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Alexander Sep 16
You’re an ocean
In a endless desert
A refreshing sight,
But still, an illusion of the mind.
Alexander Sep 16
I can live without you,
But I can’t sit here and pretend
It would be fun.
I am fully capable of surviving on my own.
  Sep 9 Alexander
For the dreams that will never come true
The sound of these dreams are
Echoing through streets
All around the world

For the dreams that will never come true
The dreams that televisions sell us
In different prices,in different shapes and colors
That dreams live in the minds of adolescents

For the dreams that will never come true and
Never came true
The dreams that all of the humanity dreamt and right now we are dreaming
Dream of love and dream of happiness
Alexander Sep 9
I loved an empty being,
Gave my all just so you could feel something,
But somewhere along the way,
You came alive as I withered away.
Alexander Sep 5
tell me you’ll pick up the phone,
Two rings is too long.
Tell me you’ll be at your desk tomorrow,
I’ve never been to good with dealing with sorrow,
But for you I’ll sit up all night,
Talk in circles if that’s alright,
So tell me when did it begin,
When you didn’t want friends,
Or when you did?
When you’re so sad you don’t want to be near people,
Then when you want friends and everyone thinks you hate them. It’s a no win situation.
Alexander Sep 2
I woke up happy today,
The clouds weren’t blue
The sun wasn’t out.
There was no sight of you.
But that’s not the point.
I woke up happy today.
Alexander Aug 15
I want someone to notice me.
It actually physically hurts to know,
No one does.
I’m ok, just for the people who aren’t
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