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Alexander Mar 15
Chilled to the bone
By the words you speak,
Burned skin
From her perfume you reek,
Sobbing sounds only found in my mind
Not letting you get inside.
You tossed our future away,
With not even a goodbye,
And what a shame with
a ring my pocket,
That will never see the light.
I just want to know why. Maybe then I’ll be able to sleep well at night.
Alexander Mar 15
My artificial heart beats
Somehow you made me whole by breaking me apart.
Alexander Feb 18
You burnt me without fire
Bruised me with just words
Twisted with my desire
Until I was begging to be yours.

I remember clearly,
The day I said goodbye,
The fire left burns,
The black and blue
Up and down
My arms.

I’ll never go back,
And I’ll tell others too,
Because they should be warned
Of people just like you.
I’m so sorry
Alexander Feb 18
Your eyes were the lights
That made my leaden life.
Somehow bearable
Alexander Feb 18
A bitter reality the world withholds for me,
Only letting it show when I’m
Barely holding on
Alexander Feb 3
You can hide your shame
Cover your past
But the look in your eyes
Will always last.
I look at your eyes before your body .
Alexander Jan 15
Are our words
    really ours,
      Or do they belong to
whom we        
     I suppose answering this question will answer the meaning of humanity or our lack of it.
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