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I feel alive for the first time in a while
For a friend
Mocking light

You stand looking down upon me
Glowing On me in my moment of darkness

You simply degrade my soul as I reach out to you you pull back

I look through the barrel of the gun
Wondering have they found me
Or have I won

This death game grows louder the sound penetrating my ears frightening me and making my love dull

I realize I have lost
I have not a shred of my original soul
Fire sprites
Slowly through
Winds far and wide
Blow through
The flames spread
The raging dance the
Proud glance
You rage forward through
The nights roar blowing out
The light, Hiding
Waiting in the darkest
Blackest night
I enter a dream
A dream of the fantastic
Reality’s sacrificial lamb
That propels me forward
Battle moves swift
I move swifter
The black nights roar
A silent passion igniting the
Flames of misfortune
The flowers mingle in the morning sun
I awaken towards the blooming rose of love
I wrote this during a concert
I wished for the switch to turn and twist it all away
I wished for it to burn the decay
Hopefully the broken shards don’t try to get in my way
I feel wretched dismay,
What a typical day on this morning may
I cried yesterday. Actually cried, I didn’t know I could still do that.
Helping me
Helping you
I write to feel less blue
I write so that you can stay brand new
Letters for you
Lessons so you can’t feel like me
Lessons so you can stay like you
These lessons are put here so you don’t follow me through
These lessons hopefully make you become stronger than the current you
Maybe I can make peace with myself this way
Maybe I can feel less haunted knowing you’re okay
I teach so that the people reading these can feel better and have positive days.
I wrote these poems each time I felt alone, broken or in love. I have a lot of evil people in my past that I run from everyday. Think about my poems, learn so that you don’t become like the evil people in my past or become depressed like I was, I wrote these so whoever reads these feels less decayed. The world is a sad place nowadays, move forward with these poems. I used to feel hopeless and sometimes I still do and I hope these poems help you understand my sadness.

My other reason for writing these poems is so that other people can be heard. People in the foster care system, hospitals, nursing homes, bars. These people tell stories, if you listen to my stories/poems you might be able to understand other people as well. My poetry is a series of lessons on life, decay, old age, love, loneliness, death and yes murderers because I’ve met quite a few.
Breaking chains, drenched in the rain.

I’m Sitting
A step
Two more
Open sky
Smells like
Lilac, lavender
metallic Feast
The scent
Hiding now
I’m losing
Hiding in Crates
Dying, Empty
Instinct... Animalistic
How basic
How human like,
Cowering in the sight of
Ones reflection
How sad,
How detestable
I’ve become what I fear
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