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xxx Nov 2019
You smell like you bought your perfume
from a lady in a leopard coat
in the subway system downtown.

New York City hotel blues
and past lives marked in stars
was all you ever wanted.

Maybe all you ever needed is
sitting there beside you.
On the underground train that’s
your only way out.
xxx Nov 2019
Go lay on the bathroom floor
with nothing but my shirt on.
I’ll just sit here
putting my ciggy out on my arm
and making quiet sounds
like how you wear your hair down.
The chemicals that used to make us laugh
don't quite work anymore.
xxx Nov 2019
I’m still tripping on firsthand smoke and secondhand stories
of how we saved a million and killed a man
who wasn’t a man, with both sets of genitalia.
But anyway.
I’m still flying on thirdhand drinks and fourthhand hugs
because we’re all ****** and we’re all together and don’t we just love life
when everything looks this close and beautiful
even from the stars.
I love my friends.
xxx Nov 2019
Happy birthday, Frank,
I know you left a summer and autumn ago
because of "insurance issues" and
girls you never paid.

But happy birthday,
because I hope you have one
and aren't too busy filling your heart up with smoke.
Remember that time you offered me some
and I said no, not because I didn't want to,
but because I didn't want you to?

Happy birthday, man,
and remember that time
that I hugged you, twice,
even though I wouldn't a third time
because of the eyes on us.

And happy birthday, remember
what I told you then
about life and living
and mommy issues
and how I hope you find real happiness.

Not that fake **** those girls you never paid gave you,
or the fire that you're breathing behind me on the crosswalk.
Don't pop too many bottles,
don't fall down the stairs.
Don't **** your drug dealer,
don't be so scared.

Just stay alive and happy birthday because I mean it.

Remember the good times, Frank,
because I know you will.

Happy birthday, Frank,
I miss you still.
xxx Nov 2019
I like what's in your magazines
***** space kids and handshake drugs.
I like to know what it all means
Bittersweatness and blue buzz cuts.
xxx Oct 2019
A woman made of foreign parts was making love to me
And you were watching from the window,
Or where the window would be
When we heard the crash and had a crash of a different kind
Let love and hate and apathy,
Let the children lose their minds
xxx Oct 2019
I remember the place
****, I don't even know the season
When we were walking down the boulevard.
I recall your face
When I told you I was dying
Of liver failure, slowly but surely enough.

And if you go around
Making friends with compulsive liars
Well, that makes two of us
Doesn't it?
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