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1d · 18
Told'n Showed
So, this is how I am supposed to feel,
I was quite normal in my opinion,
Feeling quite less than always needed,
Beads and feeds crawling down my cheeks
Along with serene tears filled with significance.

Well, this is how I'm supposed to feel,
You were perfect and I was there
To annoy, to enjoy...
It was a crave of the heart that knows your normal well
But never dared to feel like you...
Never felt as a necessary call.
Oh, well...that day came when I was shown wrong.
Well, well...

Well! This is how I'm supposed to feel.
3d · 15
Whatever share
How many lies do we have to be told? How many, for how many we want to be told. For how many we tell.
How many lies did you tel for your own

But there's hope for us and for our lies,
To be told,
Lies to tell
Everything goes well,
Swell, well, well, well...
Out of my deep well: w'ever;

All good to be, if it can,
Wish I slaughtered all disease,
Oh, well... Why not ask for more?
Well, well, well...
Out of my deep swell: 'tever.

As long as there' s still something good to Save...
Out of my deep Swell well:
Love forever.

But what does love means, to you?
What can be hatable?
Maybe you all know better.
I'll leave you with your knowledge:
LOVE forever.
Out of my deep well,
Swell forever.
Hurt a soul, disrepsected: why would one bother at all? wishing to take what gives me the comfort and leave you all behind, to live your perfect lives with all your pleasures.
I'm sorry that you had to Save me!
This is just something that you do,
Out of your duty and good heart,
One though must be deserving.
I'm sorry you had to take the trouble to Save me...
This life you wouldn't appreciate, I assure you.
I don't know if Shakira style or what but something is shaking... Somewhere.
My bottom got _profoundly_ touched.
3d · 47
Wisdom take Pt I
Eat, sleep, dream,
Never bother for 'your sin,
Never go too deep into' your problems.

Eat, Sleep, dream.
Enjoy the life that's possible.

Take a chance,
Work your body, work your soul...
Work-out and brain-chorus_
Heavy lifting and chores _
Trained body, mind and soul.

Eat, Sleep, dream...
5d · 21
Kids and ideals
She was just a kid looking for some fun
In her life, something good to be lived,
Something to believe in:
One Day she will get there... She'll reach her ideals.

But it wasn't for her, it was not for her...
It was not for me but for the family who had it all...
I probably had it all...

Why can't she have it and I Have it...
"Still a kid?
Good girl",
Just like a ***** knowing it all:
It could be that we both had our good lives imagined,
Wished for, worked for...
Idiotic kid.

Keep hoping for a miracle.
"You either dance the way I say or else..."
Shhh... It was supposed to be some kind of a secret!
"In which ******* world?"
We're here, confessing it all.

Listen to your good parents,
Take a good advice to take,
If the worldly means won't help you
You will find wisdom in the straight stand of a tree,
A whiff of inspiration will be given,
You're still find your way.

I should hope so...
- So, it was my choice to get this Hurt... Hmm... Go figure, it was nobody elses fault.
Perfumed filth,
Even better than I expected,
Now I can bear living with myself,
This body of mine!
Uuh! AH! Fuzz!
Face needing a Venetian mask...
I tried to make one but it turned too small
To cover this face, this lovely face of mine.

Uh! Ah. With so many famished souls out there,
Famished souls looking for *****
To carry the load.
Eat the load, eat the stack of something something good,
Kiss the moons and the stars say: Whoop!
The stars say: "Whoop, Whoop!"
Praise the walk,
The **** walk.
Today I fell in love with the spring,
The spring of Joy in the air,
Flower buds and little Shy leaves
Coming out to embellish the trees.
"Who's sexier now?"

Whoop! Whoop!
Spring of Joy in the air,
Whoop Whoop,
Famished for ***** stare.
Even Sven got out of his spleen.
Whoop, Whoop!
Spring of Joy in the air.
Well Perfumed filth put together ready to walk, moving on singing Motion, pacea of dance, those two well built legs.
It seems to me that I am a *****,
Cheap a *****,
Perfumed flower of the Day...
What else, what else I wasn't there...
Here and there...

I lost the one I thought too good,
She had a mission,
All too great... It's over, now.
I may just die, from their end...

True, true... They need no prayers,
They need no rescuers of their souls,
They're that good.
Or' Maybe they have no soul,
No soul they have...
She May be just a *****... I am too proud for this...
But would you care...
Oh, yeah, you showed all the care.
Maybe she didn't have a choice...

I'm just a *****, among other things,
I like to dance... I like to think...
Your Perfume take, quite cheap,
Cheap, cheap romance,
Cheap romance
Like an ocean breeze.
Do you think she doesn't care,
She has no feelings, o' heart, no brain.
Maybe she didn't have a choice,
Wish we were all much luckier...

I'm Just a *****, dear, what did you expect?
Of Just Justice and Miracles
It was quite music to their ears,
Music to their ears:
Your shouts and Screams,
Your inner fights out,
Wars spit with the venom of a serpent high,
Knowing, just knowing how it feels:
It was quite music to their ears,
Music to their ears,
It hurts like Hell,
Your shouts and Screams,
Music to their ears,
Music to the ears
Your shouts and Screams.

Hard times expressed,
Making something of the beauty one can find,
What went wrong,
What went wrong?
Why weren't those mirror reflected upon your existence?
Why do they enjoy making us suffer?
For you to find,
It's for you to find
It was all
Music to those ears...

Music to my ears all my shouts and Screams,
All the laughter and the tears!
Apr 14 · 41
Defended punisher
There's no forgiveness for what I did!
For you and your crimes
And your horrors
And 'evil deeds,
There'll be always
A Word, a good opinion
To have and think about.
There's no forgiveness for what I did!

There can't be forgiveness for what I did.
You, on the other hand,
For you all due respect.
You and those horrors
You had to do,
You had to do.
Respect: how else to terrify
Your enemy
So cruel...
For you, all due respect.
- I don't know what I could have done in any past life, said the girl, to deserve this!

"God rest the good man's soul."
When someone can love you someone can Save you.
Apr 14 · 38
Trouping on the field
You can live the ******* wanted!
Be the **** and stars and chickens
and cows and everything you want.
You may believe in the ******* want.
I'm out of this. Your fights all in vain.
You keep trying to punish me more,
Curse me with the same crap or even worse.
Why don't you just go to a ****,
You frustrated ******* and *****?
I prepared something nice for you,
All bearable and good to be lived.

'Don't even want to hear about your
wishes to **** me up and offer me goods
I should then Kiss your ***** for
And get even worse ******
By your lousiest pieces of ****!
The kind you'd just love to see me be
For the sake of your personal Victory, worship of ******* and *****
Fighting for what was never but theirs to live and love.
Oh, well... Trouping and fighting to **** all the good they can find
For the Milk and honey,
Greens and funny things
Their ***** need...
Enjoy All your sorrow!
You gladly helped us get all that!

You can live the ******* wanted!
I'm out of here.
Invasion with the purpose of educating one,teaching them a lesson... Show them who's the boss în town or wherever... History and its wonderful teaching reflected in todays society: can be awful, it can be kind, 'can be dangerous and troubling,... it can be fun.
Apr 14 · 38
Saint Garbage Day
In which ditch should I waste this flesh
For you to feel superior?
On which street to make a fool of myself?
Why not Satisfy all your 'highness's evil wishes
And be the lousiest there is?
Saint garbage, saint crap, saint ****...
Saint all the ****** and ****** people making of you
The greatest and most loved.

Garbage, garbage,
Trashing lives,
All recycled, changed, undermined
A demon' s wishes...
To keep all this garbage
In real life.

Garbage, saint garbage
Producer of honey in your lives.
Awful the garbage but when somebody knows how to make of it something else then I suppose it is something like magic going on.
"And so the world Transformed."
Apr 13 · 30
The Vegan Style Pt. I
I couldn't hate this world of Yours more,
What's there to learn that they are too ******* important!?
Oh, but I didn't know, I didn't know!

I tried to avoid it, 'ate all that I could,
Felt ill to the stomach!
Now time to fast and heal!

I even became a vegan,
Oh, well, that went' so well!
Only some birds here started being inviting, delicious food I reject
Like an idiot of a vegan.
Let's have a little fun... The stylish teen-age trend in progress, feeling too awesome to bother for anyone's mean or simply stupid attacks.

Never care too much for any "stupid neighbour". Just be yourself the one you need to be.
God can forgive a little mistake here and there. :-) If there's need of any forgiveness... for something... anything... hmmm....
Apr 7 · 55
I can't believe how much love you can bear,
Faustrated needs exposed - powerfully expressed...
It hurt, It almost hurt but not my pride,
My pride is good without it.

Burning pride, vividly, poetically
Too much love can be there where it cannot hurt;

I can't believe how much love you can bear,
It hurt, perhaps too much or something else,
Not fond of this frustrated twisted romance and blossom of more waste....
What's wrong? Doesn't the world have enough gelee waters
To choose from?

I can't believe how much love you can take...
It's probably me, not willing to understand.
FaustRated note. Just guessing....Kind of 'upsetting my wrong.
Apr 7 · 125
Lucid Streams
Standing for the right thing
Only for yourselves,
Only for yourselves,
I'm not the kid to believe in your games,
Minding my own...
May God keep my mind and my Soul.
Kept safe forever,
Free to explore,
Fight your own fights
And leave me alone.

Standing for the right thing,
Always for myself,
For myself!
I'm not the kid to believe in your games anymore!
May I be helped, We'll be helped,
Our heart, mind and Soul.
Fight your own fights and leave us alone!
Another one of those familiar works that resonated in my chest. I am so sure many have felt this and know ....
Apr 7 · 185
The Damsel in distress
In this maze of dreams and nightmares
nobody knows what is right or what is wrong
only your heart, true
can tell
what you know you couldn't just bare.

In this maze of dreams and nightmares
everyone searches for their heart lost then found,
lost then found,
only your heart true
will tell
to you what's bearable and what was too much to take.

In this maze of nightmares and dreams
nobody will care but for their own heart,
my heart yours, at some point
I lost it,
I can tell, I recovered it for revenge that's sweet,
Ah, this sweet revenge of ours!
And your hearts, true.

A whole world born out of fires, with passionate flames shaped
cutting ways through the thick cold air of the systems
as it spins and turns and rails...
The same path to existence ... for all our nightmares.
How would you like to recover from your old nightmares and fears?

"She suffered a lot, I suffered with her... on the battle field each of us did their 'job well... duty always something good for something else. Grounds are using, decomposing nature knows how everything can be used for all those flowers, trees and everything we need and love... you'll end up loving everything that got out of ****. (sorry for the choice of such an abhorring word.)"
Apr 6 · 61
The killer-knot
I'd **** you all now,
I thought this would be only fair
But loving, keeping you the way you like to be,
It's sane and safe. Amazing you want me to be,
The kind of a great annoying mystery
To haunt you still...
A memory you'll need, one Day...
Enjoy this wonderful silence.
Apr 6 · 69
If a Child...
When we met I was sure that a soul like yours wouldn't Hurt so much,
Train of hopes ruined,
Heart of Gold looking for kindness,
Now where that kindness?
May it be in a safe place,
May you be loved like you needed.

Heart of silence, when we met...
When we met I was sure...
You weren't one of those...
Now I hope I never see or hear of you again.
Haven't you see many powerful uniting to mock and Hurt even Children? Oh, the adults more irresponsible than their kids! Killing other souls each day... It's only a game. Don't you worry. It will be just fine... Trust me.
Apr 6 · 300
If you want to know
I cried rivers of pain for you,
I suffered for that soul I lost,
I suffered for the same things,
Reasons we claim that weren't but ours.

I Poured some in silence
And some had their awful turns...
Why do you want to see me... ?
Like this...
Why do you love me so much?

Grave open to make me see
What Hides into the depths of your kindness.
It's all around you,
Can't you see?
Don't you hear?
What kind of love can be so bright?
What Hides into the depths of your kind silence
Speaks to me.
Why do they bother me? Weren't they already fair enough? At least they are rebuilding their devastated world.
Apr 6 · 80
Horror and Crimes
It was all in my head,
Heaven or hell
Maybe only about a state of mind,
The way of a god or another to tell us what to do
How to behave...

This is how we evolved,
Science based on ideals,
Progress based on wars,
Endless fights for what we want,
For those we will always be there for...
Our beloved... Missions on Earth.
Blood spill for the outrage,
Carnages and horror...
It all happened,
Perhaps we don't want to accept
But there's more than one miracle that can Save the world.
This is how we evolved,
As part of one...
We're one until We're needed

If only this had more to do with my crimes,
My horrible crimes!
For those I'll cry.
It was my decision not yours,
To **** and die for what I believe it was right...
The right thing to do
For me and my people.
Missions accoplished with honour open the skies for us and so we see the Angels and demons.
Apr 4 · 86
Child, have some rest
What's with you?
Why does it Hurt you so much,
Let me find a way to help you...

Let me ease your pain...
"Sleep, my Child...
Find some time to rest...
It's the only way you can help...
You know it...
You thought it...
Others have preached it back to you...
You know this from so long ago... From your dreams and Sleepless nights of childhood...
Sleep, my Child.
It is time to have some rest...
Find a way to understand... this is your time
To rest. Your moment. "
Relativity and fun. We all play the role of a little saviour în our time due on Earth.
It seems to me that they have to do their something,
Like they always do,
Oh! Human businesses of ours...
Do, do, do... Lovely your do.
Say a prayer, whom ever might get helped in their times of need... Yohoohoo!
She can go to Hell and stay like that forever
Because there will always be a reason
To send someone to the greatest pleasures ever... My pleasure!
May it be with Justice.
Apr 2 · 35
A bloody murderer
Killing my bacteria ships,
Becoming the whole world!
No _ thanks to Darwin...?
I am a ******!
A Sociopath... Killing bacterias,
Times of fun killing.
Bacterias upset...? With having to do more of their good work
Apr 2 · 18
You may eat all yours
God, Thank you for this miracle
Of being all too free and all
knowing *******,
Free to **** each other,
A love most wonderful!

Where did that justice fall?

Please, dream on, forever you may dream about your wonderful world of crimes!
Apr 2 · 24
Cup of Heavenly Light
'Robbing you of all your wisdom and knowledge,
All shared for that cruel humanity
Never to come back.

Never to come back to a pain
In their perfect shapes...
We like you as you aren't.

We always try to mold you,
We always have ideas to share with you...
It's funny what we do...
Until we aren't what we really are.
The purity in envy breeds fires that create the perfect tools and weapons for beautiful crimes to happen. It is not a sin this Envy but out of it Sin can be known.
Kind abuses memories
Washing down the pain of your regrets,
Empowering all my abused Angels!

Crystal clean waters
Transformed into wines
Of holiness, holy perfection of God.

Fantasies you will always mock
In your greatness...
What did you suffer to allow yourselves this?

My kind abuses memories
Washing down the pain of your victim's regrets
Empowering all my abused Angels!
Apr 1 · 23
It can only be heavens,
It can only be the knowledge of Hell.
Love, Share and Care.

It can only be fair,
Heavens versus Hell.
Then there's this Purgatory
An a mind shell to fill with all our regrets
And medals.

It can only be fair... Heavens.
There's also a short version of this poem.
Mar 31 · 46
Trouble Sonne
A heart breaking for a lost world to be revealed,
A world of wisdom lost for youth impressed with good **** need...
Holy good ****, holy good ****,
Oh! My holy good ****!
Please, God, rescue us from such a troublesome act_K-not
Lovely Poems
Today I walked out the window
Looking for an excuse to bring a New gift
To your soul in need...
Running for it like a lunatic,
Dancing my way through the crowd
Of Souls gathered around
Something beautiful...
Stopped for a sec and awed,
Gave a dime,
Stretched my arm for a sign
Of recognition:
:Left I Out
Of question
My real purpose for that day?
With a shimmering star lit by the power of will
I woke up, took the path chosen.

In an hour or so I came back,
Forgot to use the rainbow window,
Entered the place through the door:
Caught my husband in bed with a bowl full of somenthing
Looking like cereals
Eating quietly, a pair of chopsticks
Implanted in a noodles bed
With a spread of chocolate chips
Cinnamon whiffs enchanting
The air I was grasping...
Sheer delight.
Mar 20 · 71
Holy Hot Sauce
Holy hot sauce,
Hot sauce burning down leftovers and waste,
Adding spice to this flesh
Not going with anything,
Not going with anything else
Never better than hot sauce,
Hot sauce with well stuffed and fried or stewed
In Shells of porcelain contents,
Shaped and decorated, well plated,
Well plated with Silver and Gold plateaus
Of stew, salads and anything fried
Taking a rich shower of the loveliest spiced,
Holy hot sauce.
This is the long version of the poem (the short one's riding în a contest, or something... Oh, well... I wish myself and the poem good luck! May the best or whatever win.) Hopefully you'll enjoy this write and search for more.
Mar 20 · 75
****** chicken soup,
Yum Yum,
Puddles of chicken soup
All over the space,
There's a tornado of soup
These days
Plenty of chicken soup
In the fridge too.
Happy the family,
For gallons of chicken soup
Every day made in the bathtub...
Hot warming the heart to the bones
Bon on sweet
Puddles of yum yum,
On a plate the bowl
Of YummyYum,
****** chicken soup.
Chicken is: 1. sweet (godammit, let's hope it won't be killing us - 'cause God forbid, we want to live forever!)
                      2. tasty and nourishing, for sure! Nurturing only sentiment of good use.
                       3. ******* condescendent (these days. I Wonder if this is the way chicken always was. So ****** silent and all of).

*"- ****** survivors!" launched the chicken boiling in the bowl...
-****** chicken... Soup! Too hot again! the ragged voice of the termite terminator blurted.
- Oh, how I love a good hot bath and a juice show on such a hot day! Grinned the carrot.
Mar 7 · 112
Roman, you threw me to the serpents this time!
I hate you!
Why did you have to do that?

This is getting obsessive...
I'm sure you don't want to be forgotten but this?

Really... I hate you!
"My warrior, don't leave me!
She said, her heart in tears,
Her eyes with shines of wonderful surprise
All wrapped in fright."

" Don't worry, my great love,
I Will be back sooner than you can spell
Ivory Tower. "

"Oh, but I want to move!"

"Please, dear! It's for the best. Do trust me!"

"Oh, but I refuse, solanellely!"

"Then I will have to leave with a heart too sorrowed..."

As Missy watched the film tare down
Her heart of plastic wrap
Hanging above the TV set ideas started float
Around her hearts all left to hang above
Without a hope.

A day in town, away from the crowd,
Paying a visit to an aunt.
Return back home after Tea...
A ladies beauty spa, a New Cafe and... one *** shop: she enters:
- Hello! Do you have any metal *******?
Feb 25 · 488
Music to...
"The night she bathed into the light
Came with the blessings of your heart
And strong she was to your good sight,
So fragile in appearances yet so bright!

That light came slowly caressing the night,
Embracing her soul for the fairest fight,
So strong, still, too fragile for the part
Written on walls and danced to the right

Height. Looking up, stare into the blight
Of all sorrow ed-souls I saw how you fell apart
And it ached my soul, what solutions, right
To find? What Word for you... crave straight. "

Music to...

©Theodora Oniceanu
Feb 15 · 100
An elephant and an ant once met
In a tree fruiting great harmony
Flowers have bloomed,
Birds have sang
Everyone felt happier than ever, my friend.
Feb 15 · 135
Wee Robotica Hybrids
Roses are blue
And violets are red,
Pardon me,
It was the other way around,
Botox lips kisses might be more appreciative!

When I'm not too LoVeLy

- Hello, what can I do you for today?
- Hmm... I guess I programmed you well, my dear!
Well... A machine can take quite everything. What's up for today?
- A lot of Tales for the wonderful!
Feb 13 · 118
Flowers Vampire
In my personal graveyard waiting for you
To come and bring me the flowers
I Will gladly enjoy...
What am I supposed to do with them now?
Eat them?

Watching from a distance, seeing that you cared...
May I stay with you forever, be your guiding Angel
Instead of wasting my time here,
In this peaceful boring graveyard
Where there's a lot of green
And blossoms to enjoy...

Maybe I shouldn't eat those flowers anymore...
Feb 11 · 175
The COWart
How to slice you chickens? asked the cow.
My hooves can't hold the knife...
******* all their fun or their sorrows?
My blade won't fit my grip...
These hooves, useless to our need!
You turned me into a sloppy cow!
Feb 7 · 41
How dared I
How dared I be happy
And not awake to a myserable state of mind,
Just like yours?
Why fight for the best of the best
When you can have all toe, sorrow on the fanciest plate served...
Why wish for better days
When we know that suffering can make us so great...!
And wonderful...
Wonderfully hateful, resentful, pitiful... Rad!
How dared I try reach happiness?
To your face: a great scam!
How dared I reach to that perfect state of mind called happiness?
I must Have been out of me mind?
Being all close to knowing the best days of y life?
Oh, the horror!
Why, if I can have all your sorrow... and more added to the core?
Burning magical core
Feb 3 · 80
Blueberries blossom-trees,
Clouds made of soap-bubbles,
Creamy grass and foamy bushes
Of roses blue, purple and grey,
Grapes of red and Orange,
Wines of crystal clear greens,
Red-irises to tell of feelings
Too hot or too sad
Burning hues in a phtograph back home,
Where I don't want to go;
Chariots dragged by stallions
And spaceahips to take us to explore
Other natures...
No poverty, no suffering...
No twisted games,
Just peace...
Guns not allowed here.
Jan 29 · 35
A Deco Pass Poem
I claim the invetion but it's interesting how many have done this for a long time now without seeing the poetry in it.

©All Rights Reserved
Jan 28 · 81
Family ad
Hacker *****!
Ruining my life with your wit
And knowledge,
Lovely sound of real life expecting you...
Lovely, lovely.
How do you like my share of condescendence?
_Couldn't we simply understand each other? Children wishing for a better world. _

Oh, well! If you couldn't take me as your greatest admirer!
Jan 28 · 66
April 21, is World Poetry Day.
In Science it is said that everything starts with a question... there must be a question in ones head to determine them to explore more...a need, a crave for knowledge.
I propose a nice playful way to illustrate all beginnings of any study...
apples eggs fruit at your choice in a basket....
Feel free to fill in yours with what makes you happy and may you enjoy this kind of proposed abstract expression.
Jan 27 · 179
Plead for a walk
Plead for a walk,
window glass confession
Heart watchwalktalkmeditationluck,
Cold was not outside today,
Feels like the best spring play
Joy having nothing to do with this run away from your real responsability...
But what to do?
Tell a heart she's wrong?
As if he weren't the same...
Life isn't cruel.
Jan 26 · 90
Private Party Pen
Private Party next door,
My Pen ready to commit ******...
Joy of life though not a sin
For them everything a Joy spin.

Dance! Dance and live your passions
As you are! Dance... But please, leave me alone with my poetry and my soul.
It seems that football and beer is a  much More desired plan today
Than words spoken from the heart or wisdom... or art of the grey,
But what can I say?
I'm too passionate about it,
I can't give up...

Shadows of the past coming to remind me that once upon a time I was quite okay with everything...
As long as I was myself and I was mine not someone elses...

I guess I grew up and I prefer another path... Something that makes me feel complete... myself...
Art beer and football (as long as I am myself I can be okay with everything, can't I)
Jan 26 · 691
Pride waves encounter
With the waves a sea encounter
A spectre of eternal tides
Swallowing my hollowing pride
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