ʍǝɹpuɐz Dec 2018
I still see you in my dreams
I got lost in the seams of your smile

Hoping for one more honeydew kiss
I'm still trying to find you

Too much, heart crushed, numbed love
i miss her
ʍǝɹpuɐz Dec 2018
Wide-eyed nights, exhausted mornings
Mourning the loss of my dreams
My dreams transform to nightmares
Dreams used to unfold like sweet candy
and vanish before you can get a real taste
Now they bleed all night long
An open wound, raw and real as nightmares
ʍǝɹpuɐz Nov 2018
Race me to infinity
Down the track of our lives
Lead me to a paradise
Trace the tracks of tears from my eyes
And whisper me beautiful and sweet goodbyes
i like this
ʍǝɹpuɐz Nov 2018
A warm hand caressing my cheek
The softest touch of light
A kiss filled with stardust
Whispering me golden words of love
This might be my favorite poem i've ever done
ʍǝɹpuɐz Nov 2018
I took an arrow to the heart

It kickstarted my mind falling apart

Stuck, lodged in my heart, you left it there

Left me in that undying nightmare

Left it buried in my chest

Burning with the memories you carved into it

Bleeding in the miseries of my numbness
im fine
ʍǝɹpuɐz Nov 2018
There's not enough Ink in my pen to write love poems to you
Not enough love I can pour into each note
I'm sorry I'm not enough for you
I wish I was enough for you
Not enough ink for me to keep writing these pretty words for you
we are never enough
ʍǝɹpuɐz Oct 2018
I whispered you shooting stars
I spoke to you in the language of roses
and laid rose petals at your feet with every step
I treated you as if you were the queen of the universe
and I would do it all over again if you asked
Always putting others before myself
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