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Luna Aug 17
Its tight
I dont know if i should run or fight
If feels like falling from a height
I am scared
It feels like nobody cares
Please, dont stare
I cant
Do it
Luna Apr 30
You stripped her from head to toe
So bad, she cant be sowed.
Her beauty so faint.
She uses paint
To hide her true emotions.
You threw her a toxic potion
Now shes yours.
But her tears creep through her pores
You ruined her.
Luna Mar 2
As i lay in bed
Sadness spills in my head
It sinks my ship closer to my sheets
Let it dance let it dance.
Its built its home.
It'll throw its hands
Luna Dec 2018
Youve hurt me
Is there any more explaining i have to do.
Luna Nov 2018
His minty green eyes
Seemed to fade away
as i focused on his
dark brown hair.
Luna Nov 2018
The yelling
The feelings
The games
Somehow i knew
I was never gonna see her again
Luna Nov 2018
I am not the flower you want.
You tell me you do
But it's all wrong,
I know you'll leave soon.
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