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The Willow Sep 2019
I’m being born again

Born without flaws
Believing in nothing while
Believing in God

I’m being born again

Blessed anew
My parents aren’t there
But they’ve been here before too

I’m being born again

God forgive me, for
I’ve done nothing wrong
Except break my heart
And sever my neck
with the shards

I’m being born again

Made of glass
My soul is so see-through
Look closely, you just might see me
in the way You see everything around me.

My blue eyes daunted
My heart is so soft
My hands have been silenced
It’s eaten me up

But God forgive me,
I’m being born again.
The Willow May 2019
Sitting in a coffee shop
Who knows what’s going on?
Who’s swallowing *******
That I could stomach this late in the day?

Will it make me jittery?
Will it help me sleep at night?
please could you tell me
Why we all found ourselves here at this moment?

Who here is the loneliest?
Who here is closest to death?
Who here is going to make love tonight
To the love of their life?

Is there anyone?

Is there anyone here in love and not in coping?
Anyone brilliant without *** smoking?
Anyone grounded with a bad past?
Please, tell me if I can make it through this life alive.
The Willow May 2019
You are the reason I didn’t **** myself yesterday.

You are the thing that make me the most excited, the most scared,

The most alive.

You fill me up completely, feeling my edges where my trauma lays deeply and my stomach is full of regrets.

You play me boy, you play me
Like you play video games
Obsessively and completely

It’s annoying at first
Until I realize that that is how you play all things in your life.

You play.
You child wonder,
My grown man sparkling eyed wonder.

I didn’t **** myself yesterday, and you were the reason why.
For now, that is all the reason I need.
The Willow May 2019
I’m jumping
The air only listening

As I take this fall to be free.

my heart is still bumping
My mouth can still speak
I’m trying to create value
What value is it that they seek?

Is it me?
Am I it?
Am I what I’m supposed to me
The bringer of monotony
The agonized killer of creativity
how do I rid my skin of this sin
Of forgetting all I want to be?
The Willow Jan 2019
I drink to forget the drinking buddy I once had.
The Willow Jan 2019
Today I miss you like I miss
A song I love that I haven’t heard
In years.

I replay memories to hold hands with your soul.
I talk to cats with the same tone you do.
I count down days to see you, knowing that
Those numbers don’t mean anything.
A countdown only counts down the planned event, not the things that could unexpectedly happen.

I miss you too much,
Too attached,
Too emotionally attached,

But this is how it is today.
So I will feel everything,
Love everything about you,
And love myself for loving to much.
The Willow Dec 2018
The day after you,
I danced in the mirror,
Holding my hips together with the knowledge
That I was my own again,
With the feeling I was free.

I put on my guitar and chased the cat
Around the house,
Singing songs about how
If she didn’t stop eating
She would grow too big for the box she slept in
Too big for the house,
She’d be a fat Supercat.
I haven’t sung like that in ages,
Haven’t played pretend for years,
Besides fooling myself into believing you’d loved me.

I guess this is my way of saying I outgrew you.
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