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Violet Nov 2017
I love my younger siblings lots:
having one sister and one brother.
We keep ourselves in our thoughts,
because we cherish one another!

Tammy is my sister's name,
while my brother is then Tim.
I love keeping our pics in frame(s):
both sibs look great to me, so slim!

We're chatting online so much:
keeping each other up, of course.
Usually loving to keep in touch,
together, we're kept: a strong force!

On holidays, we stay back at home:
to play games and take tons of pics.
We're all kept together in good zone;
our hearts are all definitely so fixed!
This poem is about my two siblings, while in ABAB form and has 100 words  as my other works do too.
Violet Nov 2017
Beat up is how I feel today,
since I grasp to be really sleepy.
Perceiving needing to then pray,
it's sad: I'm sensing, really ******.

I'm keeping my head up, slowly,
because I'm enduring to be tired.
Having me then did feel *****,
I don't need my parents, required.

Holding up my really slow head,
is really, just indeed, truly hard.
I’d thought to stay back in bed,
but Mom and Dad will not guard.

I don’t know why I'm so drained.
Washed-out is how I currently feel.
It’s hard to keep my wiped brain.
That's how I hope that it can heal.
This actually has 100 words, as my other works do, while in ABAB form.
Violet Nov 2017
I do always love writing a lot:
usually just poems and stories.
I'd need to think nice thought(s),
with many just good categories!

Writing is really, just so fun for me:
I did actually write, then, everyday!
People have told me I’m "whoopee",
and so that has me think to say "yay"!

Whenever I write, I'd smile,
with valuable logic in mind.
I always grin at any my file(s),
seeing them being very kind!

I actually love editing as well,
so I have asked on Facebook.
People have said I do swell,
so now I feel off of the hook!
This poem is in ABAB form and has 100 words as well, as my other works do.
Violet Nov 2017
I prayed I could attend college,
being am sadly sick at home.
While gaining more knowledge,
I sadly cannot, with syndrome(s).

I stay at home with such blunder,
with "meds", Mommy "helped" me.
She has me sadly has me wonder:
why can't I capture up a degree?

School seems so okay for my siblings,
since both of them behave smartly!
They are out there, then chilling,
definitely easily, never harshly.

If I could ever attend school again,
I could indeed make more friends.
Being in my heart, soul, and brain,
they could stay up until the ends!
It is SUPER funny that when I had written this on here, I didn't know how many words were in it. When I c&p'ed it in Microsoft Word to check its status, it actually had EXACTLY 100 words, as my other poems do. This one is also in ABAB form.
Violet Nov 2017
While I am currently really so ill,
I have to then now stay at home.
That has me able to then actually chill:
able writing with such a sweet tone!

I love writing poems a lot,
since I've had people applaud.
It has me have nice thought(s),
even some are still, maybe odd.

Reading poems is fun as well:
I'd adore reading the internet.
For me, it is just super swell,
studying is never any threat!

When I’ve posted my works up,
I had people compliment them.
Writing and reading is fun, yup!
I now do not feel as dumb.
This poem is about me loving to write and read poems. It is in ABAB form and as my other works, has 100 words as well.
Violet Oct 2017
My family has two precious dogs,
who we always take out on walk(s).
Today my Mom took 'em out, maybe jogs,
when I didn't know she went which BLOCK!

I called her, wanting to go out with her,
but she actually said she was almost home.
She just wanted 'em out for a quick transfer,
ergo, my Mother have me feel SO alone!!!

Mom just wanted 'em out for a course,
but she just went for about ONE minute!
She now makes me feel just the worse,
since she has changed my mood, spirit.

Yep, Mommy actually adjusted my FEELINGS.
This sad poem is in ABAB form (except for that sad, last line) and has 100 words, as my other works do too.
Violet Sep 2017
My nifty Daddy usually buys things online,
since he has found things that are just so fine.
That had me, myself, find a neat purple diary,
which Daddy bought without any inquiry!

But then I found another one, prettier,
for it was really better on the exterior.
Being my second favorite color, gray,
that's how I loved its exquisite display!

It was sadly not currently in stock,
with its nice beauty and amazing lock.
Daddy'd now buy it "when available",
so it is now that gift seen favorable!

I am excited for that new present,
because it seems really pleasant!
This poem is about my Daddy's new gift and is in AABB form. It has 100 words, as my other works do too.
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