I listen to everyone.

But no one every listens to me.

I go unheard.

I'm silenced.

I'm told not to speak about things that matter.

I'm too real for them.

No one wants to hear me.

I listen to everyone.

But nobody ever listens to me.

I just want to be heard.
And we never saw
The light once
These past 2 years

And we tried to
water each others flowers
Daily, but it was never

We tried to soak up
The sun whenever we could

But most days there
Were storm clouds
Lingering over us

It rained too much
This past year, baby.

They say....
They say, sunshine
Is good for your skin
But also your soul

Our souls just couldnt
Shine together anymore.
I was just searching
for a home.

When I realized you
couldnt be my home

I got lost.

So here I lay,
Not only homeless,
But hopeless.

I lost the only
Home I'll ever have.

Maybe some of us
Were meant to be
You held me
In your arms tonight
And my body melted into yours

Your embrace was warm
And inviting
And everything I needed

-and then you let me go, and I lost it all
You'll meet him
some day,

The man who fills you up
just barely enough
to make you believe
you're worthy of love.


Even his love.

But he will prick
You with his thorn
Covered lips
As he goes down
Between your legs
Instead of planting
a rose garden
in your heart.

He will take
Every rose
Yiu should have
Been blooming
And forget to water them

He will slowly watch
as your petals begin to crack
And fall off.
Wither away.

And when he's finally
done with you,
When hes finally
satisfied from the everything
you've given him,

He won't text you,
He won't give you
the time of day.
He will leave you
feeling more empty
Than being alone
ever could.

He will be your lesson.
You teach the men
In your life
How you deserve
to be treated.
Don't you ever let any man


THAT kind of man
Make you believe
you are not good enough.

You are everything,
It was he
Who was not complete
Not worthy or ready
To love you
The way you deserve.
A lesson on one night stands. Men will say just enough to make you believe they are into you, until they get what they want, and have their way. And then they drop you. Most of us will experience at least one man like this. Don't let him break you.
My heart is different now.
For years I was so sure that you were my destiny.
That somehow, some way, we would always find our way back to each other.
Our love was real baby.
It was exciting, and hopeful.
But it was crazy, and jealous.
We fell fast and hard.
My hurricanes collided with your volcanoes.
At first it I thought that's what made us who we were.
And that that's what love was suppose to be.
An uphill battle.
A war you fight through.
But eventually your eruptions and my hurricanes wore both of us down so low that there was no climbing out of it.
I began to realize our love was nothing more than a natural disaster.
We come from two different worlds.
I came to teach you how to put out your flames when they get too hot.
You came to teach me how to hold on through my hurricanes.
We were each others life lessons.

- that's all we were meant to be
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