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Lanina Feb 12
Dangerous thing
Meant to show affection
Do it enough and I might think you care
Thought error
Lanina Feb 12
I had a funny little thought
We're all like little raindrops
None of us choose to fall
Like the rain falls for Earth
That’s just the way the cycle works
We all keep falling and falling
Taking you by surprise
Here comes the raindrops once again
Lanina Jan 16
Everyone seems to be complaining we ain't doing sh*t.
But when we step up, you say we're too young for it.
Treating us like we don’t know the issues.
Acting like it isn't all over the news.
We're all living in a world that's trying to silence our voices.
People looking at us sideways when we're making bold choices.
Choosing to speak on all the topics people stray away from.
Got suicide, addiction, shootings, depression, sickness, and some.
All of us becoming way too familiar with all this loss.
Accepting it's a part of life, not giving it any thoughts.
It's time to stop saying we're too young for this.
This is something you really don't want to miss.
The fact is: it takes more than one.
So shut your mouth and get things done.
Lanina Dec 2018
To say her eyes shine like the stars would be an understatement,
They shine a million times brighter than any sun I've ever seen.
Her smile lights up the room like a candle when the power's out,
The luminescent flame in the center of the cold dark house.
She has the kind of laugh that makes you feel like a little kid,
racing to the last swing on the playground.
Her hair ,she claims, is always a mess but I know better,
It's beautiful whether it's in a bun, a ponytail, flat ironed, curly,
It's always beautiful.
She's the kind of girl you never wanna forget,
And trust me when I say you never will.

— The End —