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Persephone Dec 2020
She lured him in with her laughter
And sang away his doubts
Capturing his heart with winks and witty decelerations  
He wore her kisses like his crown
She kept his sweaters like treasures
He breathed her in and forgot how to scowl
She praised the way he felt
And when she finally finished her spell
The siren realized she had drowned as well
Persephone Dec 2020
Gazing at my lamp
I wonder why my lightbulb can't shine just as bright
Persephone Dec 2020
She read one line and
The stories swallowed her into their minds
Into a universe were she couldn't
Breathe, Blink, or Think
Without their permission
Persephone Jul 2020
Once upon
There was a
Whos name was
That lived in a
Who went to
And always
It was going

Persephone May 2020
When ink is worshiped
The stories rise
From our minds,
their lives,
and the demised.
Persephone Mar 2020
the Wasp
was disguised as
the Butterfly
Persephone Feb 2020
When thoughts of perfection invade our minds
We picture roses, water, and sunshine
All pieces infused with beauty and wonder
No words have they uttered
Their presence never questioned
And yet they are looked at with overwhelming affection

But when our gazes are turned towards our reflection
Those thoughts have already vanished
Replaced by too much or too little
too quiet or too loud
Concepts that cut to our inside
And morph our outside

Ideas that should never have grown in our eyes
For we were sculpted with the same knife
As trees, mountains, and skies
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