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Persephone Mar 25
She prepared herself for heartbreak
And tried calling a truce
She wasn't expecting him to use steal
But it was too late
For she had forgotten her shield
Revenge is a Snake
Persephone Mar 21
By her doing or by others
She became a villain in their story
But she did not mind
For she was a hero in her own
Catch her if you can
Persephone Feb 28
She tore off her halo
Took off her white gown
Replacing it with black heels, a new tattoo
And a glimmering crown
With a gleam in her eye and a smirk on her lips
She sauntered into the booming crowd
Ope, sorry mom
Persephone Feb 9
He ripped out her heart
Buried it in compliments
Then called it love
Persephone Jan 29
She felt like sin
But not a touch of dirt was on her skin
Persephone Jan 16
The moon danced with her
And the sun kissed her
Both filling her with a love for life
Basking in her own Existence
Persephone Dec 2021
She sent him a clutter of
And feelings
But in the end she realized
He didn't care
He had already lost interest
And was looking forward
to his next affair
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