Green Nov 2019
She cares about me.
She looks me in the eye and smiles so hard it makes me wanna cry.
I haven’t been so loved since, hell I don’t even know when.
And I don’t think it has anything to do with,
Who I am or how I see her.
The golden light just bleeds beneath her skin,
and she says,
“I just like to make you grin”.
Nov 2019 · 52
Searching The Stagnation
Hunter Green Nov 2019
Back up, restart,
Right after the emotion blacks out.
What was once received?
That put the expectations so high.
Lack of interest,
Lack of action?
What was the driving blow?
Why did the heart feel a wound if the skin never broke?
Confusion and kindness, better friends than killing and curiosity.
It once was thought that it might be,
Thought for good reason.
It once was thought that light could be seen,
Through these eyes of green.
After blue finally turned to brown,
The heart might restart to bleed.
But it seems these thoughts have only given way,
To the weight of missed and mixed messages.
Hunter Green Nov 2019
My biggest fear is someone just as willing who loves to cut the strings.
I could be careless all day long, without a single ounce of shame to hang.
Quick explosions, no lasting flames.
The forest would be safe, I’d have fun playing games.
Oct 2019 · 174
Good Intentions
Hunter Green Oct 2019
Why do you tempt me.
Just when things might be getting good.
I don’t find it as unwelcoming as maybe I should,
but rules keep me from wasting unspoken promise.
Except my amiableness won’t draw lines harsh enough.
Oct 2019 · 85
Brick by Silent Brick
Hunter Green Oct 2019
Look up at these walls.
Outside the city, but never really seen.
Lacking in uniform, a past of wars and conflict portrayed in every laid brick
History has shown that intruders have been let in.
Maybe disguised but overtime laying siege somehow.
Still poor leadership, or experience were the enemy,
Not just flaming arrows from the other side.

Researching the most recent battle, the scars still fresh in this expanding kingdom,
The enemy did not conquer,
But the kingdom surely did not win.

Warriors unfit for combat, never seeing blood or swords before,
But now the only line of defense for an unsteady people.
Having heard of war before, or even seen a nearby passing army, each man had an image of military and what they must do.
Full of misguided ideas, but not without trying.

Year after year the warriors grew more delusional than the last.
As well as a hunger for the glory of the past.
Over time, the walls were grandiosely constructed,
Assuming the worst, they made them impenetrable,
Strong enough to hold a Kingdom captive but safe from the outside world.
Building upon the history of painful loss.
As expectation of conflict grew,
Strategies were drawn and planned.

But there were no generals, no veterans to lead.
Everything was up to trial and error, as if a fight was a longed for pleasantry.
Seeking after any tension, pushing forces into every contested land.
Battle after battle experience was pillaged, but forces were lost and surely it did not contribute to the true knowledge of a war.
The possibility existed that meaningless battle further romanticized a full on conquest.

Soon the kingdom would come to realize, a reenforcing of the kingdom itself would prove to make better a future of warfare, or even the midst of a war would not bolster the army.
Oct 2019 · 728
Fort Georgia
Hunter Green Oct 2019
And I left, got shipped off for who knows how long. I left most of home, all except Dora, and maybe the trees.
And the moon never leaves me anyway.
I was feeling as blue as the shadows of the night.
The fluorescent shining down every twenty steps,
I even miss the tungsten no matter how ugly it is.
Walking empty to the store, I found myself as you do in another dimension.
It’s too late to be here in reality.
Wait... was that... oh weird.
What are they doing here? And who is that?...
She talked to me, and the others faded into maybe another aisle.
We walked past bakery goods,
We walked through the arts and crafts,
We walked past the entrance,
Talking the whole time.
I knew you weren’t the one,
You weren’t her,
Maybe you were one of her?
I don’t really know yet, but something keeps happening.
You ran your hands along my arm and pulled me with you.
As the end felt near,
We looked at each other, and the hug sealed the connection that needed a stamp.
We held our bodies to each other until the warmth filled us up.
It still always fades...
I don’t know what I’m going back to now...
Sep 2019 · 190
Sinclair’s Shadow
Hunter Green Sep 2019
You make me feel unwanted.
I wonder if maybe it’s my fault::
          Did my silence make you leave?
          Did I bore you with my wrongly
          timed lack of energy?
I question my value.
Am I just not good enough for you?
You send signals I perceived as mixed.
You’re too kind to be a random passerby
Your blueberry eyes lock with mine for too long to be a courteous habit of life.
You don’t really compliment that often do you?
The hardest to dismiss is the week we met.
The proximity for prolonged time,
The warmth from how close our bodies were set.
Maybe I’m just mad of cabin fever,
Too long to distinguish hopefully wishing from an interested soul.
Jul 2019 · 201
Far from Fatal Friends.
Hunter Green Jul 2019
They always run away to die,
Never falling in my arms and singing to the sky.
Will I ever know the breaking point,
Between the dust and the clouds above us.
Hunter Green Jun 2019
Does this wall that separates me,
From the chance I have to fully be free,
Require another, a strong and guiding future,
Some opposite to rectify, or is that just a rumor?

A rose in light dawning,
The life of the earth,
A season of thawing.
Oh golden light, leave me now,
This endless fight, something new to be found.
May 2019 · 236
Hunter Green May 2019
I’m slipping, I’m falling,
On my way down I see you threatening my standing.
I don’t know why I put up my defenses,
Like I’m at risk of losing my pretenses.
I can’t celebrate, a stone wall rises before I can appreciate.
I punch the brick to distract my mind.
So I can’t think about the intricate truth.
My hands go numb while handling what I find,
But my mind won’t let you go when my failures are proof.
Apr 2019 · 168
For Man
Hunter Green Apr 2019
We aren’t the same.
I always thought I knew your heart.
Maybe I still do,
But I know we come from different starts.
Your pain isn’t my pain,
Your memories aren’t mine.
Alone I feel lost in this world of ours.
The same notes, same seasons,
They will never reach me the same.
In a way I’m cut off from every single thing you make.
But your words are conceived in bringing us together,
So why can’t I be content even in things I can’t remember.
Singing songs in separate states.
Apr 2019 · 175
The Therapist Obsession
Hunter Green Apr 2019
I can’t stop writing.
I’ve stopped thinking,
And started pouring my feelings out through my fingers.
I find some release, but this sharp pain always lingers.
What comfort can I find writing down these ineffable emotions,
When perfect words surround me like oceans?
Apr 2019 · 255
The other side.
Hunter Green Apr 2019
You’re a flipped mirror upside wrong, right side right where you don’t belong,
Can’t tell where the end begins,
The horizon is the only thing that lives,
Unless the bottom drops out into a free fall heaven,
Taking with it the hopes that the reflection could be more than a hand made inception.
Let me fall back into my own right side wrong.
I wanna be in the background that finds its basis in the foreground,
So maybe I’d believe that the beauty exists in me,
So maybe the creativity could set me free.
Apr 2019 · 193
I Lose Every Poet
Hunter Green Apr 2019
Such a weak bridge,
I thought I had a strong connection,
How are you so quick to burn it down.
Won’t even talk it out,
Would rather sit in silence and doubt.

I don’t understand how the love and appreciation could be lost in a single drive,
Ready to kick me out and cry.
All my good character thrown out in a single thought,
I guess I was never really much to you,
I guess this bridge is something that can’t be built but bought.
Take your time, lose your friends,
You’re gonna have to grow up someday, or maybe not.
Apr 2019 · 170
Adapting lies
Hunter Green Apr 2019
Oh here we go again, another scene another act,
I’ll fit in just fine but I know I don’t belong.
I’m grabbing my passions by the neck, beating them into who they need to be.

Everyone’s the same, we’re all actors in this play.
I never thought I could get away,
But I’m not trapped cause everyone’s the same.
Apr 2019 · 222
Ties Over Time.
Hunter Green Apr 2019
I remember why it hurts so bad.
The moments from the past, felt stronger then than anything now.
The emotion flowed like a river in a stream that was flooding.
Now I walk through their dried up beds and wonder what they were.
Every once and a while I get pulled down by a flash flood,
But nothing will compare to the old water line.
Hunter Green Mar 2019
•I miss these moments,
I feel like they’re all in an arms reach,
But I’m never where I should be.
•The ever simple scenes,
Their beauty hurts worse than not knowing,
I just wish you could see,
•With you they make sense,
Because you and the beauty are one,
I try to cage what’s free,
•But you’re in my dreams,
And I’m deciding if I can trust,
Something made from my past,
•‘Cause that’s all I know.
Mar 2019 · 228
Find Someone
Hunter Green Mar 2019
Maybe I didn’t do it right.
Maybe I didn’t wait long enough.
Time let’s things fall into place,
And I wonder sometimes if they could have if I just insisted against the race.
I let your eagerness fill me with fear,
But I could’ve let my heart be more clear.

It hurts everytime I see you.
It hurts knowing I am uncertain.
Interest is rare these days,
And I often fear the lack of my
Judgment due to my idealistic ways.
I just hope you know you’re more than enough,
I can’t bear the weight of your heart in haze.
Mar 2019 · 270
How the Artist Found Love
Hunter Green Mar 2019
It was New Year’s Eve
And none of it felt like a dream.
I met you just casually,
There was no motive, no awkward intrusion,
It all happened so naturally.
As our day went on,
You happened to never leave my side.
With a mind so utterly confused,
Your presence fulfilled,
For having one share a feeling of mine is something I could’ve never refused.
You were something new in a sea of it,
It’s funny since you brought peace whereas the rest of it brought darkness,
You must be a vessel full of righteousness,
Oh where are you princess,
Are you lost on an island,
Are you in a war of nations
Are you asleep like me?

As we sat together in the dark,
The luminous color giving life to the night,
I had never felt so right.
But what does it all mean?
I mean,
Can you take meaning from a faint seam?
Because I often look too closely at empty occurrences...
But this was different.
Mar 2019 · 164
The Fear of Myself
Hunter Green Mar 2019
Does my motivation lead my potential?
Is my fulfillment in the hands of my dreams?
I know there’s hope in God,
But do I believe the ends don’t justify the means?

I also know I have to share, share what I have to give, or what I’ve been given.
If I keep the doors closed to the worlds of who I am,
I would be just as treacherous as the man who buried his talents.
There must be meaning behind,
Something so great.
Fantasy is beautiful and has its own power,
But my character and past are revealed in truth that won’t cower.
Mar 2019 · 242
Hating Hurting
Hunter Green Mar 2019
I want to burn the insides,
Smoke out the pain of the third time.
If this is what it takes to find my place,
I don’t know if I can go on.
As long as its always you and never me,
I’ll be fine, maybe just skip a beat.

I’m sorry I left my fingerprints,
I feel like I stole color from your painting.
But I still want to visit the museum,
I don’t care the price or the length of line.
I don’t mind the reconstruction time.

I can’t let go without rejecting part of me or emptying my dreams.
My soul won’t let me feel right if I drop hope.
So I’ll stay home and keep writing my poems,
Until I know the museum is open, ready for tentative visitation and revitalization.
Hunter Green Mar 2019
Into this cloud of canvas I could fall,
Shaping my emotions like treasures on the wall.
Like a deathly hunger I cannot ignore the roar,
It deafens with its deceiving grin,
So loud in silent reality,
So bright in dark decree.
Fleeting forests fountaining, feelings flourishing,
Sacred sunsets sadly singing salutations.
Nimble notes noticed near nassaus nothingness.
Is it evil that paints this mural of my heaven?
The paint on the inside of my skull never dries,
before another coat drenches the lofty skies.
Hunter Green Mar 2019
I don’t think the possibility of the emptiness of unfulfilled passions changes the magnetism that radiates from the same possibility of the joy in their fruition.

Is the confidence foolish,
Is the necessity folly?
But no, all the incantations of my past have yet to ruin me.
And despite all of the pain, it doesn’t ruin the lover’s prophecy.

So take my hand,
Even if it’s just to examine.
So take my eyes,
Even if they’re deceived
So take my heart,
Because I rather have you crush it, then to never see it bend or fold.

But I don’t see your heart the same,
No, I want you to be protected with the utmost security,
To be free of heart ache even if ruining my name.
But I know this doesn’t make sense.
The fullness of your heart would experience pain to find the greatest love beyond our game.
And the fact that I helped you get there,
Well I hope I can find joy through that.
Cause all I feel now is an undeserved shame fueled by you...
A reoccurring theme
Mar 2019 · 164
Past and Present messages
Hunter Green Mar 2019
After leaving your side, and watching you cry,
We couldn’t talk or even say goodbye,
I still can’t believe after all we went through,
That it ended on this mountain we climbed to.

I promise I didn’t care any less about you,
I know it was me who walked away,
But it still hurt to lose my best friend.

I just wanna be happy for you,
Even when I don’t understand,
Why we had to end,
I just wanna be happy for you,
Even when I don’t understand,
How to watch you with this man.

I can’t speak for you, but it took me so long move on.
Cause all I ever new was simply up and gone.

I hope he gives his best to you,
I’ll pray for the future you’ll experience soon.
I’m thankful for what I’ve learned,
Even through the way things turned,
Life is too short to let go of friendships with ease, so I hope you never leave.
Mar 2019 · 264
Express thoughts
Hunter Green Mar 2019
As the train rolls by,
ground shakes,
the tracks thunder,
and the breaks squeal,
I feel another destination calling from the cars,
I see a place in the windows through the dark.
My dreams seem to convey the same kind of reaction.
A distant location I am carried to through my mind’s locomotion.
Each arrival is just as beautiful as the last, but in turn and as well each arrival is met with an instinctual tinge of pain from the unknown knowledge of swift and soon departure.
I constantly desire a ticket to ride, sometimes I think I find one in different people, which makes it unbearable to let them go when I know how close I am to home.
I just want to ride that train, someone help me find driver.
Feb 2019 · 221
Uncreated Memories
Hunter Green Feb 2019
Where was I just?
How long has it been?
Recollection from a life once lived, where do these places, feelings come from.
I know they can’t be real,
Or is there really enough in my mind forgotten that has come back to haunt me?
Nights with the best memories made in a different mind,
Settings with enough emotion to hold my confusion in line.
I don’t know if I’ll ever understand this faux nostalgia,
But I hope I cover it with reality when I’m around ya.
Hunter Green Feb 2019
The anesthesia is setting in.
I can feel the numbness spreading through my limbs.
All the pain and struggle of the past is being clouded over now that I’ve given way to the same destructive desires.
It’s like nothing means anything anymore, but consequence every single broken moment still requires.
I don't know how conviction will find me in this crowd.
Feb 2019 · 114
Reaching for you
Hunter Green Feb 2019
Burns me so bad, but I can’t stay away. Warmth and light are too great from this flame. I’ll take the pain with the hope, no matter how long the game.

Can’t take my eyes off this burning in the distance. Too afraid I’ll never find this light again, though I know it’s quite irrational and on a whim...

I have finally reached the burning fire, caught up to the smoke and pyre. All desire quenched in flame, will I survive the heat, or be brushed away?

I didn’t expect it to be so bright, surrounded by light, now I don’t know where to go, how do I hold it here, I don’t wanna leave, I’m scared to show.
Hunter Green Feb 2019
I miss where I'm supposed to be.
As the snow falls and all heaven is set free.
I can't ignore the draw inside,
Every photo and video, I know there's something missing here.
I inhale the beauty of the trees.
The smell stays and hides in my dreams.
I feel imprisoned in my mind,
All the thoughts that keep me from accepting what's near.
I know I have a center point up there.
Over and over I'm reminded of the flare.
It flashes most unexpectedly,
When I think I'm comfortable it blinds me with its fear.
Feb 2019 · 142
This Funeral Goes On
Hunter Green Feb 2019
I wanted it to work so bad...
And you wanted my last name.
It seemed like a perfect ended being set up for failure with me to blame.
Oh my god but you were sweet, so gentle and so thoughtful.
How could I hurt you and your rosy cheeks, now my life’s story feels like a plot hole.
I keep writhing in pain and fear of regret.
Your curly dark hair darkens what reflects.
When I look at my self,
I see what I did to you,
How I put hope in your crying eyes.
There was so much I wanted to do with you,
But I couldn’t go on, I couldn’t keep holding you and surrounding us in lies.
Your glistening blue eyes that pulled me in won’t lose their glow so fast.
You’ll be pulled in like the rest into the great wonders of my dreamscape mess.
I hate that I’m saying this again, but...

Please don’t hate me,
Please remember me.
I will remember you.
Feb 2019 · 209
Generational Sin
Hunter Green Feb 2019
With all of the pain, the regret, the mistakes and failures of youth.
How could you let your children fall into this?
I didn’t see it coming,
I didn’t know it could get this dark so fast.
I didn’t know beauty could ruin your mind.
Our basic desires we were born with, are now ripping us apart inside.
And I feel alone, I feel abandoned.
I just wanted love and comfort,
but I received the piercing emptiness of “too soon”.
At least we didn’t go all the way,
we didn’t get married.
Not that a future with you was inconceivable,
but who knows where we’d be now?
Jan 2019 · 202
Picasso’s Paintings
Hunter Green Jan 2019
The paintings!
The rain has destroyed the art.
The colors drip like blood from the canvas,
The shapes mix together and blur with the meaning.
No one could plan this.
The memories!
The shame has broken the heart.
My honesty crumbles each time I’m reminded,
Their brush strokes fade under new ones,
Like no one minded.
Dec 2018 · 511
Worth More than a Thousand.
Hunter Green Dec 2018
My eyes, that I carry in my hand.
They let me hold the beauty of this land.

Just a square, it’s not much to revel,
Even with its grid and with its level.

It goes beyond some glass and metal,
It opens my heart and mind just like a kettle.
The steam and scream find their place in self esteem,
Because through these eyes the world gives sighs,
And I finally find a reason why life looks oh so green.
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Where is Home?
Hunter Green Dec 2018
Have I lost what I’m just beginning to realize
is most important to my heart’s longing for home?
I was formed in this comforting hurting place of greens and golds and blues.
Help me,
I’m crying in the home-sickness of my bulldozed childhood house.
The rain that blurs my tears,
The fog that hides my fears,
The cold that gives warmth to what’s dear.
Like my memories slipping,
This sense of security feels,
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