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She did this to herself
Read in between the lines
Wrote him into books and poems
Placed him on a pedestal
And sculpted him into immortality
Only for a man to become dirt once again
She covered her eyes with leaves
Hoping they would turn green
So she could see all the fairies
That hid within the trees
Mother Nature will find a way
Persephone Jun 9
She realized that in order to heal
She had to break her own heart
And walk away from the ordeal
So Dramatic
Persephone May 31
She started to hand out time when people asked
To teachers, parents, and friends
She found it addicting
Soon she was giving it away
To her image, media, boys, and one drink
Or two
Seconds did not mean anything anymore
Hours just spilt on the floor
Until one day
She was timeless
Persephone May 25
She stuck a to sticker his arm
But did not like the placement so she switched it to his heart
He left it there for a while
Growing warn and a little faded
Till one day he decided to take it off
He declared it been on to long
And when gone
It left a little residue
Persephone May 3
Her feet grew into the ground
She could not go up or down
Putting her foot in front of the other
Became a task she didn't think was possible
So she stayed in place
But not knowing what for

She did not think it was for a person
For no one knew where she was
It could not possibly be to rest
Because she had slept for ages
Nor was it for motivation
There was plenty of that

She was stuck to the world
And did know how she could turn herself around
Life is like a box of chocolate
Sometimes there are none left
Persephone Mar 28
Wherever her path may lead
She wished for it be long
Filled with a challenge or three
And lovely indeed
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