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Manila    I was lost through and through, in my high heels and my old dress with my new keys in the wrong city.
Bryce Hellion Christiansen
Portland, Oregon    I try to write poetry, emphasis on try.
alisi olelagi
This place feels like home.
Gesia Nava
†Wisconsin†    ∞Make every single one of your days count∞
Bikini Bottom    Love Will Fuck You Up More Than Drugs Ever Will.
i am miss brightside
In my Father's Kingdom    I am a princess. Not because I believe in fairy tales, or has a prince. But because my Father is a King, and He is ...
Faeza Kazim
Jeddah    Not even sure about my existence.
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
I hope that my writings touch others as Poetry and Timeless Prosodies have touched me. aka: MoonFlower "Fluer de Luna" Currently recovering from a traumatic ...
BeAutiFul ConFuSion
Tim Emminger
Kentucky    Peace, Love and Happiness
Badgerpants Wifflebat
Francie Lynch
A poem is like a tickle, it gives both joy and pain: with blissful tears and tearful giggles, you'll read that poem again. A poem ...
Jan Harak
Czech Republic    I am not even real.
Possibly Hogwarts    I am a cynical sarcastic pseudo-teenager who writes cynical and sarcastic poetry. My love is shared between ballet shoes and ink cartridges and I am ...
Domino Black
A new way to express myself. A new name. A new start. I am Domino Black, I am not real. I am theater.
RW Dennen
Philadelphia    Hypothetically speaking, I would rather be under the tyranny of the diverse majority; rather than under the tyranny of the narrow few. Peace unto you ...
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