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Come to the meadow and the midnight flowers will steal your woes
Follow the river and the water will welcome your winding wearies
Glance up at the sun and the birds will soar your fears
Dance through the trees and the leaves will whisper away your tears
Spring into the ocean and the tide will sooth your mind
Dig in the ground and the soil will root out your weeded nerves
Wander into the world and mother nature will hug you mighty tight
Persephone Feb 21
And as drops of blue drip down her cheeks
Bearing the weight of a deeper loss
She notices a hidden reflection within them
That she, herself, forgot to love
Persephone Jan 19
The best lies are those webbed through truth
Spun with mockery and delight
They climb slowly up your mind
And when the truth is insight
You are already wrapped in silk
Staring at fright and Death's bite
Persephone Dec 2018
Dear Child,
When you howl at the moon
Roaring about lost loves and broken parts
About the stories that ended in shatters  
And a scissor snipped life  
Know that I hear you
And that I am always here for you

When you glance at my stars
And wish a wish that resides so dearly within your heart
Know that every whispered wish has been delivered
And someday soon it will be answered

When you notice the darkness between the light
The one that seems to mirror your screeching fright
And reflect your own life
Know I will soon fade
And that the day always comes after the night
With Love,
Your Night Sky
Persephone Oct 2018
Where did my feelings flutter too?
The ones that make my body sparkle
And pound my chest with joy
The ones that spew anger and shout rage
The ones that throw tears at my eyes
And sooth relief into my veins
The ones that turn my thoughts into dreams
And my dreams into life
The ones that left me ohh so unlonely
Why did they go?
Persephone Sep 2018
Turn their fate into fear
Dabble in the arts trickery
Shout out those who shout at others
And never leave your heart with another
Persephone Sep 2018
The Mask
It will protect you from my demons and me from my dreams.
It grasps at hollow beauty and piercing lustful eyes.
It guards me from the outside through wire disfiguration
And laughs at their ohh so horrid haunting humor.
It stabs through my back the ones who want me closer
And chants a hundred times for sleepless nights and seventy two nightmare perfections.
But you see this is all just for me
So no one can steal the light that threatens to turn itself free
The one that is dimming through my very own thievery
For when I put on the mask
It stops me from being me.
We all have one
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