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1d · 231
Angel Eyes
She looked to the future
And noticed many possibilities
She picked one
But the universe grabbed her hand
And whispered look further, my love
4d · 61
Battle Cry
She wiped off her tears
Picked up her sword
And screamed
I will fight back
Jul 17 · 1.1k
The Key
Persephone Jul 17
When she stopped listening to other's
And let the universe in
The stars kissed her nose
And her world began to sing
Persephone Jul 13
She was not as smooth as glass
She would not be looked through
Or shattered on the floor

She was as choppy as the ocean
Meant to make waves
Be a bit salty
And break some hearts
Jun 25 · 473
Adam was never a Gardner
Persephone Jun 25
She did this to herself
Read in between the lines
Wrote him into books and poems
Placed him on a pedestal
And sculpted him into immortality
Only for a man to become dirt once again
Persephone Jun 22
She covered her eyes with leaves
Hoping they would turn green
So she could see all the fairies
That hid within the trees
Mother Nature will find a way
Persephone Jun 9
She realized that in order to heal
She had to break her own heart
And walk away from the ordeal
So Dramatic
May 31 · 180
Numbers spin in Circles
Persephone May 31
She started to hand out time when people asked
To teachers, parents, and friends
She found it addicting
Soon she was giving it away
To her image, media, boys, and one drink
Or two
Seconds did not mean anything anymore
Hours just spilt on the floor
Until one day
She was timeless
May 25 · 532
Gifts Store Memories
Persephone May 25
She stuck a to sticker his arm
But did not like the placement so she switched it to his heart
He left it there for a while
Growing warn and a little faded
Till one day he decided to take it off
He declared it been on to long
And when gone
It left a little residue
May 3 · 420
The Line was Flat
Persephone May 3
Her feet grew into the ground
She could not go up or down
Putting her foot in front of the other
Became a task she didn't think was possible
So she stayed in place
But not knowing what for

She did not think it was for a person
For no one knew where she was
It could not possibly be to rest
Because she had slept for ages
Nor was it for motivation
There was plenty of that

She was stuck to the world
And did know how she could turn herself around
Life is like a box of chocolate
Sometimes there are none left
Persephone Mar 28
Wherever her path may lead
She wished for it be long
Filled with a challenge or three
And lovely indeed
Mar 25 · 202
Medusa's Field
Persephone Mar 25
She prepared herself for heartbreak
And tried calling a truce
She wasn't expecting him to use steal
But it was too late
For she had forgotten her shield
Revenge is a Snake
Persephone Mar 21
By her doing or by others
She became a villain in their story
But she did not mind
For she was a hero in her own
Catch her if you can
Feb 28 · 725
Another Night Sky
Persephone Feb 28
She tore off her halo
Took off her white gown
Replacing it with black heels, a new tattoo
And a glimmering crown
With a gleam in her eye and a smirk on her lips
She sauntered into the booming crowd
Ope, sorry mom
Feb 9 · 307
The Graveyard Charmer
Persephone Feb 9
He ripped out her heart
Buried it in compliments
Then called it love
Jan 29 · 258
Candlelight Kisses
Persephone Jan 29
She felt like sin
But not a touch of dirt was on her skin
Jan 16 · 771
Sacred Skies
Persephone Jan 16
The moon danced with her
And the sun kissed her
Both filling her with a love for life
Basking in her own Existence
Dec 2021 · 552
Dust hides in Libraries
Persephone Dec 2021
She sent him a clutter of
And feelings
But in the end she realized
He didn't care
He had already lost interest
And was looking forward
to his next affair
Nov 2021 · 343
Peter's Bar
Persephone Nov 2021
Before he left
He sowed his shadow to her arm
So she would have trouble forgetting
His childish charm
The 3rd man to her right stayed until morning
Nov 2021 · 535
Day Drops
Persephone Nov 2021
The sun sat on her chest
Reminding her that she could be okay
If she cried
And let the clouds fade away
Oct 2021 · 1.4k
The Devil's Artist
Persephone Oct 2021
Her life was full of the sins she designed
Forgetting about others
Drowning in pleasure
Questioning life
Were just a few of her many crimes
Sep 2021 · 488
Forbidden Fruit
Persephone Sep 2021
She knew it was an apple
But she longed for a pomegranate
For then she could stay with him
And not feel ashamed
Sep 2021 · 921
Beauty in the Book
Persephone Sep 2021
She sat high up in an oak tree
Surrounded by a forest filled with mossy greens,
busy birds, and meandering creeks
But at the moment that world was of little importance
For in another she was battling thieves, sailing the nineteen seas, and becoming a queen
Sep 2021 · 369
The Stars that didn't Cross
Persephone Sep 2021
Lovers who should of been friends
Friends who should have been lovers
Lovers with only one left
And the strangers that stared
But never met
The not so happily ever after relationships
Sep 2021 · 983
Emotional Bonding
Persephone Sep 2021
I hope you are good friends with your emotions
That they are cherished and loved
Because once you make a habit of hiding them away
They stop coming around
Aug 2021 · 988
Her Heart Loved Triangles
Persephone Aug 2021
When she begged her heart not to find another lover
It went and cheated on her anyways
All she wanted was a bit of beating room
Aug 2021 · 593
Tattooed Buffoon
Persephone Aug 2021
She came across him on a Sunday afternoon
Lying in a lawn chair with a margarita smile
He said hello in the form of a question
And from there the stories kept soaring
Three hours snapped by
Filled with 3am drunken breakfast burritos, society's marriage scam, two crashed SUV's, and his Denver style
Slipping to an end when the sun decided to sleep
Exchanging numbers was the end
For she did not hear from him again
Aug 2021 · 347
A Check-the-box Affair
Persephone Aug 2021
He was there
Had a cute smile,
a house, a car,
And time or two to spare
Told her she was perfect
Kind of showed he cared
Friends told them they looked happy together
Texted her now and then
Passion happened once in a while in bed
The kind of romance she thought she wanted
Believing she could shape him into a wonderful man
Aug 2021 · 1.2k
Jar of Hearts
Persephone Aug 2021
Most collected stamps, spoons, rocks, and books
Whimsey little things
But she loved collecting lovers
Aug 2021 · 262
Jane broke the Box
Persephone Aug 2021
Do not dare bury me in a box to rot
Plant me in a garden
Where roots can grow in my veins
Or wash me into the sea
And let my lungs fill with her waters
Let fire immortalize me
And watch my ashes leap into the stars
But a box
Ohh no
That was never meant for me
Jul 2021 · 107
Wayward Drifter
Persephone Jul 2021
She drove off in the middle of June
South or West it was her road to choose
Campfire hopping around the moon
Drinking through the dunes
Learning few names but always leaving her tune
Collecting trinkets and a couple a tattoos
Rarely sleeping but always dreaming
Living the life of a muse
Jul 2021 · 571
The Fractured Friendship
Persephone Jul 2021
If you wanted something to break I could have handed you a vase
Persephone Jul 2021
His mischief was contagious
So when she saw the gleam in his eye that predicted deviltry
She stuck to him like glue
And prayed that she would get washed away with storm
Persephone Jul 2021
She would hand out pieces of herself to those she found friendly
But when a person she thought she could love stumbled on through
She gathered everything she was and put it in their lap
Until one day the person she loved let her drop to the floor
Now when it comes to those she thinks she can love
She hesitates on handing them one tiny crumb
Persephone Jun 2021
She convinced herself she was in love with the idea of love
And then forgot about him
May 2021 · 425
Free Heart
Persephone May 2021
She cried until her heart fell out of her chest
And she walked past it leaving it on the floor
For she did not want it back
Persephone May 2021
She drowned herself in books
Exploring worlds that helped her breathe
Mar 2021 · 693
Crushing Conversations
Persephone Mar 2021
Silver words trickled from his lips
And settled on her sleeve
Where her heart was resting
Dec 2020 · 605
She Seas Him
Persephone Dec 2020
She lured him in with her laughter
And sang away his doubts
Capturing his heart with winks and witty decelerations  
He wore her kisses like his crown
She kept his sweaters like treasures
He breathed her in and forgot how to scowl
She praised the way he felt
And when she finally finished her spell
The siren realized she had drowned as well
Dec 2020 · 520
Sparking my Imagination
Persephone Dec 2020
Gazing at my lamp
I wonder why my lightbulb can't shine just as bright
Jul 2020 · 276
My Half Written Poem
Persephone Jul 2020
Once upon
There was a
Whos name was
That lived in a
Who went to
And always
It was going

May 2020 · 521
Written Devotion
Persephone May 2020
When ink is worshiped
The stories rise
From our minds,
their lives,
and the demised.
Mar 2020 · 508
The Truthful Tragedy
Persephone Mar 2020
the Wasp
was disguised as
the Butterfly
Feb 2020 · 396
Wilderness of Mirrors
Persephone Feb 2020
When thoughts of perfection invade our minds
We picture roses, water, and sunshine
All pieces infused with beauty and wonder
No words have they uttered
Their presence never questioned
And yet they are looked at with overwhelming affection

But when our gazes are turned towards our reflection
Those thoughts have already vanished
Replaced by too much or too little
too quiet or too loud
Concepts that cut to our inside
And morph our outside

Ideas that should never have grown in our eyes
For we were sculpted with the same knife
As trees, mountains, and skies
Nov 2019 · 1.1k
Empty Sculpture
Persephone Nov 2019
I clipped and prodded
Gazing in the mirror
I chiseled and I cracked
Twisting into the wanted woman
I painted and scratched
Thinking only of perfection
I snipped and I whacked
Until there was nothing left
Aug 2019 · 1.5k
Adrenaline's Romance
Persephone Aug 2019
Bodies caress in a whirlwind dance
Dusty nicotine plumes pack the atmosphere
Alcohol drips into the vein
Stories converge into none
Worship of the ages has begun
Jul 2019 · 2.0k
Dustless Faith
Persephone Jul 2019
Her wings fell away
And she descended into the willow
Screaming for her laughter
And wishing for her hope
She warped into a free fall
Crashing into heartless branches
Grasping for a helpful hand
Engulfed in wordless fear
Forgetting to believe in herself
Mar 2019 · 839
Nature's Remedy
Persephone Mar 2019
Come to the meadow and the midnight flowers will steal your woes
Follow the river and the water will welcome your winding wearies
Glance up at the sun and the birds will soar your fears
Dance through the trees and the leaves will whisper away your tears
Spring into the ocean and the tide will sooth your mind
Dig in the ground and the soil will root out your weeded nerves
Wander into the world and mother nature will hug you mighty tight
Feb 2019 · 795
Broken Eyes
Persephone Feb 2019
And as drops of blue drip down her cheeks
Bearing the weight of a deeper loss
She notices a hidden reflection within them
That she, herself, forgot to love
Jan 2019 · 1.7k
Spiders Lie
Persephone Jan 2019
The best lies are those webbed through truth
Spun with mockery and delight
They climb slowly up your mind
And when the truth is insight
You are already wrapped in silk
Staring at fright and Death's bite
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