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My oh my
What he does to my mind and my heart skips a beat then my stomach is swimming in a sea of flutterbies,
I'm in shock cuz I am
So mind boggled to have the opportunity to feel these kind of emotions
Intense like fire
His flames engolf me with euphoria
Almost the same
As a drug would make you high,
He has me floating around in a haze
Because of this
I'm so amazed
Levi is so great
I have no idea what I was doing before but I know for sure that he makes my knees go weak like I ******
And it peaks, complex and surreal I in love for real..
So insane this I feel
Kisses and hugs
Some smiles and rubs
He kisses my feet and licks them beneath and I giggle in defeat
Oh my god I am sure that he was a gift from God and I can't help but think I have all these things that make.
Me feel complete
Stuck in this rut going no where fast,
When will it be worthwhile to stay here  in this past ..
Memories frozen in place nothing left but the bitter bitter taste.
Seeking a new and exciting Path to find, but wondering maybe if you would really even mind.
Empty stomachs and pockets too, such a drag to feel so blue .

Weakness fades but scars remain the same way it has all become little bit  easier if life is good all that is left in me but my breath of the air .
be careful it will clog my lungs and yet I still have to go on fighting and pick up the pieces that remains because life goes on and it's always the same
Nothing ever changes
I just wrote another poem
And thought I would share

Well here it is

---------------Looking out the window out Into the cold dark world.
Seeing all the damage
That people have been thrown.
Walkig past one another
Each and every day
Not even looking at each other as they pass their ways.
Sadness fills their own heads
Makes them blind and mute
Never even smile
Blank looks or dismay
So caught off guard
They don't even bother to say ''hey''
How are you to day
And even then if they do
The other people say,''good or fine''
Most likely That Not even close to the actions and feelings that
Are just below the surface
Taunting their brains
Suffocating their realities
Creating havoc and chaos every turn
Alone in a world with people all around
Somehow its true but you
Can't forget the your Own views.
You don't have a clue
What others think. Or do

Melting into the oblivous
Having the courage to be different
To strive to lend a hand
To go out of your way to connect to others
And she the gain.
Know that all of us have struggles and all of us Feel pain
But being kind and doing your best to fill their voids.
Show people that are almost ready to give up that their is another way
Share your voice. Share your hearts
Change a view or a soul
Make them all feel better
Even if its just a smile and to say .
I hope you have a nice day
At least you tried to make. Someone
Happy just one more day.

By Anna Marie rose Howard
12- 17-2017
My heart is broken down
My mind is gone
My body is numb
These moments of sadness
Are killing me ... Been thinking too much and
My tears aren't falling anymore
Just red swollen N puffy eyes
I can't .. LIE sometimes I want to die
To end it so much
Going to sleep in the freezin cold ...
Seems like.. Life isn't important anymore
Over fake people and starting to see things differently and I don't want drama in my life
Somewhere in this world is the
Reason ..
I get mind ****** If I had no skills
He wouldn't still be with me
I'm sure of it ..
Selfish to think
I was really that important

Actualy quite the opposite
My tongue is just the Reason to
Pretends he cares

I'm just a waste if time
He says he doesn't deserve me

Maybe I am just a battle ship
Waiting to sink
Over speak and over. Think
Pitiful to think I was better then
Her .. He whorshiped the ground she walked on .. I will never stand a chance
She will always rule the shadows of my relationship
Taunting hiim

He could have her but got stuck with. Me
Im so bitter to say things
lashing out of anger
But I feel as if I'm just tge second choice cuz he couldn't have her
He dumped me for her December 22 2018
I am such a compulsive disaster, my foolish behavior is outrageous  considering my unstable rollercoaster ride I have allowed myself to endure.

My  lover and my partner in life as much as I'm undoubtedly love him with every bone in my body..we are a prime illustration on how we enable each other. As well as procrastinate or another way of saying it would be  
drag your feet
on extremely important decisions that shouldn't be put off .
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