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How to slice you chickens? asked the cow.
My hooves can't hold the knife...
******* all their fun or their sorrows?
My blade won't fit my grip...
These hooves, useless to our need!
You turned me into a sloppy cow!
How dared I be happy
And not awake to a myserable state of mind,
Just like yours?
Why fight for the best of the best
When you can have all toe, sorrow on the fanciest plate served...
Why wish for better days
When we know that suffering can make us so great...!
And wonderful...
Wonderfully hateful, resentful, pitiful... Rad!
How dared I try reach happiness?
To your face: a great scam!
How dared I reach to that perfect state of mind called happiness?
I must Have been out of me mind?
Being all close to knowing the best days of y life?
Oh, the horror!
Why, if I can have all your sorrow... and more added to the core?
Burning magical core
Blueberries blossom-trees,
Clouds made of soap-bubbles,
Creamy grass and foamy bushes
Of roses blue, purple and grey,
Grapes of red and Orange,
Wines of crystal clear greens,
Red-irises to tell of feelings
Too hot or too sad
Burning hues in a phtograph back home,
Where I don't want to go;
Chariots dragged by stallions
And spaceahips to take us to explore
Other natures...
No poverty, no suffering...
No twisted games,
Just peace...
Guns not allowed here.
A Deco Pass Poem
I claim the invetion but it's interesting how many have done this for a long time now without seeing the poetry in it.

©All Rights Reserved
Hacker *****!
Ruining my life with your wit
And knowledge,
Lovely sound of real life expecting you...
Lovely, lovely.
How do you like my share of condescendence?
_Couldn't we simply understand each other? Children wishing for a better world. _

Oh, well! If you couldn't take me as your greatest admirer!
April 21, is World Poetry Day.
In Science it is said that everything starts with a question... there must be a question in ones head to determine them to explore more...a need, a crave for knowledge.
I propose a nice playful way to illustrate all beginnings of any study...
apples eggs fruit at your choice in a basket....
Feel free to fill in yours with what makes you happy and may you enjoy this kind of proposed abstract expression.
Plead for a walk,
window glass confession
Heart watchwalktalkmeditationluck,
Cold was not outside today,
Feels like the best spring play
Joy having nothing to do with this run away from your real responsability...
But what to do?
Tell a heart she's wrong?
As if he weren't the same...
Life isn't cruel.
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