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Up early each morning
I open my backdoor & gaze upon my colourful garden,
& their I see all the colours of
the rainbow & more, It fills my heart & ora with colourful feelings of pride & joy, It truly is a Royal &
Colourful throne room,
"Except it is outside"
Full of stones & rocks we nicked from the beach,
sorry my queen who owns the lot I'm sure you won't begrudge us a few hundred rocks, Your more than welcome to join us dear,
for scones & tea of course my dear,
I know you would love my
garden too, It's just as grand as yours I'm sure, But on a smaller scale that's all. each day & each night With joy & pride I stroll
around my garden, savouring all the scents & Delightful armours,
it's such a colourful site, At night I gaze upon the lights that are all around the garden,
It's such a magical site, As I watch the flowers come to life as they dance around to the disco lights,
Their are so many, There's not much more that I can say apart from welcome to the pride garden of the colourful Tim bows-Lyon.
© Vincent von Ellesmere 2019.
My Love for you is like
a divine storm of magic
You make my heart beat fast,
you've got my adrenaline
pumping strong,
the receptors in my brain,
are like a thousand
tiny bolts of lightning,
Like divine sparks,
a magical storm
connecting our very
souls together,

My divine angel of love,
The key holder to my heart,
You make me feel so complete,
You've truly swept me off my feet,
I love you with all my
& soul,
And if I die tomorrow my dear,
In the next life we shall meet,
For our souls are forever intwined as one,
For infinity we shall be as one,
In this life & all the lives yet to come,
So come what may what dreams may come,
You've got my mind my heart my soul all connected with yours. © Vincent von Ellesmere 2019.
like sapphires & diamonds sparkling in the deepest oceans in darkest night with only the moon to make them shine & glisten,
like a nebula of blues,
like 2 tiny galaxy's
starring right at me.
Angelic eyes
Soul captivating
mysterious &
She recited back to me the very poem I wrote for her & then she past away,
her soul now free,
to go where ever she wishes to be,
Traveling through
her favourite place,
the blue nebula deep within my blue sapphire eyes,
when I miss her
I look deep into the mirror & then I see her,
happy & smiling because she's in a happy place,
behind my sapphire blue eyes close to me my very soul my very heart.
© Vincent von Ellesmere 2019.
The fall was needed,
The rise was inevitable,
I went from fighting to writing
from destroying to creating
from hating to loving
It's been one hell of journey,

"One hell of a ride"

From pubs clubs & restaurants,
to bars barbwire & locks.
The fall was needed
A lesson needed to be learnt.

Corruption was rife back in the days & nights of noisy pubs clubs & restaurants,

Time was rough in the dark days & nights of bars barbwire & locks,

Prison was tough but the streets where tougher,
City to city,
town to town,
I've been around.

From hotels to prison cells
to sofas to squats,
Finally I found a peaceful place,
a place where I can be who I really am,
An artist sculpture & poet,
A good friend
A loyal friend
& to them who would hurt my friends, a nightmare is what I'll be. © Vincent von Ellesmere 2019.
"The divine black mirror"

As I look deeply into the divine black mirror under candle light in the dark,
I see the universe in all it's glory,
I see the spiritual divine design of all the multi-verse & divine time,
I see the past present & future,
all coexisting as one.

A true artist sculpture writer & poet is the divine one,

A true master of all tings that exist in & out of time,
The spirits come forth & converse,
They talk & show me ideas for poetry sculpture & art,

The things they had no time to finish or even begin to start,
For they had sadly past over before they had the chance,

They come to me on nights,
when the moon is bright,
When the sky's are clear & the stars are shining bright,

I always have my clay,
my pen & paints at hand,
Ready & awaiting for their  instructions & to converse & mix together our creative thoughts,

Working together as one,
For a divine creative piece of sculpture poetry & art. © Vincent von Ellesmere 2019.
I saw my twin today,
for almost an hour he stood their mimicking me,
annoying as hell at times is he,
then we took a seat and sat starring in to each other's eyes,
he told me what he hated about me and I told him how great he was,
Turns out we both lied about each other,
I hated him and he loved me, we could never have a real conversation,
As we talked over each other all the time and always said the same thing,
word for word exactly matched.

Then the doctor came in and said, medication time lad, so i turned back to face my twin and said mirror mirror on the padded wall when will I ever get out of this hell hole. © Vincent von Ellesmere 2019.
Who am I,
am I me,
Or am I the person
Others want me to be,
am I just a figment of my own imagination,
Or am I simply in a coma & the nightmare I'm living in is simply a dream,
a night-terror that seems so real,  
If I'm dreaming then I wish to wake up and if I'm awake then I wish to sleep deep with no dreaming involved at all.

My family,
what family?,
do I have one,
Are they real
Or are they too,
just a figment of my imagination or are they too just a dream,
My mind my heart are so confused, I'm so messed up,

Who am I,
where am I,
is their any help or support at all.

In my dreams
if they're are really dreams at all,
I dream all my children are with me, but when I awake the horror hits me,
Not one of my children are with me,
The reality hits me,
it hurts me,
It's killing me fiscally,
& mentally too,

If all I'm suffering is real,
then stop the world I wanna get off or just send a UFO because any world has got to be better than the one I currently live on.

"Is this really my life"

Out of all my children only ones in contact,
& that one just like me is really messed up too,

"What a life we live"

Most days I wish my life really was just simply a dream so I could wake up & drink coffee & never sleep again,
and then their are days where I wish my life was just over & done so I can come back a haunt the ******* that made me feel so cold confused and numb. ©
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