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Luka D Jun 2018
Walking on eggshells
around you

You're a misery
You're my misery

Passive aggressive with a
mean mentality

You're a misery
A misery

Doubt befalls me
on your promises

You're a misery
A ******* misery

But I never had
my hopes up, 'cause

You're a misery
a misery
You're a misery
Your own enemy.
Luka D Jun 2018
U vlastitome autu ne putujem sprijeda
Ne znam ni koji je dan, možda je srijeda?

Čak ni u tihoj sobi moj glas se ne čuje
Čak ni da sam na pozornici ne bi me se vidjelo

Hladnu ruku mi molim te hvataj
i pozitivne misli u glavi mi startaj

Oženi me za strukturu i radost
ionako samo trošim svoju mladost.

Pa kud se kreće ovaj "auto"?
Šta bi ja kao trebao znat vozit?
Nemam love za pivu kamoli za položit
Ma k vragu i svemu, nek sam ide.

I tako ja napredujem po ovom putu
Imam rezervaciju bit sam u kutu
Ništa pa tako ni život ne rješavam u prvom šutu
Skretanjem za Bjelovar valjda će mi rješit muku.

Bjeli grade, što li skrivaš
Mjesto za još jednog mizernog gada valjda imaš
Pa di si Bjelovare?
Luka D Apr 2018
I'm freaking out, man

What lies in the bushes?
to unsettle LUCIFER?
and Odin?
and vampires?

why, why, WHY
the need to chase me?
I'll just run away

no, you can't catch me
..I can't breathe!
my clothes

They are my enemies
YOU are my enemies
I am my own enemy

I gotta run now
but I'm troubled
because I cannot see

what lies in the dark?

So I run.
Panic attacks are no joke...except for anyone who isn't having them since your world is not falling apart. It's just a feeling. ****** one, but just a feeling
  Mar 2018 Luka D
While I walk the woods you will walk the edge. Yes, we are both there but you seem more You, even though you will be nothing soon and won't even look like yourself anymore. At this moment you are the most beautiful thing in this world. You and everything around you acknowledges your existence.

You are alive.

This means nothing to the ones that haven't been introduced to this world yet. And neither does it mean to those that already left. But to you. Who will feel it. Who will see it. Who will know it for a moment at least.

You are alive.

Some will cry.
Some will laugh.
Some will forget.
Some will die.

While i walk the woods you will be there. Stuck inside an image forever burnt inside this one that is neither dead nor is he alive.
  Mar 2018 Luka D
I like tea.
All sorts of tea exists.
Some for illness, some to calm, some to bring you up.
You came to my threshold one day asking me to show you the light.
And so i made a tea that sings the song of creation, a tea that brigs death to the living and life to the dead, a tea that suits you the most.

You drank it without hesitation, A tea I could make only once, A tea made of my heart and soul.

The world was turned upside down. The past and the future became only a part of you yet all united in the one and only. To exist or not became the same and both were at the same time.

Your voice was the one heard by all. Your mind was the seed of all war, love, death and life.

Yet came the day the tea wore off.
You were turned to dust and became a part of my threshold.

I gave you the tea not to rule others but yourself. Now another eternity has to pass in order for you to appear again...
  Mar 2018 Luka D
Ustajali grad
Smrdi na puna usta i
prazne želuce.
U pete grada urezane su
propuštene prilike i
strahovi sadašnjice.
Uklesali su ih drhtavi prolaznici
svojim nesigurnim stopama.
Kamo ideš, putniče?
Koračaju li tvoje misli sadašnjošću
ili prošlošću?
Ne srami se.
Svi smo mi manje-više isti.
Udarac palicom osjetit će i najtvrđa glava.
Ljudi zaborave trenutke
u kojima si mirisao.
Ne srami se.
Baš te pamtit će
ustajali grad.
  Mar 2018 Luka D
Lyda M Sourne
It's 3am

I'm on the phone
No one's awake and I'm alone

It's 3am

The radio's on
Songs are played on lonely station

It's 3am

I'm in my bed
My eyes are open and sleep has fled

It's 3am

I'm on the balcony
The sky is dark and just quite scary

It's 3am

Some windows have lights
Could they also not sleep tonight

It's 3am

I'm still awake
When will life ever give me a break
Insomniac nights are the worst. And it's been going on like this for quite awhile.
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