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Luna 3d
It's one of those days where I miss you.
we  used to sit and watched the moon.
I don't know what happened.
Was so fast with no breaks
But alot on stake
I have no hate
Only sadness
I miss us.
I have to be strong.
But you are my favorite song.
Merp mew untill the end.
Luna Nov 27
We had a love that nobody else had.
It made others mad .
I crave the good times
There's a big chance, you could've been my soul mate.
But you hurt me, left me alone.
I can't say I was perfect either.
I made mistakes and I am sorry.
I saw you, my heart dropped. I couldn't get my eyes off you. Think my heart missed the good times. I hope in another universe we're happy with the life we wanted. Because that's all I wanted with you. Sorry for the pain. But you treated me like nothing.
Luna Nov 1
Remember when things weren't so hard.
My heart is large
Remember when we used to laugh at the silly things.
Maybe you do.
I remember when seeing you was my favorite thing to do.
I remember when you didn't hurt me like the way you do.
You're a good person.
And I miss you.
But it takes two.
So whatever you become, I am sending you love.
You're my friend till the end
I hurt, but there's too much to say. Alot of uncertainty. I wasn't perfect .. you weren't either. We needed each other but now we have to grow
Luna Aug 1
You're not here anymore
No hugs anymore
No random laughs
My heart has been stabbed.
You're not here anymore
I feel the pain down to my core.
Lonely trips to the store.
Nothing to adore
You're not here anymore
Just a closed door.
Miss you
Luna Jun 13
The moment with you is like a cupcake on. Very bad day.
You eat it slow
The colored frosting
The sugar
The fats
Untill it's gone.
So you can look back and say this was the best cupcake I've ever had.
Luna Jun 2
The stars were jealous of our love
Now it's gone.
Where did it all go wrong?
We were like a song
So beautiful
The stars danced, planets sang,
They marched.down their street.
Beautiful everywhere.
Then gone.
Luna Jun 2
Dear future daughter
      Please don't feel like you're a bother
You were created with love
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