its so hard
to keep breathing
so hard to stay alive
baby you know i tried fighting
but this life

m  i  n  e
its better to
than to fade away

but i guess
i'll do both
if it appears that
my poems lack conviction,
it's because they do.

my words: white noise on
a radio brain, and i
can't change the station.
you're the type of person
they name
in your embrace
caverns and
skies of
dripping off your lips
texting for
hours on end
and hands held
and sure, we fell
but at least we did
corporeal smiles
etched so
but beautifully,
your eyes
your lips
your every inch of skin
and heart
and prose,
i know inside
i did right
to fall
for a poet
like you.

the only love poem i will ever write
This is for you:

-the girl who is so ashamed because of her acne,
-the girl who cries in front of her mirror because she doesn’t
look like Picasso’s muse,
-the girl who forgot how to smile because of her problems,
-the girl who cries her eyes out every night because of him,
-the girl who is so terrified to attach because of her past relationship,
-the girl who is different from the others,
-the girl who wants to save every soul she meets, except hers,
-the girl whose heart, blood and soul runs wild,

-you are so much more than the sprinkles from your skin.
-you're not Picasso’s muse, but you definitely are ***’s muse.
-don’t waste your life being so stressed, just enjoy the journey.
-you need to be strong.Cry your heart out, but stop,your tears are too worthy , make them rare, for the real ones.
-try to love yourself first, then someone else.
-your future is not defined by your past.
-you need to save yourself first.
-run with them, darling, and never look back.

This is for you, girls.
You, no matter what, are good enough.
You are lovable.
You are strong.
You are independent.
You are different.
You are rare.
You are you, and that is your power, learn how to use it.
love yourself, girl
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