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Jaimien Tolbert Apr 2019
Before it was you and me..
Against the world
No worries
Riding the waves

Now I'm lost...
I can't see
The only light..
Is you

We wanna shine together
But we're in the dark
And getting farther away
But I still feel us

The connection so true...
The feelings so pure
The way your eyes
Shimmer when you looked at me..

But now it's stress...
It makes me sick
To know that I want you
And I don't know If you want me

Where do I stand...
I felt like a king
And now I'm just a pawn
Waiting to be taking by the queen

I don't wanna be a pawn

If I move correctly
Take my time
One foot in front of the other

I'll become a king again
Hopefully your still my queen

Where do I stand...
I don't know
I just wonder and cry
Just please tell me
I want to know
If you still care for me
Even through the ice and snow
Jaimien Tolbert Feb 2019
There are 24 hours in a day
60 minutes in an hour
60 seconds in a minute
But it will only take me a minute
To translate what's going on in my mind

My feelings feel like they are just peelings of what's to come
And the ceiling is no where near the love I have
And there is no trick or scheme

Here's 60 seconds so you can see

A piece of what's inside of me
Jaimien Tolbert Feb 2019
Love is crazy when you first find it
But when you do you cherrish every last moment
As I've always done because
My heart belongs to you

I know our whole relationship has been a secret
But it doesn't mean it's not real
The love for you I have
If I lose I won't heal

I can't take you away right now
They will bring you back home
And you'd have no choice
Untill the end of the year has come

But a home for you...there will always be
Open arms for lay in-between
Feelings for you...that no one can get between
A love for you....that will never fade into the sea

I love you and only you I need you to see
I love you and only you I need you to think
I love you and only you I need you to sing

.....Because my heart belongs to you

....And no one can change that about me
Jaimien Tolbert Feb 2019
Dear Leigh,

Time is something we all beg and plead for more of
But the only reason we ask is because maybe that's what we need
I'm not saying I'm done
But what I'm saying is....leaving right now that choice isn't the only one

I know how you me I do
All these days I could have ran away with you..


Right now I can't support us financialy for the distance we want to go
So all I'm asking is to work with me baby don't leave me alone
Don't make me walk in the darkness with no light that glows
I just want to make sure you know

We have each other to the end
We have each other in the palm of our hands
We have each other no matter how much we cry and bend
Time heals all wounds no matter when they begin

I love you so much....we're getting chewed up but it's us that needs fight through and figure it out for us... Give me a few months and I'll have a place promise that I'm saving everything for us and I don't want you to think that I don't care..... right now you're right it's not fair but I have to wait for you....
Jaimien Tolbert Jan 2019
Its twelve midnight
Listen to the grandfather clock chime
About to walk out my house
I really Gotta be quiet this time

Creep to the window
To see what's outside
And All I see
Are the stars and the moonlight

Time to go....
Now I'm on the move
Quiet and subtle
Like walking on the moon

Through the yards in front of me
In the shadows no one can see
But the moonlight
Its enough for me

Almost twelve thirty now
Ive made my travel
In hopes that
You will meet me at the end of the gravel

I stand there looking and listening
Waiting for a sign
Then I see a shooting star
And I think about you again

I know your coming
So I'll wait in the meantime
Just to see your face one more time
Under the stars and the moonlight once again

I love you...
Jaimien Tolbert Nov 2018
People hate pain
But it's what helps us learn
Feels like a flame
Close enough to make you burn

You can't run away
because it spreads like a wild fire
All you feel is pain
Till you put water to the flame
  Nov 2018 Jaimien Tolbert
Today I say "I Do."
Today, I commit to loving someone
that I could only dream of.
Today, I realize that I will have to work,
Work to love her like she deserves.
She deserves forgiveness, kindness, patience.

Today I will create a love that is impenetrable--
No one will be able to erode the strength,
and resilience.
Inspired by "thank u, next" by Ari <3
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